🇨🇳 CHINA RISING DOCUMENTARY – Sky News Australia (Nov 2021)

As Australia-China relations rise to unprecedented levels of discord, Sky News anchor and investigative journalist Peter Stefanovic presents a landmark two-part documentary China Rising, which aired 16-17 November 2021.

Sky News Australia’s documentary – China Rising – delves into Chinese President Xi Jinping’s mission to topple the United States and become the world’s greatest superpower.

{From evil trade tactics to cyber attacks on Parliament officials' emails, the CCP has all but taken over Austrailia. The Australian military rounding up its own people is a sign that through compromised politicians, the CCP is now essentially giving the Aussies their marching-orders (no shot was fired to get Aussie soldiers to turn on their own). The CCP is using their leverage to topple Australia first. The documentary also reveals silver linings – like replenishing their own empty barley silos – as well as an awakening to what's really going on in the land Downunder.}

China Rising ‘Tremble and obey’- Xi Jinping’s ‘era of biding time’ is over (Part 1):

China Rising: Inside the Chinese cold war with The West (Part 2):

Note - The above videos do not readily come up in YT searches. After seeing a preview, an eye was kept out for them. Wonder if they will disappear from YT? Downloading them might be prudent. As of this post, only one-half of Part 1 has been reviewed. So far, it's EXCELLENT (and thus wanted to get it posted in case it "disappeared"). It should make Western nations examine the Chinese Trojan Dragon more closely and how soldier/agents have been hidden to enter the gates – even in Gibraltar, as Gibraltar officials romance and are romanced by the red dragon. How long will Gibraltar look away at the secrecy of MOUs etc?


The Aboriginal People Have Been Labeled Just Like The Uighur muslims in China.

The world (including its leaders) looks the other way to please China. When Russia did it under Stalin, the world looked the other way. When Nazi-Germany did it, the world looked away.

The US already has FEMA camps ready to go; and they've recently been built in the UKJohn O'Looney, Funeral Directoer, "It's going to get a lot worse. I think they are going to mandate and then start rounding people up. And they've built big internment camps here to do that. There's a place here called HM Prison Wellingborough and it's the site of a high-security building and they've built a new holding center there that will take about 30,000. There's a huge temporary mortuary on site and it's next door to the crematorium. It's every bit the final solution.",. It's every bit the final solution."*

How long will we allow the world leaders to look the other way and bow to Satan and his synagogue?

The UK has to move at a slower pace in rounding people up, because CCP infiltration, coersion, blackmail etc may not be as prevalent as in Australia, where their influence is rampant. And maybe like days of old, the UK could send its dissidents downunder to these large prison camps.

BREAKING NEWS: Martial Law In Aboriginal Community, Australia. Representatives Make Plea For International Help.

From - Australia Starts Using Its Quarantine Camps Over Suspected Covid in Sewage!

And its not just the indigenous people – CCP-controlled polticians and their military footsoldiers are now rounding up positive cases and those who have come into contact with themAustralia Begins COVID Quarantine Camps, Total 24-Hour Lockdowns for Positives and Contact Traces

Do the Two Witnesses and other Israelite Nations just look away while their brothers are being taken over? – Will History of these atrocities repeat itself?

Australia building Permanent Covid-19 Quarantine Camps for “Ongoing Operations”

Australia has recorded 11 times more Deaths in 8 months following Covid-19 Vaccination than it has Deaths following every other Vaccine combined in over 50 years

Australia is a Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order


Prepare for Armageddon: China's warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia

Prepare for Armageddon: China's warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube 20 min.

Movie referred to in the above link:

The message coming out of China is getting louder by the day. It doesn't like other countries, especially Australia, ganging up and meddling in its affairs. As we know Beijing is currently doing its best to punish us economically, but in the last few days President Xi Jinping has also ratcheted up the rhetoric by warning of the perils of a new cold war. A loose translation is if we don't stop poking the panda, we'll face serious consequences. Now it's worth taking the threat seriously because Xi controls the largest military force in the world, and as one of his supporters cautions tonight, the cost of conflict with China could be Armageddon.


