Beijing’s War Plan: An Interview with Lude Media

I have interviewed Mr. D. Wang and associates, of Lude Media, whose organization acquired a 56-minute recording of a military-civil meeting in Guangdong province tasked with preparing China for war. According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is financing Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, he says, Russia’s best forces are not being used in Ukraine. They have been deployed in the Far East, prepared for action against America.

According to Lude media sources, China will try to use nuclear blackmail and unrestricted warfare to collapse the United States while forcing Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under Chinese control. Failing this, China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united – not in the same ocean – but by attacking the same continent, North America. The Russians will attack through the Arctic, the Chinese through the Pacific.

According to Mr. Wang, the lockdowns in China have been used to hide the deployment of mobile ICBMs and other weapons. Streets have been cleared and highways closed for this purpose. To avoid satellite detection, missile convoys have been disguised as medical or COVID convoys. Lude Media has reported that Russia and China have an agreement to invade and occupy North America, dividing the territory between them.

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Maria Zeee is joined by CCP & Former Soviet Union researcher and expert Jeff Nyquist to discuss his analysis of the recent PLA leaked audio which discusses the CCP’s preparation for war times.
Jeff, Dr. Li-Meng Yan and others believe the CCP could be planning an invasion of the United States by as early as the mid-terms in November, and Jeff discusses the great danger Australia is in.

Video at the link. 27:48 min.

Jeff Nyquist – China Plan to Invade US by Mid-Terms in November & Australia at Risk


President Xi Jinping of China signed an order on the right to conduct a "special military operation" without declaring war. It seems clear, he has Taiwan in mind.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently signed an order to promulgate a set of trial outlines on military operations other than war, which will take effect on Wednesday.

The outlines will standardize, and provide the legal basis for Chinese troops to carry out, missions like disaster relief, humanitarian aid, escort, peacekeeping, and safeguarding China’s national sovereignty, security and development interests, experts said.

15 June 2022

" China could be taking a leaf out of Russia's playbook by trialling a new directive which would expand the use of its burgeoning military for 'non-war' purposes.

The directive, signed by President Xi Jinping, raises concerns Beijing could be paving the way for an invasion of Taiwan under the misnomer of a 'special military operation'.

Coming in into effect on Wednesday, the directive could provide Beijing with the cover it needs to launch an assault on Taipei without the legal complications or international condemnation that comes with declaring war. "

Is China gearing up for Putin-style Special Operation?

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This is a link to the leaked audio.

Don’t believe a word of it. Not leaked, just psychological propaganda - Chinese whispers.

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Lude media CCP voicepiece - Don’t believe the hype.

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Whistleblower claims China planned invasion of Taiwan this fall: Report