U.S. Wind Energy Company Pleads Guilty for Killing At Least 150 Eagles; Ordered to Pay $8M in Fines


Wind turbines promoted as green, but they can be very deadly... not exactly the environmental answer for eagles and other endangered birds.

Spain Study: Protected areas of Med Sea should exclude offshore wind farms

Plans for New Floating Wind Project Revealed in Spain, Green Hydrogen Production Included

Germany’s forests targeted to make room for thousands of giant wind turbines

BRIGHT GREEN LIES – Green now means sustaining a destructive way of life


wind power push could wipe out nearly half of golden eagle population by 2050

The expansion of wind power is a key part of President Joe Biden’s climate agenda that seeks to replace fossil fuels with green energy sources like wind turbines in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions economy-wide by 2050. The climate bill, which Biden passed into law on Tuesday, will entice developers to invest in wind projects through tax breaks and subsidies.