BRIGHT GREEN LIES – Green now means sustaining a destructive way of life

Promoters of solar, wind and other allegedly “green” technologies have repeatedly and misleadingly conflated the words “energy” and “electricity” when making their claims.

Environmentalists must choose to protect the “real natural world” or their all-consuming technology-driven industrialized way of life. "We cannot save both" – Bright Green Lies Book Review.

Environmentalist and documentary film maker, Julia Barnes brings us "Bright Green Lies – The Film"

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BRIGHT GREEN LIES dismantles the illusion of green technology in a bold and shocking exposé, revealing the lies and fantastical thinking behind the notion that solar, wind, electric cars, or green consumerism will save the planet.

Almost every major environmental organization is pushing for so-called renewable energy.

Claims are being made about "green" technologies that are frankly untrue. Words like "clean", "free", "safe", and "sustainable" are often thrown around.

But solar panels and wind turbines don't grow on trees. The mass production of these technologies requires increased mining, industrial manufacturing, habitat destruction, massive greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of toxic waste.

BRIGHT GREEN LIES investigates the change in focus of the mainstream environmental movement, from its original concern with protecting nature, to its current obsession with powering an unsustainable way of life.

In response to criticism about the film, Julia said -

“If people are genuinely interested in protecting the natural world in the environmental movement, then a film that points out the harmful industries of things like renewables, shouldn’t be considered divisive, it should be something that is information that they’re going to take in and that’s going affect the way they look at these issues.

If their allegiance is to these technologies above life on this planet, then they were never really an environmentalist to begin with. Their allegiance isn’t with the natural world. I don’t think we were ever part of the same movement…

A movement has to be able to differentiate. We have to be able to recognize when we are being colonized and co-opted."

Dirty secrets of renewable energy revealed as ‘Bright Green Lies’ – “I was amazed and there’s this whole side of these technologies that we don’t hear about in the mainstream environmental movement and it’s so important," Barnes said. “We have this huge movement but no matter how impassioned a movement it is, if it’s pushing for the wrong solutions it’s not going to work,” she adds.

Dark Green Lies Exposes The Dark Reality And Deceptions of So-Called "Renewable Energies" – "Green technologies are touted as saviors but all they are doing is adding to the destruction, accelerating the mass extinction of life on earth, and wasting time we don't have on false solutions," said Barnes.

The Film is a MUST-WATCH.

There are numerous ways to watch the film. It's main website points people to Vimeo.

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You can’t save the earth by destroying it.


Stop falling for the double-speak of politicians and organizations who try to sell you on the illusion their version of "green" is good – it's just another way corporations are making profits whilst destroying the earth. They need this additional energy to power the energy-hungry technological 5G-IOT world, which is why technology corporations are investing in them.

Additional Resources About the Dark Side of Green Energy:

This is only a short list, but should be evident that there are dirty secrets corporations would rather we not think about. Government officials and NGOs are not doing their due diligence when it comes to "green energy". They are taking orders from "foreign powers" like the United Nations, European Commission, World Economic Forum, and the International Monetary Fund.

Solar Farms – Think Habitat Destruction and Pollution

Solar Farm near Seville, Spain.

Solar farms may be a huge problem for migratory birds – They BURST INTO FLAMES due to the intensified heat of flying over massive solar farms.

Green energy solutions are releasing tons of LEAD into the environment, posing a lasting human health threat – 78 million metric tons of solar panels will reach the end of their life span by 2050. Only ten percent of decommissioned solar panels are actually being recycled. Most of the panels are dropped off in landfills or exported overseas.

Wilderness Wipeout: Giant Wind & Solar Farms Destroying Pristine Wildlife Habitats – The scale of the environmental destruction wreaked by giant wind and solar farms is out of all proportion to the economic benefits they provide. Across Germany, millions of acres of forest have been clear-felled and great swathes cut through others, to allow some 30,000 of these things to be speared across Deutschland.

Wind Farms – Think Habitat Destruction & Wildlife Collapse


Wind turbines make bat lungs explode

Path to Extinction: Giant Wind & Solar Farms Destroying Habitat & Threatening Endangered Species

Six New Papers Reveal A Hushed-Up ‘Green’ Reality: Wind Turbines Destroy Habitats

Liquid Natural Gas – Think Deep Sea Drilling/Fracking

Mozambique LNG Destroys Villages and the Environment

Drilling for gas in Mediterranean Sea will threaten valuable marine life, says WWF – Why do you think the East Med Sea is a hot spot in the geopolitical scheme of things? Even though the WEF recognizes the dangers - that still hasn't meant the destruction will be stopped.

