Gibraltar Booster Boosters




1. One that boosts, as:

a. A device for increasing power or effectiveness.

b. An enthusiastic promoter, as of a sports team or school.

c. Electronics A radio-frequency amplifier.

d. The primary stage of a multistage rocket that provides the main thrust for launch, liftoff, and initial flight.

2. A booster shot.

3. Slang One who steals goods on display in a store.

:gibraltar: Picardo comes in as the CB (Chief Booster)

Not only does he boost his opinion about all sorts of issues, he uses his position of power to sway Gibraltarians to take the booster, Go-Boosters! Go-Vaxists!. In slang terms, Picardo is also a booster, as he is shoplifting Gibraltar and fencing it to the higher bidder. And Picardo amplifies what Public Health Director Helen Carter advises (which is really what the NHS and other handlers advise). Agent Carter also downplays side effects and boosts the flu booster, saying both jabs can be taken at the same time.

Picardo is setting the stage for Gibraltar.


While Picardo is allowed to boost the booster and add that he had "no side affects", notice how no one is allowed to post about their "adverse reactions" in Gibraltar - Double standards.

Here's another Booster Booster Edwin Joseph Reyes (a politician from the GSD - stereo from both sides of the aisle – left and right):


The above post from Booster Booster Edwin Joseph Reyes got these responses on Vaccine Awareness Gibratar: (Proving not all of Gibraltar is being duped.)

Buster Crabb – If it ain't broken why fix it?

Jaqui Vinet – Healthy eating …. Exercise your body also helps …. No need for vaccination when it’s still in trials!!

Dan Olaff – You would put an experimental oil in your car before taking it for a service, and risk your car breaking down on the way? Boosters is not the same as a service. There's no such thing as an experimental service

Fenella Dellipiani – No. I wouldn't delve into the unknown not with my car and not with my body

Dan Olaff – Not without knowing what's in it and understanding how it's "good for your car" at least!

Jaqui Vinet – Yes as if we have had booster in the past to help keep us running … what a stupid comment!

Tamsin Suarez – This metaphor car needs more servicing that a real one. No car has ever needed a service so quickly unless someone put the wrong fuel in.

Fabian Spiteri – Wow .. what a shortcut to thinking..Thx for sharing your intelligence

Even the Gibraltar's Teachers Union identify as Boosters and Vaxists – GBC - Gibraltar News - GBC TV and Radio Gibraltar

The vaccines failed and the boosters will fail.

They'll keep boosting the poison until everyone is a vaxist – and taking them indefinitely so that they can have their medical-reasons to discriminate.


How long will it take to fully create the Nazi-regime in Gibraltar?


"You will become dependent on boosters to survive."

Booster Shots Forever.

Is Vaxism The New Racism?

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Good compliation video @Gareth

"They are lying."

"They will get more evil."

Booster Picardo didn't mention that Forever Boosters are now the "NEW New Normal".

Picardo – "In a way, it will help us to turn a corner and get Gibraltar and our economy and public finances on track." – Vaccines arrive in Gibraltar as COVID-19 claims four more lives

Sacramento – "Every injection that we give from tomorrow starts to reduce the likelihood of people in Gibraltar becoming seriously ill or even dying". Same article as Picardo's quote above. She said this right before the elderly in Gibraltar starting dying en masse.

Picardo – 11 Jan 2021 - "Because in that respect, 2021 brings us what we all know is the best kind of hope – A NEW HOPE. And these vaccines allow us to look past the pandemic this year. And, by accepting appointments to be vaccinated, we will all be able to start to live with Covid in the background." CMs New Year Message 2021

“There is no evidence to link these to the vaccination in any way,” No.6 said. – No link between recent deaths and vaccine, Govt says.

Picardo – 25 March 2021 - “We are at last leaving behind us our deadliest winter and entering our most hopeful spring.” – Vaccinated Gibraltar eases back into normality (Does it look like this Covid Tyranny is in the rearview mirror?)

The lies are endless.


Right on cue. What happens in the UK comes to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Booster Boosters

boosters forever

The endless liars will face The Fire.

The Way home or face The Fire