China’s terrifying ‘Armageddon’ war warning: ‘Ten times worse than worst nightmares’

THE US and Australia could face "Armageddon" should they attempt to stop China's reunification with the self-ruled island of Taiwan, a Chinese international relations expert claimed in a chilling warning.

By Charlie Pittock

14:39, Sat, Nov 20, 2021 | UPDATED: 14:39, Sat, Nov 20, 2021
China’s terrifying ‘Armageddon’ war warning: ‘Ten times worse than worst nightmares’ | World | News | Express.co.uk China’s military is now at or near the capability to invade Taiwan, a congressional report said. The report, released this week, confirmed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has “already achieved the capabilities needed to conduct an air and naval blockade, cyberattacks, and missile strikes against Taiwan”. The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission is an agency appointed by Congress, ordered to provide national security and economic advice to the US Government. Their report found the PLA’s current sea and air capacity could launch an initial landing force of some 25,000 troops. Rather alarmingly, the report said: “Given these developments, it has become less certain that US conventional military forces alone will continue to deter China’s leaders from initiating an attack on Taiwan.”

The Chinese government operates a “One-China policy”, asserting that there is only one soverign state under the name China, and Taiwan is part of China.

In other words, they see Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually come back under their control.

Taiwanese people, however, disagree. They believe they are a separate nation — regardless or whether independence is officially declared or not.

US President Joe Biden has promised to defend Taiwan if China attacked.

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Will WW3 break out in Taiwan?

US-China tensions rocket after Biden asks Taiwan to join 'summit for democracy'

US-China tensions rocket after Biden asks Taiwan to join 'summit for democracy'
CHINA has lashed out at the US after President Joe Biden invited Taiwan to join a "summit for democracy."
By Tim McNulty
19:34, Wed, Nov 24, 2021 | UPDATED: 19:34, Wed, Nov 24, 2021

Beijing has erupted over President Biden's decision to include Taiwan in the "democracy summit" next month while the People's Republic of China was left off the list. The self-governing Republic of China, known also as Taiwan, faces ongoing threats of invasion from Communist China. Beijing maintains that the island is a wayward region of China and has long pressured countries to drop official recognition of Taiwan as a seperate state.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday: "China firmly opposes the invitation by the US for the Taiwan authorities to attend the so-called 'Summit for Democracy.'

"There is but one China in the world, the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory, and the one-China principle is a universally-recognized norm governing international relations.

"Taiwan has no other status in international law except as part of China.

"We solemnly urge the US to abide by the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, stop providing 'Taiwan independence' forces with any platform or bolstering and emboldening them.

Video in the above link:
China responds to US inviting Taiwan to democracy summit

Video in the above link:
Taiwan MP warns Xi Jinping likely pursue invasion

Video in the above link:
Chinese hypersonic missile capabilities discussed by Nikolai Sokov


Could computer chips manufactured for cars be the reason for war?
Jun 20, 2021

A Single Company in Taiwan Makes 92% of the World’s Most Sophisticated Chips

Taiwan Semiconductor's dominance is a single point of failures for phones, cars, and nearly all sophisticated chips in the global economy.

Video in link

Taiwan Semiconductor's dominance is a single point of failures for phones, cars, and nearly all sophisticated chips in the global economy.

Apple, Qualcomm, and Intel design chips, but when it comes to making them, the World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. TSM’s chips are everywhere, though most consumers don’t know it.

The company makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too. They’re in billions of products with built-in electronics, including iPhones, personal computers and cars—all without any obvious sign they came from TSMC, which does the manufacturing for better-known companies that design them, like Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.

Its technology is so advanced, Capital Economics said, that it now makes around 92% of the world’s most sophisticated chips, which have transistors that are less than one-thousandth the width of a human hair. Samsung Electronics Co. makes the rest. Most of the roughly 1.4 billion smartphone processors world-wide are made by TSMC.

While the U.S. still leads the world in chip design and intellectual property with homegrown giants like Intel Corp. , Nvidia Corp. and Qualcomm, it now accounts for only 12% of the world’s chip manufacturing, down from 37% in 1990, according to Boston Consulting Group.

