Spain's Water Problems

Spain Scolds Iberdrola Over ‘Scandalous’ Draining of Reservoir

The Spanish government dealt out a rebuke to Iberdrola SA after the utility’s hydropower activities caused water levels at a reservoir in the west of the country to drop dramatically, sparking outrage from nearby communities. The Ricobayo reservoir, in the western province of Zamora, is about 11% full after the Bilbao-based utility drained 1,000 hectometers in about five months, according to gov

While the above article deals with Northern Spain, it highlights a problem with water misuse and corruption.

This DW documentary shows what's happening in the "protected" Doñana National Park, some of which is in the Campo.

Spain's Water Problem – A documentary

Illegal wells are being drilled in Doñana National Park

Residents resist as multinationals bottle Spain’s water to sell abroad

Top EU court raps Spain over wetlands – Doñana National Park

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