The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available

"Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.




As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated…and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.

And using this test, the CDC and every other public health agency in the world are counting COVID cases and deaths…and governments have instituted lockdowns and economic devastation using those case and death numbers as justification."


Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever

UK PHE has no real evidence that SARS2-COV2 causes COVID-19, Chromosome 8,. Blood Plasma Treatment – and more.

Ireland HSE Admit They Have No Proof The Virus Exists


They have no proof of anything

Here is a good summary about the Sars-Cov-2-hoax.

:red_circle: Do they have an isolated and purified virus? Nope.

:red_circle: Do they have a test that can reliably diagnose infection? Nope.

:red_circle: Can they at least say how big the particles are that they think are the new virus? Nope.

:red_circle: Do they know how the new virus is transmitted and spread? Nope.

:red_circle: Can they prove

  • that ever “positive” asymptomatic persons made someone else sick (not just “positive”),

  • that “positive” persons with symptoms of illness made someone else sick (not just “positive”),

  • and that any person at all who tested “positive” for SARS-CoV-2 made another person “positive”?



“SARS-COV-2” isolation FOIs + EXTRAS from Australia & New Zealand

From: Christine Massey

British Columbia’s Provincial Health Services Authority (Canada) admits (to an FOI submitter who prefers not to be named) to having no record describing isolation of “SARS-COV-2” by anyone, anywhere, ever:

An updated “no records” FOI reply from the Public Health Agency of Canada where someone is clearly unhinged from reality, admitting that the request “has resulted in a “No Records Exist” while insinuating that the problem is mine for not accepting an oxymoron (“isolation in culture”) + useless PCR tests + wild assumptions based on a wildly uncontrolled experiment as a substitute for actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation:

"Hall of Shame": An FOI request re “SARS-COV-2 isolation” submitted to Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health by Michael S. on August 9, 2020 remains completely ignored by the Ministry:

Expose published Jan 31, 2021 by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Stefano Scoglio and investigative journalists Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter:

Phantom Virus: In search of Sars-CoV-2


Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – CSIRO (“Australia’s national science research agency”) admits to having no record describing the isolation of ANY virus on Australia’s national “immunization” schedule, by anyone, anywhere, ever:

New Zealand’s crown research institute, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research once again equates “isolation” with culturing and this time admits to having no record re isolation of “SARS-COV-1” or (once again) any “virus” on NZ’s “Immunisation” Schedule****. And, they simply ignored a query re isolation of any “common cold coronavirus”:]

FOIs re “SARS-COV-2” isolation: no record re “UK variant”, etc

Below is more evidence of the global fraud:

Newfoundland Labrador (Canada) Dept of Health & Community Services:
No record of actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation by anyone anywhere ever:

British Columbia (Canada) Provincial Health Services Authority:
no record describing isolation of a “UK variant” by anyone, anywhere, ever; implies that isolate = cultivate.

U.K. Department of Health and Social Care has kept us waiting 2 months already on an FOI request for 3 days worth of analysis on their alleged “new variant” announced by Matt Hancock on December 14 2020:


New Zealand’s** Ministry of Health** was asked for records describing the isolation of the alleged 2003 “SARS-COV” or any “common cold coronavirus” by anyone, anywhere, ever, and provided none; falsely implied that the requester had requested things he had not requested.]

Here are compilation pdfs containing “SARS-COV-2” FOI replies from 47 institutions in 10 countries, yielding
in total zero records/citations re actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification, or proof of causation/existence,
updated February 12, 2021:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dr. Stefan Lanka will be featured in a documentary discussing the lack of scientific evidence for “viruses”:

Project Immanuel - Announcement

“SARS-COV-2” FOI; PLUS Statement On Virus Isolation; Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier, etc

Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, MA have released a very valuable resource. Read, download and add your name to their “Roster of Support of people from all around the world who have grown tired of their intelligence being insulted.”

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI):

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier, prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin
Video intro from Dr. Martin:

Page 2:
"…Dr. Baric published what he reported to be the full length cDNA of SARS CoV in which it was clearly stated that SAR CoV was based on a composite of DNA segments.

