Gibraltar's UK Loan Guarantee: Follow the money...

Hmmm....Gibraltar Government given £500 million UK loan guarantee

THE Government of Gibraltar in the form of Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo has welcomed the Written Ministerial Statement on Gibraltar’s Covid Response filed today (November 19) by the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP.

The Written Ministerial Statement confirms that it has been agreed that the United Kingdom Government will provide a loan guarantee to the Gibraltar Government for a lending facility of up to £500 million.
source: Gibraltar Government given £500 million UK loan guarantee


Thank-you. They’re obviously falling into one of the elite’s classic traps - how much does Fabian know about it/ is complicit with it?

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


  1. What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is – an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty – treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

  2. If the superficiality of goy kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers, or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons, have made their countries debtors to our treasuries, to amounts quite impossible to pay, it has not been accomplished without, on our part, heavy expenditure of trouble and money.


  1. But when the comedy is played out there emerges the fact that a debit and an exceedingly burdensome debit has been created. For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have recourse to new loans, which do not swallow up but only add to the capital debt. And when this credit is exhausted it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, but only the interest on it. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit…

  2. Later comes the time for conversions, but they diminish the payment of interest without covering the debt, and besides they cannot be made without the consent of the lenders; on announcing a conversion, a proposal is made to return the money to those who are not willing to convert their paper. If everybody expressed his unwillingness and demanded his money back, the government would be hooked on their own files and would be found insolvent and unable to pay the proposed sums. By good luck the subjects of the goy governments, knowing nothing about financial affairs, have always preferred losses on exchange and diminution of interest to the risk of new investments of their moneys, and have thereby many a time enabled these governments to throw off their shoulders a debit of several millions.


Thank you @mark.david for participating in investigating what’s happening in Gibraltar; to help uncover the corruption and find the truth.

As a moderator, I have edited the title so that Gibraltarians, and all our worldwide readers, know it’s about following the money in Gibraltar.

:mag_right: Anyone want to do more digging?

What does it mean? How would the loan be used?

There’s one thing about finding out details in Gibraltar to “government deals” or “loans”, because the GoG claim to be the exact opposite of what they are – transparent.

November 2020 – Government welcomes UK Sovereign Guarantee for a lending facility of up to £500 million

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has welcomed the Written Ministerial Statement on Gibraltar’s Covid Response filed today by the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, Dominic Raab.

The Written Ministerial Statement confirms that it has been agreed that the United Kingdom Government will provide a loan guarantee to the Gibraltar Government for a lending facility of up to £500m.

The reason more details are asked is because of this article, Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experiment, which states -

It is astonishing that the government of Israel entrusted the health of the people to Pfizer; by entering into a secret contract that enrolled the Israeli population to become research subjects, without their knowledge or consent.

Despite serious uncertainty, officials proceeded full speed ahead, with mass vaccination.

Under the contract, Real World Epidemiological > EvidenceCollaboration Agreement, [vii] the government signed a commitment to vaccinate the entire seven million adult population and to provide weekly data on its citizens during a 24-month surveillance follow-up study.

Dr. Simone Gold, said that if you sign up for the experimental vaccine, they track you for two years. So, do people know they are actually part of a trial? The reason other therapies were discredited, because emergency use for vaccines is only given when there are no alternatives. And even Fabian Picardo said HCQ was unsafe, dangerous or something along those lines – going along with the official Global narrative.

If the deal didn’t have to do anything with the vaccine programme, please confirm.

Actually, even if the loan had nothing to do with Gibraltar’s vaccine programme, what’s happening in Gibraltar is eerily the same thing happening in the State of Israel. Gibraltarians are guinea pigs.

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Looks like more and more LOANS are turning out to be BRIBES.

Corrupt EU bribed Tanzania with 27 million euros to impose strict Covid19 measures. Tanzania took the money then declared the country “Coronavirus FREE”.

The Tanzanian President John Magufuli does it again. He is SHOWING the world ONCE AGAIN the corruption involved when it comes to Covid.

Tanzania took 27 million Euros from the European Union but declares the country as Coronavirus free

Back in May 2020, President Magufuli declared the pandemic in Tanzania officially over and said people should resume normal lives without even having to wear facemasks.

He said God had solved the issue with a divine intervention after national prayers. “Corona cannot survive in the body of Christ; it will burn,” the president had said.

