140 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

By Paul Elias Alexander

We should not force COVID vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines. Instead, we should respect the right of the bodily integrity of individuals to decide for themselves.

Public health officials and the medical establishment with the help of the politicized media are misleading the public with assertions that the COVID-19 shots provide greater protection than natural immunity.

Immunology and virology 101 have taught us over a century that natural immunity confers protection against a respiratory virus’s outer coat proteins, and not just one, e.g. the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein. There is even strong evidence for the persistence of antibodies. Even the CDC recognizes natural immunity for chicken-pox and measles, mumps, and rubella, but not for COVID-19.

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150 studies show masks ineffective, harmful

by Art Moore

A former adviser to the World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has compiled a list of more than 150 studies and articles presenting data and evidence that universal masking is ineffective in stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and causes harm.

Paul Alexander, [in an article for the Brownstone Institute listing the studies – More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms ⋆ Brownstone Institute, says his focus is on "the prevailing science that we have had for nearly 20 months."

"To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children," he writes.

Alexander points to the work of the creators of the Great Barrington Declaration, which called for "a focused type of protection that was based on an age-risk stratified approach."

Children will bear the consequences for decades to come, he says, for the school closure policies and the masking.

"Many are still pressured to wear masks and punished for not doing so," he writes.

Alexander has compiled other pandemic-related lists of studies for the Brownstone Institute, which organized the Great Barrington Declaration.

A list of more than 400 studies shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, school closures, masks and mask mandates have failed to curb virus transmission or reduce deaths.

Alexander also has a list of 140 studies showing naturally acquired immunity from a COVID-19 infection is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last year, America's doctors, nurses and paramedics were celebrated as frontline heroes battling a fearsome new pandemic. Today, under Joe Biden, tens of thousands of these same heroes are denounced as rebels, conspiracy theorists, extremists and potential terrorists. Along with massive numbers of police, firemen, Border Patrol agents, Navy SEALs, pilots, air-traffic controllers, and countless other truly essential Americans, they're all considered so dangerous as to merit termination, their professional and personal lives turned upside down due to their decision not to be injected with the experimental COVID vaccines. Biden’s tyrannical mandate threatens to cripple American society – from law enforcement to airlines to commercial supply chains to hospitals. It's already happening. But the good news is that huge numbers of "yesterday’s heroes" are now fighting back – bravely and boldly. The whole epic showdown is laid out as never before in the sensational October issue of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "THE GREAT AMERICAN REBELLION: 'We will not comply!' COVID-19 power grab ignites bold new era of national defiance."

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