Other countries would need to spend at least $30 billion a year for a minimum of five years “to have any reasonable chance of success” in catching up with TSMC and Samsung, wrote IC Insights, a research firm, in a recent report.

Dimitris Dotis, the Audi brand specialist at Audi Tysons Corner dealership in Virginia, summed up the situation to customers. “Almost all microchips that go into all new vehicles including Audi come from TSMC in Taiwan,” he wrote. “They expect bottlenecks in the supply chain to last through 2022.”


Wow, sounds like a recipe for disaster. Thank you Lord.

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@Persistent, it is my understanding that WW3's hot war begins in the Middle East - when the sixth angel looses the four angels of the River Euphrates. The tensions over Taiwan and the South China seas might be theatre, but definitely adds to the rising confrontation, until China has had enough. And Russia is also going to reach its breaking point with everything NATO is doing close to its borders. But Armageddon takes place at The Valley of Megiddon is below the mountains of Megiddo - Har-Megiddo or in English - Armageddon - ARMAGEDDON. It is the Greek name for an ancient city in Israel, Megiddo (not far from [Endor] - JAH). In Hebrew, 'Mount Megiddo' is 'Harmegiddo'. To refer back to Rev. 11 again for a moment we are told that the Two Witnesses will be overcome and KILLED. This refers to the very same battle - "The Battle of Armageddon " in the "VALLEY of JEZREEL" in Israel near [Endor].

Computer chips are probably just one variable at play leading to WW3, because Satan and his children need computer chips in building the technocratic surveillance state or the Death Star. Wars and rumours of war.


Part 1 has now been watched in its entirity – the rating remains "EXCELLENT".

It really makes one think about how the CCP uses its soft and hard power to build its dominance.

After reviewing Part 1, I don't have anything to add from the original assessment above. Watching Part 2 tonight :slight_smile:

Did anyone else find nuggets of interest specifically in China Rising Part 1, please? Or have any commentary about what was discussed in it?

China wants World Domination, and will use all means to achieve this. Repression, murder, propaganda, bribes, (PCR tests), (Trade deals, etc.)...

They believe it is their destiny.

(Gog and Magog, Russia and China, as spoken of in the Bible, who overcome and kill the two witnesses.)


Australia is aligned with the US and the UK, and as a true Israelite nation, is in enmity with China.

The deal China made with the British in 1997, to give Hong Kong back to China and to live as a two states peaceably never came to fruition. China crushed Hong Kong.
Xi Jinping may be sipping wine with the deal makers, (pharisees and scribes), but he's literally stabbing them in the back with each blow he deals economically or stealthily with psychological manipulation, starvation, and control methods, many times beyond the sight of those too brainwashed to see beyond the blinders.

When James Patterson, Australian Senator, (a prime example of a politician) spoke out against China he said he felt the repercussions.
Whilst referencing the Espionage and Foreign Intelligence Bill, and the Foreign Interference Transparency Scheme Bill, he said "If you are in a foreign government and you are seeking to influence our political debate, *YOU CAN DO SO BUT, you have to do it transparently, you have to be open about it, you CANT DO IT COVERTLY."
Mr. Patterson said all countries agreed but China.

Why would you even make a deal like this?

Like ones fingers crossed behind the back, making deals and breaking promises.


Many bribes have reached the influence of the political hand in Australia, and with the CCP reaping the benefits, and the Australian business and industries taking the hit financially.

A major export from Australia to China is the iron ore industry.
Wile the economic glove seems to fit the politicians hand, this same material is used to make tanks, missiles, drones, Telecom equipment, etc., and China's 200 million man standing army will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the trade schemes made by these politicians.

Huwei, the Chinese Telecom Company has been accused of espionage, stealing secrets and intelligence, yet it is Government policy in China, as a citizen or business, you are OBLIGATED TO PROVIDE INTELLIGENCE to the Chinese government.
Huweis technology, can wipe out an entire race of people, or 1 lone captive, being tied to 5G, corona virus and IOT... Their track and trace methods are control means beyond measure.

