Gibraltar Covid Cases Among The Vaccinated

Consider Gibraltar as they ‘urge’ everybody to get vaccinated... because the experimental gene therapy is working! – Health Freedom Ireland


Covid vaccines: We’ve been misled from the very start

IT IS truly amazing how self-deceiving a profession that sets out to help and heal sick people can be when it comes to acknowledging that the cure is sometimes worse than the illness. Evidence is mounting that just such a state of denial is manifesting in the mass rollout of the Covid vaccine.

The mantra that the jab is ‘safe and effective’ is becoming a sick joke. There is now massive evidence of harm and mounting evidence that it does not work anything like as well as hoped.

All of this means we should not be surprised to find that ‘a disturbing trend’ has appeared among the most vaccinated nations in the world, as TrialSite News reports. In Gibraltar, Malta, Seychelles, UAE and the Isle of Man, Covid cases are considerably up, including deaths in some of these nations, despite ‘overwhelming’ percentages of their populations being vaccinated.

Read more of this article by Neville Hodgkinson on The Conservative Woman UK.

New UK Study: People Who Have Been Vaccinated Make Up 47% of New COVID Cases

Sad to see some Gibraltarians want to PCR test themselves back into lockdown - soon – ERS visits stopped again as 45 new Covid cases detected in four days, none hospitalised - #5 by Cloudcity

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