Climate Risks and Projections for Gibraltar - Report


By Ryan Robba

As the World’s nations optimistically gather at COP26 to renew their pledges to tackle global climate change, there remains an underlying pessimism about whether their promises will be kept.

Climate change’s impacts are not just environmental; they affect every aspect of society and the economy. This article highlights some of the key risks Gibraltar faces from climate change, as identified in a new summary report on Climate Projections and Risks for Gibraltar, linked below:

My first Publication Climate Projections & Risks Report Gibraltar

... heat waves in Gibraltar are expected to become at least four times more frequent by the year 2100. Sea level rise and increasingly frequent severe storms will cause substantial damage to private property and public infrastructure - at great cost to both families and government.

Robba outlines three challenges Gibraltar might face.

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Ryan Robba, co-founder at twentytwenty: "We're proud to receive this recognition from the United Nations regarding our efforts to become carbon neutral and tackle climate change.

Know them by their fruit - COP26 NEWS of which Gibraltar's John Cortes and Daniella Tilbury will be in attendance.


Climate Change is real; however, don't fall UN Solutions, which include carbon taxes, destroying natural habitats for wind and solar farms, cutting down forests, increased industrial mining of natural resources and using profits to fund dirty fuel projects - BRIGHT GREEN LIES – Green now means sustaining a destructive way of life

Instead Take Sound Advice:


And Prophetic Warnings:

2 Esdras 5:9 And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall COMMON-SENSE hide itself, and Understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber (Matthew 24:26 ) – The "SIGNS" of The "END" Times – CLIMATE CHANGE - HELPS CAUSE ARMAGEDDON

Sweet Fresh water turns salty by rising sea levels and flooding.


This topic has been known about for a few years. Once the implications are understood, it might help to further shed light and add perspective to recent world events. What the article mentions has been warned about for years, by various independent climate scientists and researchers from all over the world and it does not paint a rosy picture:

This taxing nonsensical routine of nation/states committing to mitigation plans and not following through, e.g., Paris ’15, or refusing to commit to key mitigation efforts alongside other nation/states, e.g. the Global Methane Pledge, is starting to look like the “the kiss of death on auto pilot.”

Evidently, the horrifying message that global warming is nearly out of control, RGW (runaway global warming) is not getting through to the world leaders that are able to make a difference. This frustrating fact has led some climate scientists to seriously consider “tossing in the towel,” stop research, stop writing papers, go on strike. (Source: These Climate Scientists Are Fed Up And Ready To Go On Strike, New York Times, March 1, 2022)

The lackadaisical attitude by world leaders reflects a world that has turned anti-intellectual, anti-science just when it is needed the most. If it were otherwise, with scientists held in highest esteem, a lot of the planet’s upcoming dark era could be eliminated.

Posted, for what the information in the article may be worth.

TWT if it might be a correlation to Signs of the End Times and storehouses suddenly being found empty, with perplexity.

Exponential functions (such as an exponential rise in atmospheric methane) do not tend to be natural for human beings to easily comprehend in practical terms and that is one of the warnings climate researchers have pointed towards. Instead, people will tend to shrug it off till the very end, hoping it won't be true, or that it could somehow be avoided.