Should this come as a surprise to the Australian politicians.
Its best that Huwei were asked to leave, as they are a threat to the human race let alone national security.

When you do business with the communist party, what should you expect? Communism means without God, therefore all the deals being made with the CCP are done without the blessing of God. Nothing done this way will last. Nor bring anything good to fruition.


23:33 (Ye) serpents, (ye) generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell-fire?

Chinese tarrifs have wiped out billions of dollars of Australian exports, yet the politicians state that trade deals are NOT NECESSARY, just mutually beneficial. Beneficial for who? It certainly is not the Australian people.

With all the influence of the CCP in Australia, when the people start to push back, "odd" things tend to happen. Like those raging fires in Australia last year, or the way Australia is being lead to the slaughter by the beyond extreme covid measures taking place now.

The people of Australia need to STOP COMPLYING with these TYRANTS.
As one man from the Bush put it, we've a squeeze hold on China, (in regards to the production of the iron ore that China so desperately needs), it would be interesting if we did...(SQUEEZE).

The Australians have been subverted from within, as with many other countries. And as stated in the video there will be no where to hide, that same statement was made by Olga Sheehan, when warning about the dangers of 5G, "The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth"...
The earth is literally being turned into a death star.

See Gibraltar's Gamble with 5G on Gibraltar Messenger Gibraltar-Messenger.net

The Dalia Lama was able to overcome and beat the Brits at their own game by declining to deal with the British Imperialism, so he hit them most where it hurt, in the purse strings. This truly was about non compliance, and the ways in which you can overcome and win. This needs to be a Worldwide occurrence, for we are at war, truly a war of good against evil.

History repeats itself, the west really created the murderous ruthless leader Mao Zedong, responsible for over 45 million deaths. As we are just as responsible today, for feeding the insatiable appetite of Xi Jinping, as governments all over the world sell out their citizens, ports, utilities, resources, and anything else imaginable to this red hand communist,
whose genocidal and world domination agendas have reached new heights. Australia is but one of many countries being bought to their knees...

Its time...



After watching China Rising Part 2 last night, this CCP quest for world domination is completely transparent.

My takeaway from Part 2 is –

China (CCP) is preparing for WAR.

They are not building this MILITARY advantage (even covertly with the BRI) for nothing.

Those who can't see the obvious are blinded. Take the real-estate agent featured in the film. Could you see the dollar/pound signs in her eyes. While she said relations with the Chinese benefits all, she probably meant it benefits her financially (her and hers really). Obviously, her celebrity status gets in her way of seeing they have a hidden agenda hiding in these trade agreements. She kind of reminded me of those in Gibraltar who want to believe and convince Gib that BRI agreements are "good", while they lavish in luxury and enjoy their power positions to bring in the Trojan Dragon.

Yes, God will cause Australia to align with the Two Witnesses as the world divides into two camps.

An example of what they are planning with the West. The Chinese have been planning payback with the West for a long time; and they are beating them at the own "trade" games.

Australia should have never allowed this kind of influence - bottom line. Same goes for the all other Israelite nations. Another person interviewed brought up the fact that if an Authoritative Government will not allow you to do the same in their country, as they would want do in yours - then they shouldn't be allowed to do it in yours (paraphrase).

Another important point brought is every Chinese person is beholden to the CCP and must provide intel. This was also a warning in Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative Might NOT BE in the Best Interest of Gibraltar

God's Law states that Israelite Nations should not make convents with foreign nations. And this documentary is testimony on why.

Exodus 23:32 Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.

Deut 31:20 For when I shall have brought them into the land which I sware unto their fathers, that floweth with milk and honey; and they shall have eaten and filled themselves, and waxen fat; then will they turn unto other gods, and serve them, and provoke Me, and break My Covenant.

