Vaxxed Documentaries: The Truth about ALL Vaccines


It is the sequel to "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe".

If you read or watch nothing else in this post, watch Vaxxed 2 – linked above on Brighteon.


Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (

In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement, when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of Autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

[Del Bigtree is an American television and film producer and the CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, which produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe]

Official site:


Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe on

Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth

Synopsis: (from

In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when the Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored and cancelled its documentary selection, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE, amid enormous pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests. The film's subject, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control, had done the unthinkable, as far as Big Pharma was concerned: He had admitted that the results of a pivotal vaccine safety study conducted by the CDC were fraudulent. That revelation had catapulted VAXXED from obscurity to notoriety—as well as made it a huge target of censorship. In no time, the film became a worldwide trending topic and sold out in every theater around the U.S.—and eventually in other countries—where it was shown.

Stunned by the enormous number of parents lining up outside the theaters with vaccine-injury stories to share, VAXXED producer Polly Tommey began to live-stream their voices. Each story reached millions of watchers worldwide. A beleaguered community that had once been silenced was finally empowered to rise up and tell their experiences with vaccines.

One outcome of VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE and the live-streamed injury accounts that followed in its wake was a second film, produced in 2019 and titled VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH. This follow-up documentary covers scenes from the more than 50,000 miles that Polly and the VAXXED team traveled in the U.S. and around the world. The thousands of heart-rending interviews they conducted with parents, and doctors who have nothing to gain and everything to lose, have exposed the alarming extent of the world-wide vaccine injury epidemic.

We will have accomplished our mission when these two films' messages reach every single parent and guardian of young children on this planet and cause them to ask themselves: "Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we've been told?"

Official site:


Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth on

If you CARE about your children, and you watch nothing else, you MUST watch VAXXED 2. After watching it, if you are not a psychopath, you should be absolutely OUTRAGED at the pharmaceutical industry, and understand WHY God COMMANDED you, in His Law, to EXECUTE everyone involved in pharmacy, including politicians who legislate mandatory vaccinations, in order to protect yourselves from them.

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch/pharmacist to live.

Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch/pharmacist,
18:11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer (medium).
18:12 For all that do these things [are] an abomination unto the "I AM": and because of these abominations the "I AM" thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
18:13 Thou shalt be perfect with the "I AM" thy God.

Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, PHARMACY, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit The Kingdom of God.

Exposing medical crime as WITCHCRAFT: Vaccines are medical SORCERY


There are a number of websites devoted to educating the public on vaccines.

People should really study the facts, instead of blindly swallowing everything that BigPharma hands out.


Vaccine Impact is a part of the Health Impact News network. It is a sub-topic in their “Medicine Watch” category.

It features current and relevant articles.

  1. – Scientific articles exposing vaccine myths and pharma foibles

It is associated with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, where her blog is linked with articles she writes.

Vaxxter offers well-structured and highly referenced articles of interest on vaccines and pharmaceutical products. It is also well-designed and easy to navigate.

Vaxxter is a site that promotes alternative health news.

The website is essentially a database, but features current and relative articles given today’s scamdemic.

It also features a search-tool (located within the far-right column toward the bottom of the page).


VacTruth is another website that is easy to navigate with well-written articles categorized into six main areas:

Injuries and Death
Legislation and Policy
Diseases and Outbreaks
Influence and Psychology


Vaccines.News is a fact-based public education website published by Vaccines News Features, LLC.

This website provides current and relative articles on the dangers of vaccines.

Natural News, and other alternative websites, draw from the pool of articles on Vaccine News.

It also features a search tool.

  1. (TTAV)

Topics include vaccines safety, current news, medical tyranny, and videos. It is run by Ty & Charlene Bollinger who are Christians, parents to 4 beautiful children, health freedom advocates, health researchers, documentary film producers, and best-selling authors.

While they feature articles on their site, they focus a good deal of their time on educational videos, which include docu-series, featuring today’s leading experts.

An example of a short 3-part series is “Be Brave” with Del Bigtree.

An example of a long version is their current 10-part series, which is a comprehensive look at vaccine truth: Discover the never-before-revealed FACTS about vaccine safety in the ground-breaking docu-series “The Truth About Vaccines 2020”.