Page 3:
"Their application, updated in 2007, ultimately issued as U.S. Patent 7,220,852 and constrained anyone not licensed by their patent from manipulating SARS CoV, developing tests or kits to measure SARS coronavirus in humans or working with their patented virus for therapeutic use…In short, with Baric’s U.S. Patent 6,593,111 (Claims 1 and 5) and CDC’s ‘852 patent (Claim 1), no research in the United States could be conducted without permission or infringement."

page 5:
"In their patent, the CDC made false and misleading claims to the United States Patent & Trademark Office by stating that, “A newly isolated human coronavirus has been identified as the causative agent of SARS, and is termed SARS-CoV.” No “causal” data was provided for this statement…

the CDC patented the detection of SARS CoV using a number of methods including reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). With this patent, they precluded anyone outside of their licensed or conspiring interest from legally engaging in independent verification of their claim that they had isolated a virus, that it was a causative agent for SARS, or that any therapy could be effective against the reported pathogen."

Virologists also need to be held accountable for their wild claims therefore I have added an addendum to this page showing email statements made by Dr. Jason Roberts, a bogus “SARS-COV-2 isolation” co-author and Head of Electron Microscopy & Structural Virology Laboratory, VIDRL, Australia. Dr. Roberts falsely insisted that Koch’s Postulates had been fulfilled for the phantom “SARS-COV-2”.

FOI response from KFL&A Public Health (Ontario, Canada) where Dr. Kieran Moore is warning that “variants” have been detected: no record describing the isolation of any “SARS-COV-2 variant” old or new, by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever.

See page 5:

When questioned by Dr. Andrew Kaufman during a round-table discussion, Dr. Judy Mikovits stated that a “retrovirus” is comprised of your own cell membrane plus genetic material and this is why a “retrovirus” cannot be removed from a cell, leaving one to wonder how such a thing could make it’s way into a cell in the first place or how it could ever get from one person to another. However, Dr. Mikovits agreed with Dr. Kaufman that the alleged “SARS-COV-2” has never been isolated/purified. The moderator eventually removed Dr. Kaufman from the livestream!—1ST-EVER-VIRUS-ISOLATION-DEBATE:b

Response to Judy Mikovits with Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman–Tom-C-1-28-21-edited-compressed1:6?r=3rJ2XEgd17VS4J2f2bkX2J3nrXAeXCT9

#3 new CDC FOIAs re “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification - no records

March 1, 2021: CDC made crystal clear that they still have no records of “SARS-COV-2” isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever… just not in so many words. Instead, the CDC falsely implied that true isolation of “SARS-COV-2” would require the replication of a “virus” without host cells and is thus impossible, and cited irrelevant studies:**March-1-2021-**SARS-COV-2-Isolation-Response-Redacted.pdf

March 3, 2021: CDC again failed to provide/cite any records describing “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification by anyone anywhere ever… BUT is no longer willing to simply say so (as they did back on November 2nd); instead they gave “song and dance” and cited their own fraudulent study:**March-3-2021-**SARS-COV-2-purification-FOI-response.pdf

November 2, 2020: CDC’s earlier, straightforward “no records” response:

[Note: someone kindly forwarded another FOIA reply from the CDC dated December 30, 2020 re the alleged 2003 “SARS-COV-1” and all “common cold coronaviruses” - the CDC had no record of any having been isolated.]

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Imperial College London provided/cited zero records in their wildly un-informative Freedom of Information response dated March 12, 2021 re: isolation/purification of the imaginary "SARS-COV-2" (by anyone, anywhere, ever):

Kepa Ormazabal, Professor of Economic Theory, University of Basque Country submitted a Freedom of Information request to Spain's Ministry of Health for bibliographic records re: "SARS-COV-2" isolation ("the term "isolation" is used in the sense given by the Real Academia Espanola Dictionary"); the Ministry's response yielded zero records:

New Zealand’s crown research institute, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (****ESR), still has zero records re isolation/purification (performed by anyone anywhere ever) of “SARS-COV”, “SARS-COV-2”, or any "vaccine schedule virus”. This web page includes a March 9, 2021 FOI reply from ESR re “SARS-COV-2”.
Also, in one of their responses ESR simply ignored the part of the request that asked for records re isolation of any "common cold coronavirus":

March 19, 2021, U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) admit they have no record of any "Zika virus" isolated/purified from a patient sample, by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever:

All "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification/existence FOI responses from (roughly) 52 institutions in 11+ countries/jurisdictions are available from this page:

Back-up repository for the "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification/existence FOIs:

Update from Christine Massey

March 23, 2021 CDC FOIA reply: No record of any "HIV" purified/isolated from a patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, ever:

For anyone with lots patience and curiosity, here is the entire exchange between

Imperial College London (home of disgraced modeller Neil Ferguson) and myself thus far. Clearly they have no record of "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification.

