How Banksters Rule The World – A DIGITAL EURO

PSOE, which holds the presidency of the country and is the leading force in the Chamber of Deputies, presented a non-law proposition (PNL) which looks to launch a national digital currency in response to decreased usage of physical cash, according to the Spanish newspaper El Economista.

PSOE promoted this measure after the European Central Bank (ECB) announced its intentions to create a digital euro, the report added.

Last week, the European Union designated the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission, Spain’s stock market regulator known as CNMV, to oversee crypto assets in the country.

Carlos Conesa, general director of the financial innovation division at the Spanish Central Bank (Banco de España), said this month that “the decision to launch a project on the digital euro is very close,” the report added.

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Europe takes another step toward introducing digital euro

The European Central Bank said Wednesday it is launching a two-year investigation on whether to introduce a digital version of the euro that would complement cash, taking a cautious step toward introduction as central bankers around the world eye digital currencies and their potential impact on policy and the financial system.

It would be a digital banknote. It could be used by individuals to pay in shops, or each other. The Bank for International Settlements, an international association of central banks, says digital currencies issued by central banks could promote diversity in payment options, make cross-border payments faster and cheaper, increase financial inclusion for people without bank accounts, and possibly facilitate fiscal stimulus transfers in times of economic crisis, such as a pandemic.

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