One of the largest Natural Resource grabs on this planet is going on right now

Nature is the new economy. It is a Wall Street takeover of the planets natural resources. NAC's or Natural Asset Companies, assigning, identifying, investing in and allowing investors, all natural assets, and asset services, to control, through banksters and their minions, any countries' resources under a blanket of sustainability, and a green revolution...

(Think of the green horsemen from the Apocalypse.)

The fourth horseman of the Apocalypse rode a pale horse. "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was DEATH , and HELL (fire) followed with him. And power was given unto them (the four horsemen) over the fourth part (1/4) of the earth, to kill with sword (weapons), and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." This horseman rode on a pale /sick horse (sickly GREEN in the Greek original text). The fourth horseman represents pollution and nature dying (sickly green ) with famines; pestilences and plagues brought about by climatic changes caused by deforestation and pollution.

T.H.E.Y. are monopolizing and monitoring nature through the "urgency" of climate change.

Privatizing in the name of "Mother Earth" to stewards who victimize the poorest countries first in preparation of the takeover of the entire world.

How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet with Whitney Webb

The NY Stock Exchange with the likes of the Intrinsic Exchange Group, and the InterAmerican Development Bank among many others, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Bezos, John Kerry, Janet Yellen, Mark Carney, et al, are destroying this planet right now, having started with Latin America.

The IMF has been doing this for years in Argentina, trying to monopolize Patagonia.

The same players found with their pants down in the covid plandemic have a hand in the development and implementation of this
new, or not so new scheme.

American billionaire, Douglas Tompkins, bought 170 square kilometres of land in Chilean Patagonia. Over the next decade, he bought another 3,000 square kilometres. Counting five other areas in Chile and three more in Argentina, Tompkins owns an lestimated 8,000 square kilometres in both countries, making him one of the most important private land owners in the world. His goal? To preserve the land? For who?

(On a side note hundreds of thousands if not millions of acres in the countries of Costa Rica, Chile, and Argentina have been purchased by the likes of George Bush and friends. Is this a surprise? since Hitler sent Bush to America to ruin, and plunder, and Hitler escaped to Argentina...
What is so special about Argentina? Hitler's many OFFspring?)

[President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) warned the world of a plan to enslave mankind, and seven days later, on November 22nd 1963, T.H.E.Y. very publically murdered him in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas, in a coup d’état by the Nazi controlled CIA (research “Operation Paperclip”) that JFK planned to disband. His murder was orchestrated by G.H.W. “Poppy” (Opium-Poppy) Bush/Scherff, w…]

Costa Rica is the pilot program, extending value to nature through their cohorts and banks, under the umbrella of the UN.

Cobalt Metals is mining lithium, copper, and cobalt in countries targeted by them.

The takeover of Bolivia was in connection to lithium mining. If you have seen the movie Blood Diamond, it paints an accurate picture of the entire mining system, from environmental pollution, to enslavement, child trafficking, and murder.

Its no wonder the fake queen Elizabeth has her hands in the large mining operation Rio Tinto.

See #42 in Tony Farrells 95 theses

They have projected a gain of 4 quadrillion. Let that sink in for a moment. 4000 trillion dollars to line their pockets with this scheme of selling nature. Everything from food production to clean water to tourism. As John Kerry put it, "it's a vast commercial opportunity." Boris Johnson describes it as " Uniting the worlds banks and financial institutions behind the global transition to NET ZERO". (Speaking of GFANZ- Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.) They describe themselves as Highly credible, filled with integrity, providing carbon markets and country platforms, as they are better suited to protect these areas.


Really it us stakeholder capitalism with no role for sovereign governments. These governments are pressured for bankable opportunities. " You'll own nothing"...

See also:

And also: Fabian Picardo's links to the mining companies which shady dealings led to the United States sanctioning...

The gears of this evil machine have been well oiled and fed for a long time. Even with all their power and might, none are so capable as Almighty God. If He thinks it, it is.
The winds of change are coming, as prophesied.
Nothing can thwart the King and Ruler of the Universe.
His Royal Perfect Laws of Liberty will free humanity from the clutches of the evil.


They must be evil?

2 Esdras 7:17. Then answered I and said, O Lord That bearest rule, Thou hast ordained in Thy Law, that the righteous should inherit these things, but that the unGodly should perish.
7:18. Nevertheless the righteous shall suffer strait things, and hope for wide: for they that have done wickedly have suffered the strait things, and yet shall not see the wide.
7:19. And he said unto me. There is no judge above God, and none that hath Understanding above the Highest.
7:20. For there be many that perish in this life, because they despise The Law of God that is set before them.
7:21. For God hath given strait commandment to such as came, what they should do to live (Deut. 32:46-47), even as they came, and what they should observe to avoid punishment.
7:22. Nevertheless they were not obedient unto Him; but spoke against Him, and imagined vain things;
7:23. And deceived themselves by their wicked deeds; and said of The Most High, that He is not; and knew not His Ways:
7:24. But His Law have they despised, and denied His Covenants; in His statutes have they not been faithful, and have not performed His works.