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The Truth about Virus Isolation What does it really mean to isolate a virus? | Dr. Sam Bailey

FNQ Citizen's Collective
Published 8 days ago

If a virus could survive for fivde days outside of a host why doesn't everyone in America have aids?

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CDC FOIA response: no record describing isolation/purification of ANY INFLUENZA "VIRUS" from a patient sample, by anyone anywhere ever:

New manual translations of 2 important articles by Dr. Stefan Lanka into English have been made publicly available:

The Initiators of the Corona Crisis Have Been Clearly Identified:

Virologists who claim the existence of disease-causing viruses are committing scientific fraud and must be prosecuted

  • By Dr. Stefan Lanka

Mobile friendly version:

Misconception of a Virus III:

Mobile friendly version:

The original German version:
Fehldeutung Virus Corona Teill III : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]




via Christine Massey
Important news via John Blaid:

CPE - Control Experiment - 21 April 2021 - English version (7 minutes)
The central effect/ the dying of cells/ the test tube...WE CAN CREATE IN THE SAME MANNER WITHOUT INFECTED MATERIALS
Since 1954 this has not been documented, until today.
For virologists - the proof of the virus - They are calling their dying cell tissues an isolate which they offer on the market for $2000. Euros...And then they say here is the virus, and from that we can create vaccines, we can take the "whole life vaccine" or take out individual protiens and call it inactivated vaccines.
This is what we have achieved.

Its being sequenced now construct the same exact way... the gnome of SARS COV 2, HIV, MEASLES or EBOLA from the material that was NEVER INFECTED NOR BEEN IN CONTACT with material from a patient


via Christine Massey


Video update on a South African court case regarding the isolation and sequencing of "SARS-CoV-2" :

video update on South African Court case regarding isolation and sequencing of "SARS COV- 2"


In front of the judge to give an urgent order to produce the isolated purified "SARS COV 2" virus so we can observe it ourselves and confirm.
We asked the court to grant us an order and that the President and Dlamini - Zuma the Minister of Cogta and also Professor Karim be the ones to provide us with the isolated and purified virus
Today the Government came forward and wanted this to be postponed, from their lawyer, (Attorney for the government), saying the reason for the postponement is that the President is not in a position to help us with our request. So the President, the man who has been making all these speeches and declarations that they are doing restrictions because of a deadly virus... The same lawyer represents Minister Zuma and Professor Karim. Zuma who is responsible for all the lockdowns, because of declaration of disaster, also states she is not in a position to help us. They say only Professor Karim can do that.
Professor Karim's reply to us stated don't involve him or the president, only Zuma, yet the court states Professor Karim is the one to help us.
The problem now is Professor Karim conveniently no longer works for the government.

So now we ask the Minister of health to join our case, and to bring in Karim again, or hire another expert is where we stand today.

May 27, or earlier the matter goes to court.
The government has been claiming 1.5 to 2 million covid virus cases, but they cannot produce one to show us. They are scrambling and passing the buck.

They have to provide us with someone or give a very good reason why they cant on the 27th.

The President says sorry I can't help, the Dr. in charge of Cogta says shes sorry she can''t help. And Professor Karim says sorry I don't work there anymore, please don't involve me or the president and blame Zuma.

We have hit a nerve. We have reduced their room for running away. They can for-see that they can't deliver a virus, and that they may be held responsible even criminally. They are setting each other up to fall.
We are not clutching at straws, this is not conspiracy theory, the government has big problems.

They cannot produce a virus claiming to have taken many lives, and the measures that have been put in place...

So now they are running...
Time is running short for them...
They are scared...
Thank you for all your prayers...All due to your prayers...

From: Christine Massey

Special announcement from Dr. Andrew Kaufman's newsletter:


Pathogenic Priming, Genome Sequencing & the New Genetic Vaccines

May 4, 2021: University of Warwick (UK) admits they hold no record describing “SARS-COV-2” purification from a patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, ever; provides irrelevant excuse:

The Isolate Truth Fund is now increased to 1.5 MILLION €:

We guarantee:

1,5 million € for a virologist who presents scientific proof of the existence of a corona virus, including documented control attempts of all steps taken in the proof.