Please see the trailer – which encourages people to be willing to look at all the information.

About the website: About | The Truth About Vaccines


Vaxxed 1 has been featured twice on this forum:

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from the UK reveal 30 years of Cover-up

Vaccines Revealed Video – 50% of Americans will refuse to take the Covid19 vaccine


Looks like Gibraltar is Paying Attention –

The majority of Gibraltarian parents have turned down the flu vaccine.

This news didn’t sit well with Chief Minister Fabian Picardo – who decided to do what he does best – ridicule others.

Never-mind that he could actually learn something from the majority of parents, who are no longer ignorant about vaccine injury.

Picardo is not a medical doctor, scientist, or researcher of scientific literature, but this didn’t stop him chiming in with his opinion and coercion tactics:

GBC tweet on Picardo and vaccines

He actually is the one who needs to do a little soul-searching and ask himself if his pro-vax stance is based on deception – where BigPharma companies pay for their versions of science.

In September, Gibraltar announced its launch of a massive flu-vaccine campaign:

The government and health authorities were dismayed to find that the majority of parents don’t want the vaccine. There is a reason for that. The search of a covid-vaccine has shed light on all the others, especially the flu vaccine.

“The annual flu vaccine is, by far, the most dangerous vaccine in the world, causing more injuries and deaths than all other vaccines put together."

"This is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact based on the sheer volume of settlements that the U.S. Government makes every year in the Vaccine Court for injuries and deaths due to the flu shot.”

People have also become aware that there is a possible connection with the flu vaccine and the chances of getting Covid19:

They are being cautious for good reason – Science is being manipulated by government officials and their bought-and-paid for advisors.

We understand the difference between a [casedemic] and pandemic. We understand flawed PCR tests are being used to lockdown society and cripple the economies. We understand governments are using so-called science to further totalitarian-rule. Almost everyday, we are told of new restrictions and warned to comply or else – based on junk science (see other posts on Defending-Gibraltar).

And because we can see through the deception, no one is lining up to get jabbed. Why? We are taking into account all the science.

Science vs. CDC: Is the Flu Vaccine More Dangerous than the Flu?

“The science indicates significant risks and low efficacy, both in the U.S. and internationally.”

BigPharm bombard consumers with marketing tactics to “get your flu shot now;” and the health authorities advise the industry to hike demand through the use of scare-mongering messaging, using spokespeople like Picardo and other high-profile individuals to disseminate the, messaging, including “we do it, you should too”.

Gov gets flu jab

“Although all vaccines have the potential to cause serious harm to both children and adults, influenza vaccines—which contain neurotoxic and carcinogenic ingredients such as thimerosal, aluminum and formaldehyde as well as bacterial endotoxin—lead the pack in U.S. reports of serious vaccine injuries.”

The public should make health decisions based on sound science, not scare tactics. Studies have linked Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) to flu vaccines for many years.

Flu Vaccine Now Most Dangerous Vaccine, According To Documents

“If vaccine court settlements are any indication of the reality of the dangers of vaccines, then good old flu shots are the most dangerous of them all.”

We know there are good reasons not to get the jab:

“This flies in the face of the narrative the corrupt Western medicine advocates push on the general masses via the FDA, CDC, paid-for-scientists and of course “state officials,” who all claim that all vaccines are all safe and effective 100 percent of the time. Take a look and you will find there is plenty of missing science.”

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated … Who is Healthier?

The news of deaths surrounding the vaccines in South Korea have made world-wide headlines.

And we are skeptical of BigMedia fake news and narratives, where they claim the deaths are unrelated (when it's most likely they are scared of the truth getting out):

Vaccines have serious issues.

They are also a witch’s concoction.

Look at their history:

UK Government Decides Against Giving Children The Flu Vaccine

(2010) Reports say that 39 people have died from flu since October, four of these were under the age of five. Hugh Fudenberg MD, world’s leading immunologist, had this to say about the flu vaccine – the flu vaccine contained many toxic chemicals, so they instead of boosting immune system, make it weak, thus increasing the chances of getting affected with flu.