Just by the way – Not sure if Magog is China, as you mentioned:


Ezekiel 38 (extract)
Thus says the Lord God; behold I AM against you Gog the prince of Rosh (Russia) Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) - the Western and Eastern Capitols of the U.S.S.R. (now called the C.I.S. ): I will turn you back (from seeking peace) and put hooks into your jaws (hunger), and I will bring you forth, with all your armed forces and Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer, Togarmah and ALL the earth with them against My people Israel (Britain and the British Commonwealth; America; Scandinavia; the Netherlands; the Baltic States; Northern France; Northern Spain and the Jews) to the lands of unwalled villages (walls of untempered mortar) without bars or gates (no defences because of defence cuts after the "so-called" peace dividend), when they (the politicians - foolish prophets ) say peace, peace and there was NO peace .

And here's this reference in The Bible Code:

The last Book of the New Testament predicts a final war of unprecedented fury: 'Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations in the four quarters of the Earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle.'

No one knows where the ancient 'Gog and Magog' were located (please speak for yourself Mr. Drosnin. They are Mesech [Moscow] and Tubal [Tobolsk] - JAH) . But the original prophecy of the final Battle, told in Ezekiel, is that Israel will be invaded from the North. The only modern enemy north of Israel is Syria (and then Russia - Revelation)*.

Thanks for your input @Be1.



You're welcome, and thank you as well.

There is a parade every year in London where the lord Mayors march Gog and Magog puppets up and down the streets, as if the banksters are hailing them, whilst brazenly throwing in your face, their communistic gods.

Google Photos

They sit high above the people in Guildhall, the ancient seat of power for the corporation of the City of London.

Some say instead of a human sacrafice these giants represent a symbolic effigy or a substitute if you will, for life.

The giants brute strength and force are aligned with defending the City of London, which excels all others, like the giants excel the commonality of all mankind.

Gog and Magog in this pagan ritual are viewed as guardians of the city, and defenders at all costs.

Whatever theory, story or satanic manmade traditions they are following, the fact remains that...


Ezekiel 38 (extract)

..."Gog the prince of Rosh (Russia) Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) - the Western and Eastern Capitols of the U.S.S.R"...

Gog is Russia

and it points to China as Magog

Sura 21:96

21:96. Until the Gog and Magog (people)(Ezekiel 38 and 39; Revelation 20:8) are let through (their barrier - Iron Curtain), and they swiftly swarm from every hill.
21:97. Then will the True promise draw nigh (of fulfillment): then behold! The eyes of the Unbelievers will fixedly stare in horror: "Ah! Woe to us! We were indeed heedless of this; nay, we truly did wrong!"
21:98. Verily ye, (Unbelievers), and the (false) gods that ye worship besides "I AM", are (nothing but) fuel for Hell-Fire! To it will ye (surely) come!

In Revelation, the size of the army is in line with the Chinese (Magog)

9:16 And the number of the army of the horsemen [were] two hundred thousand thousand: and I HEARD the number of them.

Also the Chinese dragon, and the kings of the eastern block revealed in:

16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the "water" thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block) might be prepared.
16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

In Genesis we are told, Magog was the son of Japeth, Noah's son. The Chinese (Han) and all minority groups living in China are of the Mongoloid race which stems from Noah's son Japeth.


9:27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

(Is 9:27 in reference to China "overtaking" the true Semite territories, all nations that are the true Israelites?)

In China the Han make up 90% of the 1.3 billion people living there.

The Scythians are decedents of Magog, and lived in the regions stretching from Russia China and Mongolia.

The people who most prominently settled this land are typically identified as Mongolic and Turkic. The name Mongol is even derived from the name Magog .

Isaiah 23:1 has a prophecy about “the land of Chittim.”

23:1 The burden of Tyre. Howl, ye ships of Tarshish; for it is laid waste, so that there is no house, no entering in: from the land of Chittim it is revealed to them.

In Genesis 10:4 lists the sons of Japheth’s fourth-born son: The sons of Javan were Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim

They migrated to the Mediterranean then east to Asia, and their territory stretched from Korea to Kazakhstan, including Beijing, the seat of government in China today.

Because the Khitan controlled the overland trade and communication route from China through Central Asia to Europe, China was called Cathay, after the Khitans. The designation first applied to north China, but later designated all of China. It is a name the Russians still use for China today.