Canada's great common-law teacher Christopher James ( A Warrior Calls) recently interviewed Dr. Cowan... this includes a priceless description of a meeting between Drs. Tom, Andy and some prestigious virologists:

Statement On Virus Isolation update:

As of today, 7560 people have signed the Roster of Support of people from all around the world who have grown tired of their intelligence being insulted:

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In Response to Freedom of Information Act Requests: CDC Admits There Is No 'Gold Standard' for the Isolation of ANY Virus - Truth Comes to Light

Over the last several months we have requested from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) evidence for the isolation and existence for the any and all viruses, including CoV – 2 and 19, MERS, Influenza, Polio, Measles, HIV, XMRV, HTLV-1, HTLV-III/LAV, HPV, Ebola, Zika, just to name a few of the so-called viruses, disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

These written requests were made by Ms. Christine Massey to CDC/ATSDR FOIA Chief Officer Mr. Robert Andoh, to locate and deliver ANY records, research and/or findings for ANY “viral” isolation and purification (by anyone, anywhere, anytime in the World) from a patient sample via maceration, filtration and/or the use of an ultracentrifuge or what is called the ‘Gold Standard’ for isolating and identifying a pathological micro or nana organism. The ‘Gold Standard’ for isolating and identifying microbes is referred to as Koch’s and Rivers Postulates which was established many years ago.

June 7, 2021: CDC admits they have no record of any “COV – 2 or 19 virus” purified from any patient sample via maceration, filtration and use of an ultracentrifuge, by anyone, anywhere, ever:

See more at link, including the response letters from the CDC.

Greetings and best wishes,

March 15, 2021:
I personally cannot read this document from the Ukraine’s Ministry of Health but am told that the Ministry stated here that they do not have any “SARS-COV-2” isolate, nor do they intend to obtain any:

April 26, 2021:
Once again the Dutch Minister for Health, Well-being & Sport replied to an FOI sent to its agency RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) re purification of “the virus”; the Minister provided/cited zero such records for Gabriëlle Rutten, and cited cell culture anti-science instead:

July 2021:
Brazil’s Ministry of Health provided/cited zero records of “SARS-COV-2” purification for Marcella Picone. The Ministry initially claimed that the request (that the rest of world understood just fine) was unclear, but also admitted “information non-existent”. In their 2nd response to Ms. Picone they explained that they have been following research conducted by other countries. See ps 2, 13, 14:

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) is an FDA-like quackcine-approver, "an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Health, part of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) as the coordinator of the Brazilian Health Regulatory System (SNVS)". In their FOI response to Marcella Picone, they explained that they have no record of “SARS-COV-2” purification and are not required to by law, thus it is (in their minds) not their obligation to make sure that “the virus” actually exists and not their problem:

Last year, Australia’s Department of Health advised Michael S. of NZ to seek "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification records from the various State and Territory Departments of Health. An anonymous FOI-submitter saw the Department's letter and submitted requests to those departments earlier this year. They have received 4 responses thus far:

Mar 16 2021:
Western Australia Minister & Department of Health confirm they have no record of “SARS-COV-2” purification from any patient sample on the planet, and that PathWest Laboratory Medicine only does the quackery version of “virus isolation”:

March 19, 2021:

Australian Capital Territory / Canberra Health Services failed (for the 2nd time) to provide or cite any record of “SARS-COV-2” purification from any patient sample on the planet: rds-package.pdf

April 28, 2021:
South Australia Minister for Health and Wellbeing confirmed they have no record of “SARS-COV-2” purification from any patient sample on the planet:

May 25, 2021:

New South Wales Ministry of Health, Australia, confirmed they have no record of “SARS-COV-2” purification from any patient sample on the planet:

July 27, 2021:
In England, the Pennine Acute National Health Service Trust and the Salford Royal National Health Service Foundation Trust disclosed in FOI responses that:

• PCR tests have been run with up to 42 cycles;
• <10 children (possibly none) died within 28 days of a positive convid test;
• “cause of death is not recorded in our clinical systems”;

• they have in total zero records re “SARSCov2” satisfying Koch’s Postulates (yes, we know that a strict application of Koch’s would not be possible even if the imaginary “virus” existed).

Note that these institutions provided/cited plenty of unrequested data but no records whatsoever re “virus” purification;

For Truth, Freedom and Sanity,
Christine Massey,
Peterborough, ON Canada
FOI responses from 90 institutions (including Public Health Agency of Canada, US CDC, NIAID, UK Depart of Health and Social Care, Indian Council of Medical Research) in 24 countries/jurisdictions show that health/science institutions have no record of "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, ever, thus zero proof of the imaginary virus:

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