8:50 For many great miseries shall be done to them that in the Latter Time shall dwell in the world, BECAUSE they have walked in great pride.

8:55 And therefore ask thou no more questions concerning the multitude of them that perish.
8:56 For when they had taken liberty, they despised The Most High, thought scorn of His Law, and forsook His Ways.
8:57 Moreover they have trodden down His righteous,
8:58 And said in their heart, that there is no God; yea, and [God] knowing that; they must die.

Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the Time of the "Dead" (Matt. 8:22), that they should be Judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy Servants the Prophets, and to the holy people, and them that fear Thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the Earth.

Sura 19:40. It is We Who will inherit the Earth, and all beings (souls) thereon: to Us will they all be returned.

Sura 21:104. The Day that We roll up the "heavens" like a scroll rolled up for books (completed),- even as We produced the first Creation, so shall We produce a new one: a promise We have undertaken: truly shall We fulfill it.
21:105. Before this We wrote in the Psalms (in the Old Covenant), after the Message (given to Moses): My servants the righteous, shall inherit the Earth."


There wicked ways are indeed of insanity.

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Barcoding Nature: The Largest Global Land Grab In Human History

By Meleni Aldridge & Melissa Smith

“We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” — Aldo Leopold

Have you ever heard of a natural asset company or NAC in short (and we’re not referring here to the glutathione precursor, N-acetyl-cysteine)? It won’t surprise us if you haven’t. We’ve only recently come across the term ourselves and we’re coming to the view that it may facilitate the biggest corporate land grab in recent history. That’s if we, the people, don’t put a stop to it.

If you believe that Nature should never become a commodity that’s bought and sold by a powerful few, read on. The fact that the moneyed minority feel that they have a right to effectively barcode Nature is quite breathtaking in its greed and arrogance. Though not all that surprising when you look at what’s been happening over the past 2 years. We really are being called to ‘clean house’ on so many levels.

We’ve created an infographic (see below) to summarise the plans for the exploitation of what’s now being termed, Nature’s Economy. You can see at a glance the price tag that’s been placed on her head and why suddenly traditional philanthropy — based on giving — has been declared ‘a total failure’ and is being replaced by ‘investment philanthropy’. You’ll be familiar with the names involved in kicking off this new kind of non-giving (aka taking) philanthropy. If you were wondering how philanthropic investing could be declared a failure, look no further than André Hoffmann, the vice chairman of pharmaceutical giant, Roche.

Please download and share as far and wide as you can. This is a message that needs to take flight rapidly.

What is an NAC?

In September 2021 the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) quietly announced that it had created a new asset class with a listing, “To preserve and restore the natural assets that ultimately underpin the ability for there to be life on Earth”. It looks both innocent and protective. Who doesn’t want to preserve and restore the planetary resources on which we all depend?

However, the subtext is that corporations who fit into this asset class, ‘natural asset company’ (NAC), get to maintain, manage and develop the natural resources on a given piece of land. It’s effectively a fast track to commodifying Nature’s natural resources. Less about protecting nature and more about making money through ‘Nature’s Economy’ — which has been attributed a tantalising price tag.

The NYSE recently unveiled a partnership that’s been two years in the making with the Intrinsic Exchange Group(IEG) to open up investment opportunities in what it calls ‘Nature’s Economy’. IEG describes itself as a ‘pioneering natural asset company’. One of its key investors is the Rockefeller Foundation.

Why exploit natural resources?

The commoditisation of nature is justified as being driven by the protection of natural resources. But scratch beneath the surface and the greed and avarice is clear to see.

Researchers back in 2012 highlighted the danger of ‘green grabbing’ and cited the appropriation of land and resources using ‘green’ credentials to justify the land grab as an emerging process of deep and growing significance. They go as far to say that green grabbing builds on well-known histories of colonial and neo-colonial resource alienation in the name of the environment.

It’s absolutely no surprise then to see the World Economic Forum getting in on the act with its Nature Risk Rising report in 2020. The subtitle is “Why the crisis engulfing Nature matters for business and the economy” and notes, in its second report, The Future of Nature and Business, that, “A new Nature economy could generate up to $10.1 trillion in annual business value and create 395 million jobs by 2030”.

Related Content: Global Blueprint Exposed: The Takeover Of All Genetic Material On Earth

Don’t be fooled by how benevolent and humanitarian it all seems.

