Govt announces Covid death as hospitalisations rise

4th August 2021

A man in his 60s died on Wednesday of Covid-19 pneumonitis, the Gibraltar Government has confirmed as hospitalisations have risen to 14.
A spokesman for the Government confirmed the deceased died of Covid-19 pneumonitis with superimposed bacterial pneumonia, and had underlying medical conditions.
The deceased was also unvaccinated against Covid-19, and his death brings the overall figure to 95 since the pandemic began.

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The report confirms hospitalizations have risen to 14. One deceased individual was reported as unvaccinated. No mention of the vaccination status of the 13 other people hospitalized (I assume they are alive). Considering that it was not mentioned, and knowing how they seek to blame the unvaxxed, then very possible the others hospitalized have been vaxxed, otherwise it would have made the headlines!