They are full of harmful ingredients.

And unknown ingredients – Hong Kong Flu Vaccines Found To Have ‘White Particles’ Inside Them

We aren’t taking bought-off politicians words for it anymore.

Flu shots may be the worse thing for the most vunerable:

And concerning the covid19 vaccines in development - It is against the Nuremburg Code to experiment on people:

We want to be cautious; and we want you to seriously look at all the evidence.

If you’re pro-vax, please spare the time to properly educate yourself:

If you want to survive, think about this as a life or death situation:

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

If Picardo and others want to get jabbed, that's their free-will choice.

picardo jabbed

They shouldn't coerce others into doing it – emotionally or politically through legislation. Parents who opted out of the vaccines aren't stupid, they are most-likely informed.


Scientists Proved Viruses Are Not Contagious in 1918
As documented by Arthur Firstenberg, a researcher, consultant and lecturer on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation with 40 years of experience, the only experiments attempting to prove viruses are contagious were carried out in the 1918 flu pandemic and these experiments failed 100% of the time.

The details can be found in The State of Science, Microbiology and Vaccines Circa 1918 by John M Eyler PhD:

Moreover, the results of the experiments proved beyond doubt that viruses are so NOT contagious that they cannot be transferred from one human body to another, even if blood, snot from a flu-ridden nose and thick phlegm from the sufferer’s throat are consumed by the recipient in large amounts.

The experiments also showed that vaccines do nothing good whatsoever.


This medical strangle hold did not just happen with the passing of time; it was a planned conspiracy against the American people, with an "eye" to the financial gains of the doctors. A sample of this strategy may be seen in the following speech of Dr. W. A. Evans, one of the top medical "bosses," and Health Commissioner for the city of Chicago, who gave these instructions to the doctors in their annual convention of the American Medical Association in 1911:

"The thing for the medical profession to do, is to get right into, and man every important health movement; man health departments, tuberculosis societies, housing societies, child care and infant societies, etc. The future of the profession depends on it. . . The profession cannot afford to have these places occupied by other than medical men."

This pronouncement was published in the journal of the A. M. A., September 16, 1911. Just how whole-heartedly this decree was carried out is clearly shown by how completely all the non-medical schools of healing such as chiropractic, naturopathic, religious science, hygienics, etc., have been excluded from such tax supported institutions as health boards, public hospitals, army camps, state prisons, workman’s compensation bureaus, asylums, etc.


This is an extremely important letter, relating to vaccines


Beware of Trojan Dragons bearing gifts:

Although China has a history of producing dangerous vaccines, Xi Jinping announced during a speech to the World Health Assembly in May 2020 that China would partner with the United Nations to control future pandemic responses.

Xi Jinping announced a Chinese Communist Party healthcare giveaway, “COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good. This will be China’s contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries."

The CCP doesn't take too kindly to those who protest against vaccines and expose the dangers:

According to Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD), a Chinese protester’s daughter, “became paralyzed and was diagnosed with a neurological disease after receiving vaccinations for hepatitis A, measles, and other illnesses.”

Testing ultimately determined that defective vaccines were responsible for her daughter’s disability.

The issue of fake or otherwise defective vaccines reportedly affecting hundreds of thousands of doses on the Chinese market forced Chinese dictator Xi Jinping to order an investigation in resulting in the arrests of many high-profile biotechnology executives.

Following the arrests, an investigation into Chengsheng’s sale of defective vaccines revealed the company sold roughly half a million faulty doses alone, with similar sales by other companies bringing the total figure in China to over 1 million.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has struggled to address the scandal and public opinion has remained decisively negative.

Note the vaccines aren't exactly free everywhere: China offers $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for access to its Covid-19 vaccine

Vaccines are big business; and there are profits to be made. Governments and health authorities continue to hide the dangers because they have been captured by BigPharma.


The ONLY thing we need a vaccine for:


The Deadliest ONE yet!



"This vaccine will change you forever", says Carrie Medej. These companies are outright lying to us when they say this vaccine can not effect our DNA. Because by all definitions this can effect our DNA. I looked at the pros and cons and it frightens me", says Dr. Medej.