Isaiah 23:1-3 reveal that Chittim, modern-day China, will form a part of a global economic market along with Europe, one that is prophesied to shut out the nations of Israel. It should be no surprise that China will be an integral part of this economic partnership with Europe, as it is now the world’s greatest exporter. These two trading blocs are consolidating domination over the global economy!

The history of the Khitan demonstrates what has happened to many of the Mongolic tribes that once roamed the western portions of what the Bible calls Magog.



@be1 -

What an excellent reply, with scriptural references!

The large army can also mean Russia, China, Iran (Persia), Ethiopia and Libya combined.

In the old maps the horn of Africa (northern section) was considered "Africa"; and we know China is well established in these countries.

In the documentary, the visual of just how large the Chinese military is should put The West on edge, especially because the kings of The East are gathering. The West is too arrogant with its technology, but that can easily be taken away. Are they prepared?

It was very attention-getting when Russia and China started training militarily, which was 16 years ago in August 2005.

Then, NATO has been surrounding Russia and wouldn't do so without a reason, perceiving them as a threat.

Also another scripture of interest -

Sura 18:94. They said: "O Tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh - English and Americans)! The Gog and Magog (People)(Ezekiel 38 and 39; Revelation 20:8) do great mischief on Earth: shall we then render thee tribute in order that thou might erect a barrier between us and them?
18:96. Bring me blocks of iron." At length, when he had filled up the space between the two steep mountain-sides (with the "Iron Curtain"), he said, "Blow (with your bellows)", then, when he had made it (red) as fire, he said: "Bring me, that I may pour over it, molten lead (to shield against nuclear radiation)."

And, then Asia is referred to as the daughter of Babylon in 2 Edras - The King of kings' Bible, also featured in the Signs of the End Times.

2 Edras
5:46. And thou, Asia, that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person:
15:47. Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her; and hast decked thy daughters in whoredom, that they might please and glory in thy lovers, which have always desired to commit whoredom with thee.
15:48. Thou hast followed her (Babylon) that is hated in all her works and inventions: therefore saith God,


One of the things discussed in the documentary was China's Debt Trap Diplomacy (BRI).

Here is a current example of how things can go wrong -

Uganda loses its only international airport to China for failing to repay loan: Reports

Uganda has lost its only international airport, the Entebbe International Airport, to China for failing to repay a loan, African media reported.

The government has failed to reverse a loan agreement with China which had repayment conditions for attaching its only airport.

In 2015, China’s Export-Import (EXIM) Bank lent Uganda $207 million at two per cent upon disbursement. The loan, meant for the expansion of Entebbe airport, came with a maturity period of 20 years including a seven-year grace period, News X reported.

However, as per international media reports, the Ugandan government waived off the clause for international immunity for securing the loan, following which the Chinese lender can retake possession of Entebbe International Airport without any international arbitration.

A statement from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) reportedly suggested that some provisions in the Financing Agreement with China exposed Entebbe International Airport and other Ugandan assets to be attached and taken over by Chinese lenders upon arbitration in Beijing.

Last week, Ugandan Finance Minister Matia Kasaija had apologised to Parliament for “mishandling” the multi-million dollar loan.

Debt-Trap Diplomacy was discussed in Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Might NOT BE in the Best Interest of Gibraltar
which included airports, ports and more.


Thank you @DOTS ... It was a collaborative effort, with your thought provoking posts.


@Cheeky-Monkey , Thank-you for this informative information. This prompted some refreshing of memory from the WW3 link you have provided. Scripture proves WW3 will start as you have described and God, the source of all truth, never lies, (Hebrews 6:18, 23:19, Titus1:2), and is always just and fair as stated in His Holy Word.

Agreed. Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My Righteousness.

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The project is often described as a 21st century silk road, made up of a “belt” of overland corridors and a maritime “road” of shipping lanes. China is carrying out or planning construction projects in more than 60 countries along these routes.

Cities are supported by

Ford Foundation

Beijing’s multibillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been called a Chinese Marshall Plan, a state-backed campaign for global dominance, a stimulus package for a slowing economy, and a massive marketing campaign for something that was already happening – Chinese investment around the world.

Over the five years since President Xi Jinping announced his grand plan to connect Asia, Africa and Europe, the initiative has morphed into a broad catchphrase to describe almost all aspects of Chinese engagement abroad.