Mark Wilson in his 2013 paper, highlights how the so-called ‘green economy’ fails to address five fundamental problems and, thus, has the potential to increase environmental degradation and cause even greater social inequity than we see today:

  1. Ecosystem services are inherently difficult to price
  2. The consideration of the rebound effect is insufficient
  3. Primacy of economics over the environment is ensured
  4. Markets offer little protection for the poorest people
  5. Existing market mechanisms aimed at safeguarding the environment have not succeeded.

In addition, in 2022, we echo the following reasons why NACs are likely to be more tempted to act against Nature than for it:

  1. The ‘assets’ from Nature’s Economy are valued at more than US$4,000 trillion or $4 quadrillion (the current economy is valued at approx. US$512 trillion; that makes the current economy around only 8% the value of the Nature’s Economy)
  2. Each ‘asset’ will have an owner
  3. The ownership through NACs allows domination of not just the economy, but the entire natural world
  4. Removal of freedoms. So many practices today are reframing freedom as a service or a privilege, not a fundamental
  5. Owners will dictate who gets access to clean water, clean air, wild spaces and yet untapped, dwindling natural resources.

How do NACs plan to do this?

These new NACs will act a bit like real estate agents for Mother Nature. Imagine a situation where a company is able to pick an area of nature, assign it a price, disenfranchise any prior claimants, take ownership and then sell pieces of that land/lake/ocean/mountain etc. to institutional shareholders — specifically, the multinational corporations who may have funded the NAC in the first place.

If it could be assured that all NACs will be ‘conscious corporates’ this may well be the way to steward and safeguard our future, but history, as well as current events, speaks to a very different outcome.

Here are some of the ways in which ‘green’ actions are already netting billions of dollars:

  • Carbon offsetting/biodiversity offsets. Offsetting harm caused elsewhere by regreening areas denuded by previous development. Large corporations such as BlackRock, JPMorgan, Disney are investing significant amounts in this area
  • Green bonds
  • Extraction of natural resources e.g. oil, gas, minerals
  • Destruction of natural habitats to grow food
  • Greenwashing – the process by which a company conveys a false impression about the environmental credentials of its products and/or services
  • Seed patents
  • Patenting genetically modified/engineered plants and animals
  • Purchasing large swathes of agricultural land. Large investors, such as Bill Gates along with other large investors are making huge inroads into this area
  • Control of water supplies.

Working with, not against Nature

The Dasgupta Review describes Nature as “our most precious asset”. We, as humanity, must ensure that our demands on Nature do not exceed its sustainable supply. So many of the things that are destroying the natural world are now being sold as its salvation.

Please see the rest of the article:

What A Coincidence! Greta Thunberg Is Related To The Rothschild Clan

The house of the Rothschild bankers reluctantly confirms the undeniable. Greta Thunberg is a blood relative of the notorious Rothschild chain of nation-buyers. It explains much about the precocious adolescent’s celebrity status drooled over by presidents and prime ministers – and, of course, the slobbering ‘on-message’ media barons of the Western swamps.

Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg (20) is a great-granddaughter of the notorious banker Lionel Walter Rothschild, son of the first Baron Rothschild. Previously, this fact has drawn the attention of journalists who researched the genealogical tree of the famous family.

By the way, the net worth of Greta’s parents is estimated at $3 million – that we know about. Not bad for a modestly successful opera musician and her stage actor husband.

The media became interested in the alleged kinship after a source at the large Swedish bank Handelsbanken stated that the Thunberg family had received transfers from the Rothschild Foundation to their accounts.

Despite this information appearing in the tabloid press, the bank was so zealous to find the source of the leak that it raised suspicions.

After two weeks of research, it turned out that the pubescent activist’s great-grandfather Joachim Thunberg was the son of Lionel Rothschild, who was illegitimate but was recognised in 1928.

As his mother brought him up alone for the first two years, he was given her surname. Joachim was then adopted by his biological father, and from the age of 12, he moved to France.

There he received his education and then studied additionally in London. At the age of 26, Joachim Rothschild-Thunberg became one of the most successful bankers in Sweden.

His success lasted until 1957 when he sold the bank, donated most of his capital to certain ‘foundations’ and retired.

According to the Rothschild family, Greta Thunberg is indeed the great-great-granddaughter of one of their most famous representatives, but her environmental activities, they assured, are not related to her origins and are not financed by the house in any way.

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I had suspicion she was part of the climate agenda.

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Rebel News reporters walked through

Davos with Greta Thunberg for 20 minutes, asking questions that the other journalists with us angrily disapproved of.

Watch for yourself and answer the question I put to her: is she an expert - or just a child actor?