When in the world has anyone ran out and had a test when there are NO symptoms.

"This vaccine is a dangerous gene therapy that should not be given to the elderly." according to Cahill

This is commonsense immunology, we need to fight bacteria to make our immune systems strong and healthy.

We have to confront the LIES, because the lies are being presented as the truth, and when the lie becomes the truth there is no moving backwards.

The tendency is towards a police state with a so-called vaccine that will serve as a digital passport. There are many different dimensions to this crises. Let's organized let's confront the fraudulent politicians and financiers who are bought behind this project designed to bring in the NWO.

All of this due to a fake virus with a 99% survival rate and even the CDC has admitted there is NO covid-19 virus but people are full of irrational fear that fuels their own demise.

It's total ignorance to use the PCR test.

People need to wake up immediately.

Please see this short 10 minute video


Vaccines are deadly.


For anyone paying attention, it’s abundantly obvious now that the entire covid “plandemic” scam is a global depopulation scheme to scare people into taking spike protein bioweapons shots (“vaccines”) that will kill them over time. What the globalists didn’t anticipate, however, is the rapid awakening to the truth that’s now spreading like wildfire across the landscape of medicine and science. With more doctors, PhDs, nurses and health care workers waking up and blowing the whistle every day, the globalists are in a panic to hurry up and kill the masses before the “normies” catch on to the vaccine depopulation scam.

Hence the mad rush into a so-called “booster” shot which of course contains yet more spike protein bioweapons to accelerate mass death across the planet.

The globalists are so desperate to scare people into taking booster shots that they’re now openly admitting the existing covid vaccines are failing and simply don’t provide lasting protection at all.

In a truly astonishing admission of all this, the New York Times ran an article yesterday entitled, “Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections.”

The article openly admits that covid vaccines given to 2.5 billion people around the world no longer work very well, and that the people who took those vaccines are now the ones getting sick and dying. From the story:

One of the most vaccinated societies, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, raising questions about the vaccine’s efficacy.

A fourth wave of infections is rapidly approaching the levels of Israel’s worst days of the pandemic last winter. The daily rate of confirmed new virus cases has more than doubled in the last two weeks, making Israel a rising hot spot on the international charts.

The vast majority of Israel’s older population had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of February, and by now about 78 percent of the population 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

But some experts fear that Israel’s high rate of infections among early vaccine recipients may indicate a waning of the vaccine’s protections over time, a finding that contributed to a U.S. decision Wednesday to begin offering booster shots to Americans starting next month.

And among the fully inoculated, Israeli scientists have found growing evidence of waning immunity, particularly among the older population who were vaccinated first.

Data published by Israel’s Ministry of Health in late July suggested that the Pfizer shot was just 39 percent effective against preventing infection in the country in late June and early July, compared with 95 percent from January to early April… this scourge primarily took hold in well-vaccinated, middle-class suburbs.

Even the CDC director has now abandoned the original promise of covid vaccines

Remember the original narrative about how vaccines would provide absolute, permanent immunity and protection against covid? That narrative has now collapsed. Even the NYT is no longer claiming the vaccine provides lasting immunity of any kind.

But it gets worse: The CDC’s director, Dr. Walenksy, is now openly admitting that vaccines increase the risk of sickness. They not only don’t work, they actually make sickness worse. Here’s nine seconds of Walenksy admitting this:

This means that as the initial wave of vaccines inflicts accelerated sickness and death among the 2.5 billion world citizens who have already been jabbed, we’re going to see a wave of hospitalization and fatalities among the vaccinated. (The world’s hospitals will be overwhelmed.)

Dubbed “breakthrough” cases by the fraudulent mainstream media, these are really the result of vaccine “kill shots” that are designed to reduce the human population.

But people are waking up to the scam, so they’re hurrying their push for booster shots to kill off the masses before they revolt

Because of all the deaths, injuries and outright fraud committed via PCR-diagnosed “cases,” the people of the world are rapidly awakening to the astonishing truth of all this: It’s a scam to achieve global depopulation and authoritarian control over humanity.