Natural Gas and Methane Leakage – Whilst the environmental damage arising from carbon dioxide emissions may be lesser from natural gas than other fossil fuels, the relatively high methane output could render it either equally as harmful or more harmful than the use of coal or oil.

LNG bunkers are military targets

Biomass – Think Deforestation


European Union biofuels goals seen behind deforested area as big as the Netherlands – Lumber from South America and SE United States

Our Forests Aren't Fuel – U.S. Forests are being turned into millions of tons of wood pellets to be exported and burned as fuel in European power plants.

UK Drax Power Plant Burning Wood Pellets from US Trees

Lithium Mining – Think Electric Car Batteries

Car manufacturers need about ten kilos of lithium to produce a single electric car battery.

Lithium mining faces huge resistance in Portugal and SPAIN – The EU wants to become more independent when it comes to lithium supplies. Lithium mines are now planned in Spain and Portugal, home to the bloc's largest reserves. But local resistance is growing. Spain already has a water problem.

Lithium’s water problem – Lithium mining has become a boom industry as more and more of the metal is needed in electric car batteries. Yet despite being lauded as key material for a renewables revolution, it too has a dark side.

The Environmental Impact of Lithium Batteries – Planning to transition the transportation sector to electric vehicles that are powered by lithium batteries and require other critical metals where China dominates the market. In May 2016, dead fish were found in the waters of the Liqi River, where a toxic chemical leaked from the Ganzizhou Rongda Lithium mine. Cow and yak carcasses were also found floating downstream, dead from drinking contaminated water.


If you haven't watched Bright Green Lies, you can now here –

Note – This reply is Part 2. Please look for upcoming installments including Gibraltar's role in the Bright Green Lies; and how Spain, particularly The Campo of Gibraltar, is on the chopping block in terms of environment destruction. These installments set a foundation to introduce the last installment – THE REAL SOLUTION.


The Bankster’s Green Energy Trap

The Banksters wield a great deal of power. These gream heapers are far from being the swashbucklers they paint themselves out to be.

They are con-artists – How is that the way out of debt is to take a loan?

Financiers create this fallacy about debt, wrapped in rhetoric about new growth, new jobs, and now about “sustainability” to Wreak havoc.

As disclosed in the film “Bright Green Lies”, there is nothing new about their tactics. Their sustainability isn’t really about protecting the natural world, but about creating more destruction with more industrial extraction and more waste to continue the sustainability of their profits. Profits come from creating new markets.

The Banksters logic revolves around creating an illusion – that we can buy and borrow our way out of debt. Wrapped in the rhetoric about economic growth, it is the debt that is unsustainable. Just look at Gibraltar’s debt debacle. And all one needs to do is follow the money.

The end result will be that the Banksters will own everything – by relieving everyone of their property rights. It’s the same as foreclosing on a home due to unpaid mortgages; but in this case, entire countries are being run by the “husbandmen of the vineyard” (Matt. 21:33-40).

We really need to take a hard-look at why we trust the false logic of the Banksters – who think “progress” is fueling both sides of wars, supplying both with oil and arms – not to mention creating the rife in the first place – to create markets.

Green Energy is the same – it’s a new market. Banksters create an illusion and convince us they are on our side. And then the environmentalist comes to think that financiers are allies: Fossil Free – “Impassioned climate change activists all over the world may have a new and entirely unexpected ally in their cause: the financial sector.”

Banksters simply play both sides.

And well-paid politicians are merely actors, working from a script to bankrupt their nations for their Baphomet.

Again, environmentalist Julia Barnes hit the nail on the head by saying environmentalists need to recognize when they are being co-opted. This includes politicians who go on and on and on about GREEN plans.

It’s kind of like the corporate fishing industry funding ocean watchdog groups, as disclosed in “Seaspiracy”. Oceans are still being plundered and polluted for not only a ménage of fish, but for profits. And while “Seaspiracy” promotes the idea that consumers have power not to eat fish, which was probably the real motive of Netflix’s funding, “Bright Green Lies” counters that notion by promoting the idea that defining ourselves as simply consumers isn’t going to solve the problem.

Julia Barnes essentially said, “we have to stand between them” – between these destructive industries and the environment.