Previously, John Magufuli, who has a doctoral degree in chemistry, showed the world the tests were flawed by submitting samples of a pawpaw, oil, goat, sheep, and more to the WHO for COVID-19 testing. The pawpaw and goat came back positive.

Gibraltar should take a leaf out of his book. He played the WHO and the EU at their own game; and beat them. Gibraltar could use 27 million euros from the EU, to compensate the businesses that have suffered due to the draconian measures taken by the willfully ignorant GSLP government, following the misdirection of the WHO and Sieg Heil Bhatti.


Thank you @DOTS Ooops! Thank you for the edit - I should have included Gib.

Will keep on digging....

Remember the previous £300m loan where he used 3 local Housing Estates as collateral. It was all accounted for off-balance sheet which means they give no details of how the loan monies are being spent. Incidentally, the Directors of the company set up to manage the £300m is guess who? James Levy Senior Partners at Hassans and HM picardo’s associate. Must not forget that a senior member of the same law firm in the Accounts department of said firm was also transferred to a senior position at the Gibraltar govt. department of Financial Services.
This current £500m “loan” will surely be managed in the same way and who is going to pay for it all ?After our local rulers have made sure their policies ruin the economy?
In your face - Corruption. However, nothing to see here, move along now.

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Here is an article on the experiment in Israel:

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@Cheeky-Monkey For more details please see:


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Thank-you again for this information.

Here’s a brief analysis of the Housing-loan situation based on the information (see diagram below) – with bolded items of concern:

  1. Underlying assets being mortgaged/ encumbered

6 housing estates generating monthly rentals, being physical assets belonging to Gibraltarians:

Or does the monarch technically (by legalities) own them, and all of Gibraltar, given the £13.8 million Stamp Duty – basically a transaction tax started by king William III to fund wars against Catholic France – but the issue here is the debt?

How many other Gibraltar assets are similarly encumbered and who are the ultimate holders of the debt (See 4.).

  1. Amount of debt raised

There’s obviously a connection between the restructured terms of the new tenancy agreement and the amount of the loan - a new valuation – longer dated tenancy agreements and escalation clauses for example would increase the “value”.

Gibraltar’s national debt for 2019 was £314 million, but this loan seems to be directly from investors.

So the loan wouldn’t show up in the countries debt figures? yet the monarch’s government (not the people’s) has basically indebted Gibraltar assets to unknown 3rd parties (See 4)?

  1. Incomes Generated from the deal

The £11 million might probably be corporate finance and other such fees for structuring the deal – the price for access to the “lovely lolly (money)” - not so lovely when the repayments are due!

The £13.8 million Stamp duty suggests that the properties were transferred/ sold into one holding entity to facilitate the deal – that’s a huge price to pay for unneeded debt.

Or did the monarch’s government promise to reduce other taxes by that amount as an offset?

  1. Finance Structure of the deal

The structure seems to be visibly 3 layers deep with another possible/ probable hidden layer on top.

1st. Gibraltar Residential Property Ltd - seems to own the properties.

2nd. Gibraltar Capital Assets Ltd - Raised the funds – in ”note” form - and collects the rent and makes disbursements.

3rd. Prudential Trustee Ltd - Manages the register of the debt/ “note” holders. The question to ask here is whether the owners are known or is that confidential.

4th. Hidden layer ?

But even if the contents of the register is publicly available, the notes could be endorsed by the owners and then whoever physically holds them would be the ultimate owners, and Prudential Trustees Ltd would not know about it and/ or the notes could be held in confidential trusts.


To attract foreign funding without revealing that fact?

To establish control in the hands of certain parties when the loans become unpayable?

To deliberately raise finance that doesn’t show in the country’s national debt figures?

  1. Power

The note holders have the ultimate power until the loan is paid, and even then they might still have the power – will be in the fine print.

And the lockdowns will increase the risk of the loan not being paid as tenants default on their rents.

  1. Conclusions

It all seems to be jiving with those Protocols.

Looks pretty much like the monarch’s government is selling Gibraltarians out to some foreign entity/s, which prefer to remain hidden?

Might they know about the very significant Prophecies about Gibraltar, and this is just one of the ways they’re desperately striving to thwart them?

Picardo doesn’t seem to be innocent at all.