Hospitals Are Now Prisons


Unless you’ve been in a car wreck, a hospital is the most dangerous place to be. They’ve become prisons.

We need to create our own parallel health systems.

Don’t go into fear as that suppresses your immune system.

Dr. Christiane Northrup gives new details on covid vaccine shedding / transmission, especially among women

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Christiane Northrup talked about the thousands of cases of women having menstrual irregularities and girls bleeding after spending time in the company of people injected with coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. She then mentioned that a Pfizer document for study participants during the development of its mRNA vaccine said no male should be impregnating someone and no female should get pregnant for seven weeks after receiving the shot because to avoid skin contact or contact with sexual fluids. According to Northrup, that statement on page 67 of the Pfizer document implied that Big Pharma companies knew something about the dangers of having vaccine components being discharged by vaccinated people – a process known as vaccine shedding.

Northrup also talked about the increasing number of autism in the country and the brainwashing done by doctors to condition the mind of parents so that when their children got injured following vaccination, they will blame anything but the vaccine.

The same playbook is used during this pandemic, she said. If a person dies after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, doctors and Big Pharma will just call it a coincidence. Northrup went on to call Big Pharma companies serial felons.


Dr. Bryan Ardis If you go to hospital for Covid treatment, you have a high chance of being murdered

Kate Dalley: Our First Hand ICU Story - What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital


Hospitals Are Killing People And Getting Paid To Do It

Tom Renz: Hospitals are now becoming killing fieldsBrighteon.TV

Friday, September 17, 2021 by: [Nolan Barton] (Natural News)

Tom Renz accuses hospitals of taking advantage of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to make more money while ignoring the actual needs and requests of their patients. He says hospitals across the U.S. “are now becoming killing fields.”

“When you go to a hospital, even if you don’t have COVID-19, you’d be construed that way,” says Renz during his program “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon.TV. “They get hundreds of thousands of dollars for putting you on remdesivir, putting you on ventilator and letting you die. And if you don’t follow, they’ll just intimidate you and coerce you.”

His guest on the program, Nancy Ross, has experienced that firsthand. Ross has been given the power of attorney to act on behalf of Veronica Wolski, a known patriot from Chicago who recently died from COVID-19 at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed Wolski’s death was due to pneumonia caused by a COVID-19 infection, with hypothyroidism as a contributing factor.

Hospital wants to put patient on ventilator Doctor admits 99 percent of intubated patients die

Renz also shares a message he has just received about a recording from a doctor admitting that 99 percent of the patients they intubate have ended up dying. “These are just bad treatments. They just kill people,” he says.

Many hospitals are also giving COVID-19 patients with midazolam, which is questionable at best as it depresses a person’s ability to breathe. It is most frequently used before surgeries or procedures to decrease anxiety, cause drowsiness, and help with anesthesia in patients who need tubes or machines to help them breathe.

[Midazolam has an FDA black box warning]....

(How is Midazolam being used for COVID-19? Is it dangerous?), which notes that the medication has been associated with respiratory depression and arrest because it can slow or stop breathing.(Nolan Barton –
Tom Renz: Hospitals are now becoming killing fields – Brighteon.TV –


In what appears to many people to be kidnapping and extortion, New York University Langone Hospital, and other hospitals in New York and on Long Island, are refusing to release new born babies to parents who are unvaccinated!

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Watching the video, around the 12:00 mark, Dr. Graves shares a story about a young woman (a mother) approximately 28 years old; was in the hospital with a diagnosis of covid and was on a ventilator. She was advised to end her life and to donate her organs. Dr. Graves talked about a nurse (R.N.) involved in preparing her body for the death/harvesting of organs. The story brings up curiosity because there are exclusions to organs donors and one of them is a viral infection. The R.N. would have known that and Dr. Graves as well.

If the story provided by Dr. Graves is complete, then a person who is said to have covid may in fact be eligible (according to their criteria) to donate organs even though they have been diagnosed with a viral infection which otherwise is excluded from being a donor.

Organ donor criteria and exclusions:


Thank you for sharing.
Time will tell.

It's apparent that the only protocols being followed now a days are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

As you have pointed out in previous posts, hospitals are so corrupt now.

Curious it may be...

There are also exclusions to blood donors yet that does not stop them from " allowing" those with HIV to donate their blood, infecting who ever they will.

What I find odd are all the videos of the nurses and doctors dancing and hamming it up for the cameras whilst there is a supposed pandemic going on.

Hospitals right now are killing people.
And those who know the truth are aware.

Could this be possible, with all the other "stuff" T.H.E.Y are pulling, yes absolutely, I would not put it past them. The truth will come out. Hopefully its not happening but...

Easy as it may be to search for exclusions and criteria for organ donations, this does not negate the fact that the frauds and crimes and cover ups that are being committed in hospitals will end because of some procedures or bylaws.

We have to remember the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and population control is on the agenda.

What could they possibly do with corrupt body parts???

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Here is a letter from someone on a list awaiting a kidney transplant, but is being removed from the list because they have not taken the jab.

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It seems as though hospitals requirements vary according to where you live. In this article Texas and Florida do not mandate transplant recipients be vaccinated, as this woman from Colorado is looking at treatment options in these two states.

To Lutali, a recruiter for tech companies, it seems like her hospital was so insistent on saving her from COVID-19 that is is willing to let her possibly die by blocking her transplant surgery.