In reality, agents of the so-called green energy plan to use ALL available energy-sources to control the world. The technocrat-state that is being built requires an unsustainable of energy.

Let that sink in.

Banksters control the narrative. Financiers at the World Economic Forum are trying to convince everyone (them excluded) that “people can be happy owning nothing”.

Do a little excavation of that rubbish piled higher and deeper.

From the trenches, it’s easy to see the writing on the wall – read between the lines:

In boost to recovery, EU approves investment plans of Italy, France, Spain – Further disbursements later in the year or next year will be conditional on the national recovery plans, which must be in line with targets agreed with the EU on a number of issues including reforms and investment on a green transition and job creation.

Spain: Green recovery - EIB finances the largest solar project in Andalusia – The EIB is the world's largest multilateral provider of climate finance. “As the EU climate bank, we are committed to investing in green recovery in Europe, building sustainable infrastructure while spurring the creation of green jobs. Spain is a market with huge potential for renewable energy and the EU bank is proud to support the investments needed to meet the country’s renewable energy targets,” said EIB Vice-President Emma Navarro, responsible for climate action at the Bank and for operations in Spain.”

Iberdrola strengthens leadership in the green hydrogen by signing the first ICO loan for this technology – Iberdrola is continuing to make strides with its strategy to lead the green hydrogen industry by signing the first loan granted by the Instituto de Credito Oficial (ICO) for this type of technology. The six-million-euro loan will finance Spain's first-ever public green hydrogen station, which will be built and operated by Iberdrola to supply renewable hydrogen to the fleet of buses operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).

It might be well for Spain to REMEMBER recent history:

2014: Spain’s Renewable Energy Disaster Draws to a Close – Spain provides the perfect “model” for any Country looking to destroy itself in blind pursuit of “green” energy ideology.

Spain has been held up by the gullible and naïve (some might say, cynical and malign) hard-green-left as the model for our “new” energy future. Some “model”!! The Spaniards have thrown 100s of billions of euros in subsidies at solar and wind power, and have achieved nothing but economic punishment in return. As a result, in the last decade, the true cost of power has spiralled out of control.

However, the Spanish government used price caps in an effort to keep prices artificially low. But that simply left taxpayers with an even greater burden to cover the massive cost of renewables subsidies (which represent a state-mandated transfer from the poorest to the richest) – add mounting government debt used to keep the subsidy stream flowing – and it can be fairly said that Spain’s energy policy is nothing short of an economic disaster. The much touted promise of thousands of so-called “green” jobs never materialized. No surprises there.

Instead, the insane cost of subsidising wind and solar power has killed productive industries, with the general unemployment rate rocketing from 8% to 26% (and still rising) – youth unemployment is nearer to 50% in many regions. Surprised by the huge demand, the government of socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero introduced a moratorium for new solar farms, guaranteed feed-in tariff were reduced to 25 years and the premiums were paid only for a certain number of hours of sunshine per year. After a change of government at the end of 2012, the new conservative administration upped the ante and introduced a new electricity tax of 7.5 percent, causing the profits for the solar industry to fall by around 30 percent.

But solar farms are back with a vengeance:

Spain: Agricultural land turning into solar farms– To reach the current goals set, brokers and solar companies have launched a real race to find land on which to install solar farms. Target: 32% renewable target by 2030. According to the farmers’ organization Asaja, given the difficulty of the developers in reaching agreement with a large number of private owners, they are resorting to land belonging to public entities –neighborhood councils and municipalities- where there are farmers on lease who may be left without farmland. Developers usually look for plots of land of a thousand hectares. Lawyers inform that the contracts are very complex and sometimes abusive, so they remind farmers of the importance of legal advice before signing.

• Permits awarded for three new solar farms in Cádiz – Permits awarded for three new solar farms in Cádiz - Solarcentury

And while lithium mining hit a stone wall in Cáceres, Spain, which was recognised as a world heritage site in 1986, because residents understood the environment impacts and fought.

Citizens of Cáceres, Spain, are opposing lithium mining project that jeopardises World Heritage and sustainable livelihoods at a new extractive frontier.

