Applicable Law

The Laws applicable to this forum are The Laws of God as pledged allegiance to by every monarch in their coronation Oath as follows: “I will to the utmost of my power maintain The Laws of God” (see the signed 1953 coronation Oath in the exhibits at, which they have never done, so we do it for them here.

Practical application

Unlike man-made legislation, which is expensive, voluminous, contradictory, and fraud (see the above Challenge), this Law is comparatively short, concise and easy to understand.

You can use the Challenge - for UK and Territories (Rest of the world) to confound any victimless charges against you, which irrefutably shows them that their pretended authority and jurisdiction are fraudulent / null and void ab initio to use the deceitful legalese.

But at the same time you should be practicing it here and elsewhere.

This Book is essential reading for understanding The Law: The Way home or face The Fire

If your content violates these Laws you will be told where and how, plus the corrective action needed, and/or the action that will be taken by the moderators, in terms of The Law.

There are benefits/ blessings for keeping The Law, and penalty-clauses/ curses for breaking It..