As the lockdowns intensify, the people are taking to the streets and demanding an end to the scam. With hundreds of thousands now protesting in France, the establishment there is locking unvaccinated people out of grocery stores, seeking to literally starve out the unvaccinated. This will only serve to wake up the people even faster, adding to the levels of discontent that are now exploding across the planet.

We have arrived at a tipping point. Humanity is awakening at an accelerating rate, so now the globalists are trying to exterminate people as rapidly as possible to stop the spread of truth. Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also covers “no-tech” preparedness using bows and blades, along with news about the government-initiated nursing shortage that’s already worsening.

DEPOPULATION BY ANY MEANS! – Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

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FDA says no to boosters, so the desperate to get the population vaxxed will get crazier and more insane each day, if you can imagine that, as evil multiplies.
CCP may collapse

Dr Vernon Coleman - URGENT News about the Covid-19 Vaccine

Situation Update EMERGENCY BROADCAST for Sep 18, 2021 - LAND INVASION of America now under way

Rap star Nicki Minaj opened up about why she has yet to get vaccinated in a series of tweets that is causing quite the stir.

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[Carrie Madej, D.O.

If you listen, 4 hour 20min mark. “The vaccines kill more than they save” FDA hearing

September 22, 2021

  • Taylor Lee, FDA Economist: “Go to the unvaccinated and blow it [COVID vaccine] into them. Blow dart it into them.”
  • Lee: “Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond. So, we have the infrastructure to do it [forced COVID vaccinations]. I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very [much like Nazi] Germany.”
  • Lee: “Nazi Germany…I mean, think about it like the Jewish Star [for unvaccinated Americans].”
  • Lee: “I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone [with the COVID vaccine], ‘Oh, it’s just your booster shot! There you go!’”
  • Lee: “So, if you put every anti-vaxxer, like sheep, into like Texas and you closed off Texas from the rest of the world, and you go, ‘Okay, you be you in Texas until we deal with this [pandemic].’”
  • Lee: “All of the wealthy white people are getting vaccinated because they're educated.”
  • Lee: “There are political appointees [at the FDA] that are generally scientific advisors or are appointed by the president or the commission…They're being paid based on if the other people are staying in power.”
  • Lee: “Unfortunately, everyone ends up playing politics, but I don't think that the career scientists are -- I think that it's the people that they're unfortunately having to report to because these political appointees are being put in place and that’s part of like -- the Senate confirms the people to then just pick their people.”

FDA Official: ‘Blow Dart’ African Americans with COVID Vaccine is ‘Where We’re Going...Just Shoot Everyone’ … Calls for a ‘Nazi Germany’ Style ‘Registry’ of Unvaccinated Americans: ‘Think About It Like The Jewish Star’

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Has Everyone Left You Because You are not Ashamed to Speak the Truth? Stay the Course!

January 16, 2022

by Brian Shilhavy

You know that everyone in the province of Asia has deserted me…
At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me. May it not be held against them.

But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion’s mouth.

The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (Paul, from 2 Timothy)

Among Paul’s letters contained in the New Testament portion of the Bible are two personal letters to a single individual named “Timothy.”

Timothy was a traveling companion of Paul’s who helped him with the new gatherings of believers among the mostly non-Jewish assemblies in the Roman State. He was younger than Paul, and was an ethnic Jew through his mother and grandmother, while his father was a non-Jew Greek.

The second of these two letters that Paul sent to Timothy was written while he was in prison in Rome, and it may have been the very last thing Paul wrote, as he felt that his execution was near. Towards the end of this letter he wrote:

For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day–and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. (2 Timothy 4:6-8)

Paul’s arrest and deportation to Rome is documented in the last 8 chapters of the Book of Acts. Some believe that he may have been released and arrested again while in Rome, and that this second letter to Timothy might have been during his second arrest and imprisonment.

This letter has incredibly valuable instructions for those of us here in 2022 who are in the minority as we take a stand for the truth in the midst of tremendous opposition and persecution, because the situation in the First Century during the time that Paul wrote his letters, has remarkable similarities to what is happening today.

I have written about some of these similarities previously in this article:

The American Idolatrous Christian Church is Part of the Satanic New World Order as its Leaders Urge Everyone to get the COVID-19 “Vaccine”...

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