Lithium Threatens The Heritage of Caceres

The opposition will not wavier from its war:

Portugal and Spain will create a lithium “industrial chain” on the border – THE ECO advances this Tuesday that the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) – a document that explains how Portugal will invest European subsidies to counter the pandemic crisis – mentions a “cross-border strategic project” that will unite Portugal and Spain in the development of “a row process and product innovation, complete, that allows the good use – using green miningfor lithium in both countries, developing a cross-border project for the construction and recycling of electric car batteries ”.

The Dark Side of Digitalisation – In Spain, the number of opencast mining licenses issued have skyrocketed in the last five years, and plans to mine lithium, gold, uranium, titanium and rare earth minerals are being met with huge public opposition, due to the devastating effects they could have on thousands of hectares of land. The 'dark side of digitalisation', and its consequences for the environment and for communities impacted by mining, is noticeably absent from enthusiastic public discussions about future technologies and 'green' growth. At home, well-placed mining multinationals have been lobbying the government to implement their own proposed minerals strategy, putting pressure on a number of government figures with connections to the mining industry in order to influence the Brexit process to their advantage.

We cannot wavier in our fight. The devil never sleeps.

Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the Bottomless Pit, whose name in Hebrew [is] Abaddon (Destroyer), but in Greek [his] name is Apollyon (Destroyer - Satan).

The fourth horseman of the Apocalypse rode a pale horse (sickly GREEN in the Greek original text). The fourth horseman represents pollution and nature dying (sickly green) with famines; pestilences and plagues brought about by climatic changes caused by deforestation and pollution. The Pale GREEN Horseman is riding roughshod all over the earth and its inhabitants right now:

Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale (sickly green - pollution) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Revelation 24:9 And the fourth angel broke the seal. And there came forth a pale (sickly green) horse and the rider was Death (ch. 6:8). And the sky was filled and I saw unrest, misery, pestilence, scarcity, war in all forms, and was full of fear.

The Government of Gibraltar that thinks it owns Gibraltar is preparing to hand Gibraltar over to the Banksters.

While these agents are so blinded by their green-colored glasses, they have no idea their own fate:

Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the Time of the “Dead” (Matt. 8:22), that they should be Judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy Servants the Prophets, and to the holy people, and them that fear Thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.


China’s Green Trojan Dragon Flying High Over Spain

China’s green Trojan dragon is reigning over putrid green projects all over Spain’s landscape.

And it looks like Spain has surrendered to the Chinese Communist Party in terms of corporate control and debt slavery.

In 2014, the government of Spain – the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) – introduced a moratorium for new solar farms. And in 2015, the government introduced what has been dubbed the world's first “sun tax” on solar installations making them economically less viable, including draconian fines for anyone not complying with the tax, This new tax was not received well with either solar farm investors or “so-called” environmentalists, who criticised the move as impeding “renewable” energy production.

Fast-forward to June 2018, and we find Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) as prime minister of Spain. Note: the PSOE is pro-European integration – the process of industrial, economic, political, legal, social and cultural integration of states wholly or partially in Europe or nearby.

Now, it seems the PSOE is all for the integration of Spain with China.

In November 2018, China’s president made an official visit to Spain – Xi Jinping’s Historic Visit to Spain: A Trip 13 Years in the Making. “The visit concluded with various agreements that stand to enhance the bilateral relationship in political, economic, geo-economic, educational, scientific, and business fields.” Prior to his visit, the Spanish media widely covered Xi’s signed article, ““Joining Hands for New Splendor in the New Era,” in which Xi outlined his point of view regarding the bilateral relationship.

One can read between the lines – all this rhetoric about global governance, climate change initiatives, and free trade is just the commercialization of the geopolitical goal of world domination. Xi’s long-term vision for Spain more aptly would appear to be Spain’s surrender and allegiance to the CCP.

And the CCP’s interest in Spain seems more akin to EXTRACTION OF ITS RESOURCES (including WATER and Spain already has a water problem).

In simple terms, the CCP is “using” Spain.

And the politicians and the government are literally selling Spanish soil out from underneath the feet of the Spanish people. If the CCP wanted the Iberian Peninsula, all it had to do was dangle a carrot (aka money) – the CCP learned long ago that Western nations worship money and materialism. All the CCP needs to do is identify what is valuable in a country and start “the alliances”, which in many cases are “non-disclosed” Memorandum of Understandings. And once it has control of a nation’s valuable assets, the game is all but over. It’s really a stealth move.

China has made moves all around the world, including with the European Union – and the EU "green" goals incorporate cooperation with China.

