Child Sacrifice – Luciferian Rituals

The Plandemic has shed more light on the Satanic Rituals of Child Sacrifice. This isn't a pleasant topic. It's vile. And more and more they are revealing their hidden practices through vile-entertainment.

Australia runs mass child sacrifice Luciferian vaccine ritual targeting 24,000 children (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

24,000 Australian children would be targeted in a mass vaccination campaign under police guard, with no parents allowed inside the Qudos Bank Arena, which has been used as a satanic temple for many years, with Luciferian “art” performances held there that worship Satan and defile God.

And the masses willingly offer up their children:

Leave the kids alone: Child sacrifice and Covid 19

The practice of child sacrifice has persisted throughout history and conjures up images of screaming children being wrenched from their wailing parents’ arms by tribal henchmen to be sacrificed to the gods. However, historical records indicate that parents were very often willing participants in the ritual, and offered their children to the state without coercion.

Fast forward to 2021 and we are on the verge of possibly the largest mass child sacrifice event in human history. Millions of parents around the world will offer their children up to the state to be injected with a rushed, experimental vaccine that has not been tested for long-term effects on health. In return for this game of Russian roulette with their children’s health, parents will hope to receive in return some of the same psychological and social benefits that Maya parents received. What other reason could parents have for offering their children up to receive their “shot”?

Read more on the article published on The Irish Sentinel.

Even the experts know jabbing a child with the C19 vaccine is about child sacrifice: – He said the only reason you would want to vaccinate a child is if you believe in child sacrifice.


They are coming for your children

Satanic Abuse Survivor Tells All On The Royal Family, Prime Ministers & Jimmy Savile


August 20 - Report: 2 Kids DEAD After 24,000 Children Herded Into Stadium for JAB!


"During a news segment by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) a video of a satanic ritual was aired seemingly by accident during a botched broadcast."

"The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s national broadcaster that is funded by the direct grants from the Australian Government, aired a bizarre satanic scene during a live television broadcast, seemingly by accident."

"The anchor was detailing regular programming when suddenly, the screen switched over to reveal a satanic ritual. In the video, viewers can observe an upside-down cross, satanic altar, candles and two cloaked individuals. One cloaked individual has his hood on and can be seen saying “Hail Satan” while throwing up satanic hand signs. The screen immediately switches back to the anchor, who continues her reporting as if nothing strange just happened."

"The Australian government is currently seizing 24,000 children from it’s citizens to place them in a stadium quarantine camp to be forcibly vaccinated. Parents will not be allowed to attend, as National File previously reported. Australia is currently establishing COVID-19 quarantine camps for citizens. Furthermore, citizens will be charged with “on the spot” excessive fines up to $5,000 per infraction if they violate the tyrannical COVID-19 rules as their children get sent away to get forcibly vaccinated despite their protest as Australia conducts one of the most authoritarian military lockdowns to date."

Video in link:


Leave The Kids Alone. Save The Children.

When I saw the first picture of a missing boy (Etan) on a milk carton, I knew we had a problem.

US gov’t: At least 53 burial sites at Indigenous boarding schools

A US government investigation has found at least 53 separate burial sites at federal Native American boarding schools, and officials expect to find more, according to a new report released Wednesday.

The initial findings of the investigation, which examined records under federal control, show that hundreds of children died in boarding school, but officials say the number is likely to climb into the thousands or tens of thousands as the investigation continues.

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Now They Are Literally Bowing Down & Worshipping Baal Right In Front Of Our Eyes (Video)

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. During the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England on July 28th, a giant mechanical bull with glowing red eyes was rolled out into the center of Alexander Stadium. The bull was approximately 10 meters high, and it took more than five months to build. It had been given the nickname “Raging Bull”, and it absolutely dwarfed all of the human participants that were involved in the performance. The “hero” of the opening ceremony, a character known as Stella, calmed the creature down and then all of the human performers gathered around the giant bull and literally began to bow down and worship it. I have seen a lot of really weird things in recent years, but I have never seen anything quite like this.
A total of 72 nations participate in the Commonwealth Games, and so this opening ceremony was being viewed on countless television screens all over the planet.

The symbolism in this “ritual” was well planned in advance, and the organizers knew exactly what they were doing.

Satan Is Coming After Our Children

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I came across this video remembered what Korah and company did while Moses was receiving the commandments and shat happened to them.

I still have the video but has failed to upload.

Let me just share the tiktok link then tag DGTV to help us convert it.

Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England on July 28th

Satanic Holidays Linked To Surge In Missing Children

August 2, 2022

Save. Our. CHILDREN.

Brandi Brassel from Warrior Bride Ministries is BACK on the show to talk in depth about the Satanic Ritual Abuse that thousands of children undergo each year, and how children are forced into trafficking other children for sacrifices.

This evil has been going on since ancient times, and it is our job to END IT once and for all!

Is there any parent with a spine who will make a change and stand up for children in America?

Public School Book Your Child Is Reading Gender Queer


Agreed. More proof that Satanists have taken complete control of AmeriKKKa.


7:50. The Companions of The Fire will call to the Companions of The Garden: "Pour down to us water or anything that "I AM" doth provide for your sustenance." They will say: "Both these things hath "I AM" forbidden to those who rejected Him. (Luke 16:26)

@DylanHall ,
Numbers 6:24 The "I AM" bless thee, and keep thee:
6:25 The "I AM" make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
6:26 The "I AM" lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
6:27 And they shall put My name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them.