Belt and Road, or yi dai yi lu, is a “21st century silk road,” confusingly made up of a “belt” of overland corridors and a maritime “road” of shipping lanes.

From South-east Asia to Eastern Europe and Africa, Belt and Road includes 71 countries that account for half the world’s population and a quarter of global GDP.

Everything from a Trump-affiliated theme park in Indonesia to a jazz camp in Chongqing have been branded Belt and Road. Countries from Panama to Madagascar, South Africa to New Zealand, have officially pledged support.

How much money is being spent?

The Belt and Road Initiative is expected to cost more than $1tn (£760bn), although there are differing estimates as to how much money has been spent to date. According to one analysis, China has invested more than $210bn, the majority in Asia.

But China’s efforts abroad don’t stop there. Belt and Road also means that Chinese firms are engaging in construction work across the globe on an unparalleled scale.

China’s Interest on The Rock (Albert Isola & Joe Bossano pull the trojan dragon through the gates)

Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative Might NOT BE in the Best Interest of Gibraltar


Well, this is interesting news concerning China's claim to the South China Seas...

By Tom Allard, Kate Lamb and Agustinus Beo Da Costa

China told Indonesia to stop drilling for oil and natural gas in maritime territory that both countries regard as their own during a months-long standoff in the South China Sea earlier this year, four people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The unprecedented demand, which has not previously been reported, elevated tensions over natural resources between the two countries in a volatile area of global strategic and economic importance.

One letter from Chinese diplomats to Indonesia’s foreign ministry clearly told Indonesia to halt drilling at a temporary offshore rig because it was taking place in Chinese territory, according to Muhammad Farhan, an Indonesian lawmaker on parliament’s national security committee, which was briefed on the letter.

“Our reply was very firm, that we are not going to stop the drilling because it is our sovereign right,” Farhan told Reuters.

A spokesman for Indonesia’s foreign ministry said: “Any diplomatic communication between states is private in nature and its content cannot be shared.” He declined further comment.

China’s embassy in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta did not respond to a request for comment.

Three other people, who said they were briefed on the matter, confirmed the existence of the letter. Two of those people said China made repeated demands that Indonesia stop drilling.

“It (the letter) was a bit threatening because it was the first effort of China’s diplomats to push their nine-dash line agenda against our rights under the Law of the Sea,” Farhan told Reuters.

China is Indonesia’s biggest trade partner and second-largest source of investment, making it a key part of Indonesia’s ambition to become a top-tier economy. Indonesian leaders kept quiet about the matter in order to avoid conflict or a diplomatic spat with China, Farhan and two of the other people who spoke to Reuters said.

Read the rest of the article on One America News – Exclusive-China protested Indonesian drilling, military exercises | One America News Network

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China accuses MI6 chief of pushing ‘fake news’

In a statement on Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy in the UK dismissed allegations levied against Beijing that China actively seeks to snare poorer nations in “debt traps” and steals valuable strategic data from these countries.

The embassy claimed that Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) chief Richard Moore, who made the comments, was guilty of “peddling fake news and false intelligence” about China.

In a statement attributed to a spokesperson, the embassy wrote: “The truth is there is not a single country that has fallen into the so-called ‘debt trap’ as a result of borrowing from China.”

They added that China does not seek to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, “nor does it impose its own will on others or seek any political benefits.”

The embassy urged Britain to correct its mistakes and “cease its unfounded attacks against China.”

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Written by Muyi Xiao and Paul Mozur

When Jennifer Chen travelled back to her hometown in central China last winter for Lunar New Year, she thought little about Twitter. She had around 100 followers on an account she believed to be anonymous.

While living in China, she retweeted news and videos, and occasionally made comments censored on Chinese platforms, like voicing her support for Hong Kong’s protesters and her solidarity with minorities who have been interned.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough for the authorities to go after her. The police knocked on her parents’ door when she was visiting. She said they had summoned her to the station, questioned her and then commanded her to delete her Twitter posts and account. They continued to track her when she went overseas to study, calling her and her mother to ask if Chen had recently visited any human rights websites.