For the sake of this post, we’ll forgo a complete break down of all the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) in Spain, and focus on the Green Dragon.

The East Is Green: China’s Global Leadership in Renewable Energy


January 2021 – President Xi Jinping’s speech at the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos argued for globalization and the international community’s need to pro-actively manage globalization while mitigating its negative effects. He highlighted how China’s past decades of reforms are in line with the trend of globalization, and that China is not only its beneficiary but also its benefactor. Most importantly, Xi stated that China is committed to “a fundamental policy of opening-up,” pledging explicitly to keep China’s doors open to foreign investment and greater economic integration with the world (a carrot). Although he did not openly advocate for a Chinese role in global leadership, Xi’s desire for China to be at the helm of the push towards globalization is implicit throughout his speech. His host, Klaus Schwab, echoed this open secret by remarking that “in a world marked by great uncertainty and volatility the world is looking to China.” Countries, however, are skeptical of Xi’s claim that China can become an active global economic leader through open trade and investment. China is increasingly willing to use economic coercion in conventional sectors such as retail, tourism, and manufacturing to promote its own national objectives. Critics have also pointed to the country’s protectionist policies that speak against its claim to continued openness. China has used a “negative list” to bar foreign investment in various sectors for many years and abused ill-enforced trademark laws to discriminate against foreign firms. Nevertheless, the international community should be assured that China is genuinely interested in leading the world in one particular sector: deployment and investment in renewable energy.

To assume the CCP doesn’t have its own goals is naïve, but should be viewed as willing blindness, blocked by that tunnel vision on a dangling carrot.

It already controls the majority of the so-called renewable energy materials. For instance, all those solar panels being installed in Spain are made in China.

And while Xi gave this speech this year, let’s get back to 2018, because world domination (aka globalisation) has been in the making for quite some time with all these “alliances”.

Bye-Bye Sun Tax – Hello China

Conveniently correlating with Xi’s visit, the Government of Spain, recently under the leadership of Pedro Sánchez, took the first step in repealing the so-called “sun tax”. And the new alliance with the CCP was “an opportunity” to boost the renewable energy sector in Spain.

Interestingly in Nov. 2018, Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo sent Pedro Sánchez a message about Gibraltar’s sovereignty.

Most of the time, fast-talking Picardo is a pill to swallow – in interviews, he can spew out a whole lot of words literally without saying anything. But to hand it to him, this theatrical speech was quite good, especially targeting the all-inclusive PSOE’s Sánchez who most likely is an agent for the globalists – which includes the CCP.

Picardo may have said what we would like to hear, but does he see the boulder in his own eyes?

Picardo is also aligning with those globalists (at Davos). He concludes this video-show with, “And together with Britain, we will build a better, stronger and more prosperous British Gibraltar every single day.” (aka Build Back Better). The Government of Gibraltar has also done its fair amount of seducing the CCP’s Trojan dragon with government officials flaunting its FinTech, Insurance, Real Estate Development, Bunkering, etc. (Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative Might NOT BE in the Best Interest of Gibraltar).

What happens in Spain, doesn’t necessarily stay in Spain

The renewable energy sources in The Campo and even all over Spain are most likely going to affect Gibraltar – thus it’s a good idea for Gibraltarians to care about what’s happening across the border.

Given China’s record at destroying its own soil, water and air, why would the world take advice about environmental issues from China?

Unfortunately, China controls the United Nations; and the UN is the vehicle that the globalists use to set up a One World Government (aka The New World Order).

Don’t let the CCP fool you. It does not plan to give up coal, which is evident in their recent investments in coal – and adds further weight to Bright Green Lies exposure that energy corporations use “green-energy” profits to invest in “black” industries.

China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge: New Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Renewable Energy


As the world’s largest polluter of carbon dioxide – responsible for about 28 percent of global emissions – China’s pledge to become carbon neutral will change the nature of the country’s economy, as well as global efforts to combat climate change.

China’s heavy use of fossil fuels means a transition to electricity and renewable energy sources is the most impactful area for carbon reduction, but this is easier said than done. China’s 14th Five Year Plan, which covers the years 2021 to 2025, caps annual coal output at 4.1 billion tons. But, in 2020, China’s coal output grew to 3.9 billion – meaning that the plan does not call for immediately reducing coal output, but limiting its growth potential.

China approved the construction of more coal plants in just the first half of 2020 than it had in each of 2018 and 2019, and has over 200 new plants planned or under construction.

