Is China Turning Africa Into A Military Base?

China has tried to sell the world on the idea that it is a peaceful superpower with only benign intentions, helping developing countries build up their infrastructure with China financing, while at the same time sharing the industriousness and technical expertise of the Chinese people. But when China starts building military bases in other countries it gets hard to keep up that image. China has one military base in Africa already, and according to US intelligence, is trying to build another one on the other side of the continent on the Atlantic Coast.

China Vying To Set Up Military Base On Africa's Atlantic Coast Reveals US Intel:

The China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) intends to establish its first-ever permanent military base underground the Atlantic Ocean in the Central African country of Equatorial Guinea, classified American intelligence reports have found. China's overseas military base in the African nation, if granted permission, will be second to a $590 million facility in Djibouti that gives the Chinese people’s Liberation Army strategic access in the Gulf of Aden and Suez Canal.

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Why is the State of Israel privatizing its Haifa Port, one that is used by the US? And one they have already allow the CCP trojan horse in?**

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Why China's reported military plans in Equatorial Guinea worry the US

“It should be clear that China didn’t just wake up in 2021 and start investing in West Africa. Just in Equatorial Guinea alone, China started investing in the Bata Port Rehabilitation and Expansion Project, in 2006,” says Koskinas.

First, Equatorial Guinea is located in Africa's Atlantic coast, a region where the US military has long had a firm hold and does not want to see an adversary like China to gain a strategic base there, compromising US domination.

“My sense is that there’s more to it than just the military base. This is likely a concern of what China does with a military footprint in West Africa,” Koskinas tells TRT World.

As a result, China’s two choices for military bases in Africa appear to signal that the Asian giant wants military access to both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, aiming to increase political competition with the US. Beijing and Washington have already experienced increasing tensions across the Pacific on which both countries have extensive coasts.

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And why wouldn't Equatorial Guinea side with China? - "China appears to be one of Equatorial Guinea's closest allies. After Finer's visit in October, Obiang reportedly spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Following that conversation, China published the statement, "Equatorial Guinea has always regarded China as its most important strategic partner." China also reportedly helps train security forces in Equatorial Guinea. Obiang is a dictator who has held control of Equatorial Guinea for more than 40 years. He has often been accused of human rights abuses and siphoning resources from the oil-rich nation to enrich his own family." – 'Setting off alarm bells': China seeks to establish military base off Atlantic coast of Africa; top general calls it the 'most significant' threat to US - TheBlaze

Also of interest is how China is involved in strargically connecting Africa by land – China Says It Built a Railway in Africa Out of Altruism, But It's More Strategic Than That. Do we really think this is just about trade?

Are they taking a military tactic out of the Roman Empire? The Roman Empire built roads all over the world. And sure, goods to could more easily taken back to Rome; but these roads were built by the military for the military. The purpose of these roads was to allow Rome's military to travel throughout the empire with ease and to get to places quickly. Roads were also a very visible indicator of the power of Rome, even in Briton.

God is allowing the kings of The East to out maneuver The West, because He plans to use them to punish the Two Witnesses for all the evil they have done.

Just one example of their evil (as highlighted by the article) - "Most of Equatorial Guinea’s oil reserves were discovered and have been extracted by American oil companies, making both the country’s ruling family, the Nguemas, and US firms rich while less than half of the country’s population does not have access to clean drinking water, according to the Human Development Index."

Also of note:

Linking Madrid with Beijing is part of the Belt and Road Project: