Transhumanism/ "Human 2.0": A wake-up call to the world about what's coming in the new mRNA vaccines

A MUST WATCH - if you don't understand the mRNA vaccines please watch - she explains this very clearly

Beware of the smiling face of evil. Particularly when it's from Ms. Bill and Mr. Melinda Gates, smirking about what's coming this fall.


Dr. Carrie Madej gives a powerful 20-minute presentation about the coming Covid19 virus.

Dr. Carrie explains the Covid19 vaccine and it’s connection to trans-humanism. This is an alarm call to the world. She looked at the pro and cons and it frightened her. There are technologies that are being introduced with this vaccine that can change us.

Frontrunner Moderna was founded by Derek Rossi, who proved that you can genetically modify human cells using modified RNA, which is a key ingredient in vaccines.

Dr. Carrie Madej about talks about the micro-needle platform (band-aid of tiny needles), hydrogel (nanotechnology), and Transfection (temporary and permanent changes).

Part of Delivery system is the Luciferase enzyme. It will give an ID, or branding.

Also, with GENE-Drive technology, think gene-extinction technology. Who’s going to say “who stays and who goes?” The answer is an easy one – Luciferians.

She questions the motivation for such a rushed vaccine, saying that T.H.E.Y. can’t force a vaccine if there is a viable treatment.

She encourages everyone to do their own research.

Please watch her presentation and share it.


More about the Luciferase Enzyme:


She also states that according to the Emergency Preparedness Act they can force vaccinations, UNLESS there is a viable treatment, and according to Dr. Cahill (inhaled Steroids, hydroxychloroquine, and [Ivermectin]?). Also if covid is really is the same sequence as human chromosome 8 which is what get amplified with the PCR tests positive results, it is just part of your DNA thats already in your body used to fight viruses (exosomes). No Consent No Jurisdiction No vax.

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[FDA Nears Approval of Bill Gates, Pentagon-Backed Injectable Biochips for COVID Detection

With the advent of in-body nanotechnology, and sensors which tie the human body to an intelligence platform, the possibilities for misuse by totalitarian governments has not been lost on technology watchdogs and critics. With advanced biosensors, artificial intelligence may be able to read the subject’s every mood and activity, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, even sexual activity.

Transhumanism isn't a conspiracy:

We live in an age where protesters to draconian tyranny are called crazy, yet elitest like Bill Gates and Elon Musk come up with some of the craziest ideas. What is the difference between being a so-called genius and psychopath? What does that say about mankind when we can't figure out who the real nut-jobs are?

And why do T.H.E.Y. continue to sell evil as good?

Extreme wealth is forbidden in The Law (of The Lord). We can see why. Instead of increased obligation, responsibility, accountability and transparency from those with extreme wealth, those qualities are essentially non-existent. T.H.E.Y. started/start making new rules in order to control others. All those rules of theirs are null and void under The Law of God. T.H.E.Y. say “under God” often, but, if we were living “under God” we would be free UNDER GOD because The Laws of The Lord ensure our freedom and our right to pursue good, liberty, justice.

Transhumanism isn’t a conspiracy:

A permanent chip made of an advanced material called hydrogel irreversibly ties humans to the Internet "cloud."

A defense industry website Defense One reports that the chip implant could win FDA approval by early 2021.

The hydrogel chip, which is injected with a syringe, could be injected along with any COVID vaccination. Mandatory vaccination would be the key to any widespread deployment of the project.

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These nanobots are creepy beyond belief…

Injectable Biochip for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Near FDA Approval

Profusa, in partnership with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has created an injectable biosensor capable of detecting the presence of an infection in your body.

The technology consists of three components: the implanted sensor, a reader placed on the surface of the skin, and the software that allows the reader to send the collected data via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, which in turn can be connected to other online sources such as your doctor’s website.

The article features this video – which should disturb you, even though they are promoting it like it's the best thing to sliced bread:

Read the article – it's also very informative.

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Transhumanism isn’t a conspiracy:

COVID-19 vaccine development and a potential nanomaterial path forward

Nanotechnology benefits modern vaccine design since nanomaterials are ideal for antigen delivery, as adjuvants, and as mimics of viral structures. In fact, the first vaccine candidate launched into clinical trials is an mRNA vaccine delivered via lipid nanoparticles. To eradicate pandemics, present and future, a successful vaccine platform must enable rapid discovery, scalable manufacturing and global distribution. Here, we review current approaches to COVID-19 vaccine development and highlight the role of nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing.

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Some people may ask: what is transhumanism?

It has been thought that Mark Z. may be one. Hard to say without seeing him in person, but something to consider is .... is this really possible? What might we see emerge from the vaccinated as far as personality changes, physical changes, ... ?

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next human National Geographic

Frankenstein Code

What ever is in the code your body will learn to attack and hurt, your body will be producing HIV on purpose, will this give you HIV? TWT Those in Australia who have had the jab are testing positive for HIV.

COVID Shots, DNA & Transhumanism, With Dr. Madej - Published April 29, 2021 . In this presentation with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Dr. Carrie Madej explains that the elites peddling the COVID shots are also pushing transhumani…

Hydrogel: Fast track to hell

Published: Tuesday, 06 October 2020 22:23

Independent doctors call hoax
on Deep State’s faux pandemic

The vaccine will do away with the need
for computers or phones because hydrogel
will enable your body to connect to the Internet.
— Dr. Carrie Medej

Once it’s inside your body,
there’s nothing you can do about it.
— Dr. Andrew Kaufman

All doctors not connected to the government, Big Pharma or the Deep State are telling us that the COVID pandemic is a hoax, the tests don’t work and the so-called disease has not been scientifically isolated nor purified; in other words, it doesn’t exist.


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