Keep that in mind – because in 2005, National People’s Congress’ (NPC) Environmental Committee observed that fossil fuel energy production and consumption is the cause of 90 percent of the country’s sulfur dioxide emissions.

Another strategic reason to increase renewable resources for electricity consumption is China can mitigate geopolitical tensions by making the country less reliant on unstable regions for energy security… An energy market dependent on fossil fuels relies on securing oil and gas transportation routes to and from fossil fuel-rich countries, which in turn requires extended military protection. The protection of oil transit choke points was one of the reasons why China constructed its first overseas naval base in Djibouti last year. (Source)

Look at China’s CCP track record in Africa - China’s Empty Promises of Green Energy for Africa. “Despite a verbal emphasis on renewables, most Chinese energy financing in Africa goes to coal, oil, and gas.”


The win-win rhetoric of China’s South-South cooperation policy emphasizes financing for clean energy projects. But the megaprojects being built and planned on the African continent show an increasing gap between the green energy cooperation that is promised, and the actual investments, which still include large amounts of oil, gas and coal.

But while comfortably settling itself into the role as the green energy financier of the developing world, on the ground, China’s image of a clean energy emissary is falling apart.

In 2005, the Chinese financiers stating that one of their priorities was to develop overseas resource extraction projects to make up for domestic insufficiency of resources.

From 2014 until 2017 China’s policy banks CDB, EXIM, and China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation provided the largest share of public finance of all G20 financiers, an average of $5 billion a year, for energy projects in Africa. Almost three-quarters of this financing went to oil and gas. China was also the largest provider of finance for coal power, as still 13 percent of its public financing supported large coal projects. None of these banks contracted any Chinese companies to do renewable energy projects over this period of time.

September 2018 – President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa signed a deal in Beijing after the FOCAC summit to build a 4,600-megawatt coal-powered station in Limpopo. This power plant will not power households. It will power Chinese metallurgical companies in the Musina-Makhado special economic zone, which received an injection of Chinese financing earlier this year.

What does China want with Spain?

Wind, solar, and lithium are three reasons, but because all these require land and lots of it, add real estate as a fourth. And a fifth one ends this post.

It kind of all leads to the fact that a tremendous amount of resources are going to be needed to run the totalitarian-super-state with digital identities and the introduction of social credit scores and passes. Klaus Schwab said they were looking to China in this world of uncertainty.

How would the CCP, and the traitorous globalists, introduce such a government? How would they ease everyone into it? Could they make people fear for their lives and coerce them? Then, it would be easy to make people fear non-compliance. Traitors in the axis of power within Western nations are absolutely showing where their allegiances lie.

Meatless Propaganda

Why do they want the world to adopt a meatless diet? Even Gibraltar is doing it in baby-steps.

One reason is that to turn agriculture land into solar and wind farms, something has to go.

COP26: UK 'on the road to nowhere' – Focusing on Manchester UK – “Worst of all, however, the CCC expects 260,000 hectares of agricultural land to be shifted to growing bioenergy crops: that is, more than 1,000 square miles, or twice the area of Greater Manchester. This is undeniably ambitious - but it is the wrong kind of ambition. The BNZ assumes that a shift of diet away from meat and dairy (20 percent by 2030, 35 percent by 2050) will free up a great deal of agricultural land, but the CCC does not explain how this shift is to occur.

Isn’t the shift already occurring with the go-meatless-campaign?

Spain's Dependence on China

At the end of 2020, Spain recognized its dependence on China funding might not be all that – Spain looks to China for cooperation on renewables but worries about overreliance


“China provides much of the raw materials that Spain and Europe need to decarbonise,” said Alicia Valero, head of the industrial ecology group at Instituto CIRCE. She warns that China controls the production of rare-earth elements, which are needed for the development of wind power, among other green technologies, and that it is also the leading producer of graphite by some distance.

This fact, Valero argued, stresses the extent to which Spain’s ecological transition relies on China, something that she describes as “very worrying” given the restrictions China placed on exports of rare earth elements a decade ago. As a solution she proposes urban mining. But for that, she warns, Spain will need to invest in developing the technology for recycling its electronic waste.

In August this year, China’s state-owned energy giant Three Gorges acquired 13 solar farms in Spain from Madrid-based energy firm X-Elio in a deal for an undisclosed sum. The photovoltaic plants, built between 2019 and 2020, have a total capacity of over 500 MW.

