Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

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The title to the above link is "Study Proves Coronavirus Clusters Follow 5G Roll-outs Around the Globe" and it is very informative and highlights a very interesting pattern.

Here is a recent article about 5G's connection with CV –

5G Induces Coronaviruses: New Study Models Millimeter Wave Influence on DNA:

5G technology can instigate the body to produce viruses as a cellular response.

The 5G millimeter waves (so-called because they operate in extremely high frequencies where there is less than a millimeter between the wave peaks) can make the body produce not just any class of viruses but actually coronaviruses!

Why are we worried about supposedly contagious surfaces when battlefield technology is being rolled out worldwide that can penetrate and manipulate our very DNA?

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