FAUCI EXPOSED: Charlatan, Fraudster, Profiteer

by Stephen Lendman

Self-serving Biden regime chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci long ago betrayed the public trust for personal gain.

Throughout his public life, he prioritized self-enrichment and mass deception over public service.

Throughout the made-in-the-USA covid mother of all scams, he lied and mass deceived the public all along.

A doctor who never treated a patient, never operated honestly, faked being covid jabbed on national television and was exposed.

Since seasonal flu/influenza was deceptively renamed covid early last year, he allied with US dark forces and Pharma to mind-manipulate unsuspecting Americans and others to self-inflict harm.

Earlier as NIAID director, he transformed the agency into an incubator for Pharma’s drug development — including hazardous covid mRNA drugs and vaccines.

In cahoots with Bill Gates and other US dark forces, he wants everyone jabbed with toxins that risk serious harm to health including premature death.

His claim about safe and effective covid — gene altering — mRNA drugs and vaccines is one of many Big Lies he’s infamous for.

At the same time, he’s dismissive toward safe and effective hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin in treating seasonal flu-renamed covid.

Instead he promotes hazardous, experimental mass-jabbing destruction to health over preserving and protecting it.

Fauci emails obtained by a Washington Post Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request exposed him as a congenital liar.

Concealing what he knew about seasonal flu-renamed covid, his public remarks were and continue to be an exercise of mass deception.

Undemocratic Dems support him. GOP congressional members want him sacked.

Senator Rand Paul tweeted: “Told you…#FireFauci.”

“Can’t wait to see the media try to spin the Fauci FOIA emails.”

Separately, Paul tweeted:

“It’s time to fire Fauci!”

“Emails that have been released now under Freedom of Information Act show two very important things:”

“1. FAUCI has been lying 2. I’ve been right all along.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted:

“Fauci’s leaked emails are shocking to say the least,.”

“He needs to be FIRED!”

“I introduced a bill to do just that…HR 2316, the ‘Fire Fauci Act.’ ”

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted:

“We’ve been needing to #FireFauci for months now, but after these #FauciEmails we simply cannot wait another day.”

“How many lives could have been saved if these people were worried about science rather than PR?”

Continued at link.

Fauci needs to be fired.

The same goes for Sieg Heil Bhatti and his cohorts who should all be charged with crimes against humanity, including under the Nuremberg Code, but especially under God's Law –

Sieg Heil Bhatti and the Nuremberg Code

How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law

Newsweek: Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with Millions of U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research

Kary Mullis: PCR Test Inventor Calls Dr Fauci A FRAUD!

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"The utter fraudulence of Tony Fauci is obvious now, and it’s widely acknowledged. But it was not always obvious. In March of last year, we interviewed Fauci on this show. We treated him with respect. We took his answers seriously. We’re Americans, so we assumed the man in charge of protecting the United States from COVID must be impressive and rational. We also assumed he was honest.

But we were wrong. It soon became clear that Tony Fauci was just another sleazy federal bureaucrat — deeply political and often dishonest. More shocking, we then learned that Fauci himself was implicated in the very pandemic he’d been charged with fighting. Fauci supported the grotesque and dangerous experiments that appear to have made COVID possible.

We came to these conclusions incrementally, spurred by evidence that accumulated over the course of a year. Tonight, we have the mother lode. Thanks to a freedom of information request from Buzzfeed, we have thousands of emails to and from Tony Fauci, going back to the early winter of 2020. Collectively, they show that from the beginning, Fauci was worried the public might conclude that COVID originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Why was Fauci be concerned that Americans would conclude that? Possibly because Tony Fauci knew perfectly well he’d funded gain-of-function experiments at that same laboratory.

The emails prove Fauci lied about this under oath."

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He should be FIRED!

Dr. Kary Mullis had been a constant thorn in Big Pharma's side -

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic: Dr. Kary Mullis then he suddenly died in 2019.

Fauci’s Emails Expose His Own Corruption & Criminality While People Continue Dying Of “Vaccine”

Tim Brown / June 3, 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were released this week and there is no doubt that he certainly is a corrupt man, something we have been saying all along. However, the emails reveal a total disregard for people, their lives and the truth. At least that’s what one email demonstrates. In this episode, we’ll take a look at that email and also point to the devastating effects of the experimental injection Fauci pushed that is on course to pass the number of coronavirus deaths that were put out the public. I’ll even include some new people who took the injection and are now dead or seriously injured. Fauci would never tell us about this honestly.

The late Dr Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, has been blowing the whistle
on Fauci and Big Pharma for 30 years...

Read Dr. Fauci’s emails here

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

FOIA Email Requests Expose Fraud, Criminality & Corruption Of Fauci, But Not For The Right Reasons

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EMA Pfizer Documents on Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Shots Reveal Risks to Pregnancy being Concealed but Verified by VAERS Data

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French Medical Doctor: COVID-19 Injections Increasing DEATHS and New Infections – The Evidence is Overwhelming

Man Who Developed CDC Vaccine Tracking System, BBC Radio Personality – Among the DEAD Following COVID-19 Injections

Robert F. Kennedy Jr says Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates stand to profit from COVID-19 vaccine

Fauci doubled down with deception by claiming that hydroxychloroquine is “dangerous”


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“He needs to be FIRED!”


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sounds the alarm over genocidal crimes of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates

Time: 34:19

Fauci emails reveal: The “natural origin theory” was coordinated propaganda, crafted by the very scientists who engineered the virus