Exus closes the sale of eleven Spanish wind farms to Chinese clean energy developer – 23 August 2021 – Exus Management Partners, experts in powering sustainable investments, has facilitated the financial close of the sale of a 450 MW renewable energy portfolio to Chinese clean energy developer China Three Gorges Europe (CTGE). The portfolio, actually two portfolios - Cefiro and Windrose - consists of eleven wind farms and one solar farm, located in the Castilla y León region of Spain. Thus far it has been joint-owned by Spanish family office Corporation Masaveu (Masaveu) and Belgian investors Korys. Exus will continue in its role as asset manager across the combined sites.

Ask yourself – Who runs Spain now?

Graphene – the 5th reason

The fifth reason China – and its global-partners – would have in Spain is Graphene (as brought up in the above article link about Spain's over reliance of China).

Graphenano and Grabat launch graphene-based batteries | Graphene-Info – Green technologies have taken on special relevance in this phase. CDTI’s programme for uniting Spanish and Chinese companies, known as Chineka, supports initiatives related to the green transition. “There are many projects that have to do with new materials, like graphene, which are critical to producing not only electric cars but lighter ones that will pollute less, as well as lighter wind turbines that will be more efficient,” he said. The Spanish Graphenano recently introduced, together with its Chinese partner Chint, graphene polymer batteries that reportedly allow for a range of 800 kilometers in electric vehicles and can be charged in a few minutes. The batteries are meant for domestic use, in the automotive sector (both cars and bicycles), drones or even pacemakers.

Top Graphene producers companies | VentureRadar – Graphenea is a private European company (based in Spain) focused on the production of high quality graphene for industrial applications.

M&A On Horizon As Spain Invests In ‘Miracle’ Graphene – SPAIN GRAPHITE MINING POTENTIAL


There are only a few companies in the world with access to graphite, the mineral resource that is required to make graphene, and 70 per cent of supply is controlled by China, so the setup is perfect for any non-Chinese supply to become an extremely lucrative investment.

This is another area where Spain could become a major player if explorations into graphite mining in Huelva province in southwest Spain prove successful.

Graphene is expected to be the motor of the global economy in the coming decades. Will it also become a key economic driver for Spain in the future? - Spain is one of the countries leading the investigation in Europe into the exploitation of this material’s unique properties.

Now why is graphene so important? Would it have something to do with control?

This ends the focus of what's happening in Spain. There are more cooperation agreements if one wants to research them. For example the market of "electric buses".


Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Projects are Environmentally Destructive – The Expose

Michael Shellenberger, amongst many other things, is a leading energy expert who testifies and advises governments around the world including in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

On 15 September he was invited to testify at the United States Congress hearing on ‘Fuelling the Climate Crisis: Examining Big Oil’s Prices, Profits, and Pledges’. “All references can be found in my full written testimony.

His Full Written Testimony –

More on Daily Expose.

Unfortunately and sadly, he is pro-nuclear power.

Facts About Lithium Vehicles You May Not Know. You Think You Are Free Of Oil Products?

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The Secret Behind Electric Cars

Children in the Congo are mining cobalt for electric cars.

Behind the “Green” veil lies a dirty secret: slave-children in quarries in the Congo to mine cobalt for electric cars. So as electric cars are marketed to the public as more “ethical,” is this true?

Dictators round up the men and make them work in minds; no one to farm; women now have to work; need to buy food; and Western NGOs come in to teach Western values of LGBT+ so-called progressive rights.

These children are being ABUSED.

MEANWHILE in this upside down world:

Forced Participation in Religious Activities to Be Considered ‘Child Abuse’ in Japan

2 Edras 5:9 And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall COMMON-SENSE hide itself, and Understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber (Matthew 24:26) - Signs of The Times

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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles produce five times more greenhouse than expected

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ABSURD: Scottish official admits almost 16M trees that capture carbon have been CHOPPED DOWN for WIND FARMS

Scotland's Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon, a member of the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP), made the admission. She estimated that 15.7 million trees had been cut down since 2000 on land currently managed by Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) – the equivalent of more than 1,700 trees being felled per day.

Gougeon, who serves as the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Angus North and Mearns, disclosed the figures to North East Scotland MSP Liam Kerr in a July 13 letter. The letter stated that around 7,858 hectares of trees "have been felled in order to facilitate wind farm development."

Deforestation causes climate change