Why China Wants Its Navy to Patrol the Atlantic Ocean - Joe Bossano's Chinese Trojan Dragon

China Wants Its Navy to Patrol the Atlantic Ocean - and that's why Joe Bossano's Chinese Trojan Dragon is interested in Gibraltar.

Is the CCP lending hundreds of millions of pounds to the GOG, via front companies, knowing that it cannot be repaid, in order to then take over the port and airport, for their warships and planes, when the GOG defaults on the loans?

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That's Weird: Could China Be Getting an Atlantic Fleet?

Here's What You Need to Remember: While maritime economic resources and trade are cited as the first reason why Beijing should lean forward in the Atlantic, there is disturbing evidence in this article that strategic questions are assessed in Beijing to be ever more acute.

In yet another sign that a New Cold War is in the offing, more evidence is emerging that Beijing will indeed seek a global military footprint and will not be content to be a mere regional leader.

Underlining the importance of maritime strategy in determining the historical evolution of Europe, the piece offers the example of the Strait of Gibraltar as a key source of Britain’s might.

Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative Might NOT BE in the Best Interest