Vaccines Revealed Video – 50% of Americans will refuse to take the Covid19 vaccine

Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Revealed Films, hosts this episode of Vaccines Revealed (47min). This is Part 2 of his interview with Del Bigtree, of The Highwire and producer of the Vaxxed Documentary:

Everyone on Earth NEEDS to Watch this video!

If YouTube removes it, look for it on Brighteon.

Vaccines Revealed’s Interview Del Bigtree Pt1 is already available on Brighteon:

For more on Vaccines Revealed, see:

This website highlights a 9-part series that is available on Brighteon. While you can find the others, here is a link to Vaccines Revealed 1:


If you had 3 minutes to inspire the CDC to STOP RUSHING THE COVID19 VACCINE what would you say? This is WHAT I SAID during the online public comments at the LAST CDC meeting. – Del Bigtree

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