Even without transplants, hospitals have been denying treatment for a host of illnesses, from mild ailments to serious diseases, including life threatening, throughout this entire plandemic.

It wouldn't surprise me that they would accept organs from "dis-eased" patients with covid, yet not allow them to receive a transplant, in this upside down world.

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Colorado hospital system demands that all organ transplant recipients first destroy their own organs with covid spike protein vaccines before receiving new organs from donors

Saturday, October 09, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

Natural News) The UCHealth hospital system in Colorado will no longer provide organ transplants to anyone who refuses to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In an announcement, the Denver-based institution said that it will now systematically deny organ transplants to the “unvaccinated” in “almost all situations” because non-jabbed patients are supposedly much more likely to die if they test “positive” for the Chinese Virus.

To keep everyone “safe,” those who refuse to modify their DNA with mRNA (messenger RNA) poisons will be left to die without the organs they need. This, says UCHealth, will help to “flatten the curve.”

State Rep. Tim Geitner, a Republican, came out publicly against UCHealth for this policy, which he says has already left an unvaccinated Colorado Springs woman without the kidney transplant she needs to survive.

Geitner says the decision by UCHealth is “disgusting” and discriminatory, noting that a letter the woman received from the transplant center at the system’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora explained that she will be “inactivated” on the kidney transplant list unless she gets jabbed.

The woman now has 30 days to decide what she wants to do. If she just says no to the experimental injection drugs from Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s – his own words – “Operation Warp Speed” scheme, she will be permanently removed from the transplant list.

U.S. organ transplant network says it does not discriminate against donors, recipients

While UCHealth has declined to speak about this particular case, officials have admitted that nearly all transplant recipients and organ donors must get injected with an Operation Warp Speed poison needle in order to receive any further care there.

How horrifically insane is this? Most are loosing any logical thinking, that is if they ever had any to begin with.

Hospitals are literally SUFFOCATING patients with plastic bags; AIR CARGO will be halted this winter due to collapsing airplane parts supply chain

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 by: Mike Adams

Natural News) In yet another shocking development demonstrating the medical murder that now characterizes hospitals and doctors around the world, a hospital in Odessa, Texas, has been caught placing large plastic bags over the heads of patients due to “covid.” This truly insane, criminal practice has reportedly been carried out on hundreds of patients, causing suffocation, anxiety, trauma and heightened carbon dioxide levels in respiratory air.

The practice — see one photo in the podcast below — appears to be the latest attempt to ratchet up a global Milgram experiment where health care workers are being ordered by “authority” figures to carry out insane acts against fellow human beings — acts they may result in their injury or death. What most characterizes the Milgram experiments is the fact that ordinary human beings were very easily compelled to literally murder other humans via electrification if ordered to do so by someone in a position of apparent authority. Merely by being ordered to do so, study participants went along with the orders to kill, even if they knew it was morally and ethically wrong.

Under the barbaric practices of covid “treatment,” today’s hospitals and medical centers have become murder factories that systematically murdered tens of thousands of Americans with ventilators. Now, the murder edict has done away with medical devices altogether and resorted to plastic bags placed over the heads of patients, like someone being snuffed out in a gangster film. Who needs expensive ventilator machines when the murder of patients can be just as easily accomplished with a grocery store bag?

This shocking revelation is being completely blacked out by the complicit media, but this murderous practice is confirmed by Dr. Richard Bartlett as well as first person eyewitnesses whose family members were victimized by plastic bag suffocation attempts.

Owen Shroyer from InfoWars broke the story yesterday. We include a clip from his coverage in today’s podcast. During that interview, Owen hosted a Texas resident whose relative was assaulted by medical staff with a plastic bag over their head. (Hear the full podcast below.)image

(more news in Mile Adams pod cast)

Air cargo will collapse as the supply chain of spare parts for airplanes grinds to a halt

Hospitals Reportedly Are Murdering Patients With Plastic Bags!( Why are they doing this, they have thousands of reasons to do this.)

Perverse insane and EVIL... Are the times we are living in.

One of Columba's prophecies seems to be about now:-

The time will come when many will regret the days they have lived to see.
Men of literature will be neglected.
Falsehood and deceit will prevail.
Chapels and shrines will be plundered.
Sacred things will become the prey of thieves.
Learning will be oppressed and hence they will be brought low.
The powerful will oppress the poor with false laws and perverted judgement (James 5:4), and the aged and infirm will regret the time they have lived to see.
Strife and war will rage in every family.
Good neighbourhood will disappear and many will be treated with disrespect.
The trees shall not bear fruit.
There will be cold and hunger, malice, hatred and bad weather, and only the leaves on the trees will show the difference between summer and winter.
Men and women will fly in the air without wings, and will travel from one country to another under the ground (Channel Tunnel, etc.).
Pounds will be filled with cattle and jails with men.
Milk over the country will be churned in one churn.
Diseases will abound and remedies will fail.
Every race of mankind will become more wicked and all classes will be addicted to robbery.
Such is the description of people who will live in the ages to come.
Maidens will be unblushing and marriages without witnesses.

Columba (521-597) .

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@be1, Agreed.

Words of Wisdom 2 Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace, brought about by total faith in God and His protection, amidst the storms of nature and of life. Little Book2

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