For Chinese security forces, the effort is a daring expansion of a remit that previously focused on Chinese platforms and the best-known overseas dissidents. Now, violations as simple as a post of a critical article on Twitter — or in the case of 23-year-old Chen, quoting, “I stand with Hong Kong” — can bring swift repercussions...

The Chinese government, which has built an extensive digital infrastructure and security apparatus to control dissent on its own platforms, is going to even greater lengths to extend its internet dragnet to unmask and silence those who criticise the country on Twitter, Facebook and other international social media.

These new investigations, targeting sites blocked inside China, are relying on sophisticated technological methods to expand the reach of Chinese authorities and the list of targets, according to a New York Times examination of government procurement documents and legal records, as well as interviews with one government contractor and six people pressured by the police.

To hunt people, security forces use advanced investigation software, public records and databases to find all their personal information and international social media presence. The operations sometimes target those living beyond China’s borders. Police officers are pursuing dissidents and minor critics like Chen, as well as Chinese people living overseas and even citizens of other nations.


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China strategically developed contingency plans years ago to withstand economic sanctions, WWIII

Saturday, March 26, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
Image: China strategically developed contingency plans years ago to withstand economic sanctions, WWIII

(Natural News) One country that has not been caught with its pants down amid the current inflationary and food shortage crisis is China, which in the first half of the current crop year alone has accumulated about 69 percent of the world’s corn reserves, 60 percent of rice reserves, and 51 percent of wheat reserves.

China has been preparing for years, it turns out, for a collapse of the global economy. While the United States was selling out its industries to the highest bidder and shutting off domestic energy production in favor of “green” alternatives, China has been stockpiling just about everything.

When the full brunt of the storm finally hits, China is positioned to do well for itself. A government official there estimates that the country’s wheat stocks are now high enough to meet demand for a full 18 months before China would need to look elsewhere for more supply.

This was a smart move, seeing as how wheat and other crops are no longer flowing from fertile Eastern Europe to countries like Egypt that rely on these imports for subsistence.

Even though China’s current winter wheat crop could be the “worst in history,” according to the country’s agriculture minister, China will likely do just fine because it has been preparing for years to withstand this type of economic turmoil.

“This is all bad news for consumers in the rest of the world,” says Michael Carr, the editor of True Options Masters, One Trade, Peak Velocity Trader and Precision Profits.

“Wheat prices have surged to 14-year highs after rising more than 50% in the past month. Wheat was already trending higher when the war started, and the current situation dampens supply even more … China could determine how high prices go.”

Will Russia and China emerge from all this as a new allied world superpower?

Whatever China decides to do next will directly impact global grain prices, warned The New York Times in a recent piece.

China does still import large amounts of corn, barley, and sorghum for animal feed, and should it decide to buy those things from Russia instead of other countries, the shockwave that ensues will ripple around the world.

“In such a situation, the impact of sanctions on global grain markets would be relatively small,” the Times reported, citing analysts familiar with the situation.

“China began approving imports of Russian wheat that had long been blocked because of Beijing’s concerns over fungus and other contaminants.”

It is almost as if China and Russia could together sustain themselves regardless of what the United States and NATO try to do to sanction them amid the Ukraine crisis.

Russia seems to know this, hence its recent move to disconnect from the global internet. If China follows suit and joins Russia in defending itself against the NATO assault, then a new superpower could emerge.

“This is bad news for the rest of the world because an alliance between China and Russia could have significant impacts on global security issues,” Carr says.

At Natural News, someone wrote that the conflict in Ukraine would not have even lasted a week if the U.S., its “vassal NATO states and the presstitutes in the media would stop their psychotic, hegemonic meddling.”

“Keep flailing and prolonging the inevitable and go hungry in the process … brilliant,” this person added.

Another pointed out that it is never a good idea for any nation to rely on foreign-owned farms to supply the majority of its food.

“Never depend on foreign countries to supply our medicines, rare minerals, food, computers, tech support, etc. Anything vital to keeping our Republic safe, Americans healthy, etc. cannot be contracted out to foreign countries.”