Henry Makow: Good News! God Wins (The War)

Good News! God Wins

Picture Jacob Rothschild, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Macron and Fidelito Castro in the front row.

They will all be tried for crimes against humanity.

And don't forget to include Der Fuehrer Picardo and his cronies.

Good news! The central bankers have overreached and exposed their sinister network to all and sundry.

Far from resulting in permanent planetary lockdown (Communist Agenda 2030,) this misstep will cost them their monopoly over government credit and result in a rebirth of freedom.

There is no way the human race is going to accept toxic vaccines, masks and social distancing indefinitely. Once the next flu season arrives and people realize this is never going to end, they will rise up against the traitors who have inflicted so much needless damage and death on millions of people.

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Covid Hoaxers Face Death for Violating Nuremberg Code

Sieg Heil Bhatti and the Nuremberg Code

How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law


Crimes Against Humanity: Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Propaganda Networks, Captured Agencies & Paid Off Politicians

Nobody is talking about this because the pharmaceutical industry exercises control over political leaders, all of the institutions in a democracy that were set up in order to protect vulnerable little children from greedy corporations have been neutralized. The agencies that are supposed to protect us and protect our children from bad products have been completely co-opted. They are captive agencies....

The World Health Organization gets over 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies.

Rupert Murdoch owns the biggest vaccine company in Australia. His family has been deeply immersed in that industry for generations, and he has partnerships with Glaxo and with all the big vaccine makers.

Gates is a leading funder for the World Health Org & the CDC. Those agencies are now the marketing arms of his vaccine empire.

The Gates Foundation is “FactChecker’s” largest funder.


The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein

While more revelations about the Bill Gates–Jeffrey Epstein relationship have begun trickling out following the Gates’s divorce announcement, the strong evidence pointing to their relationship beginning decades prior to 2011 continues to be covered up by the media—not necessarily to protect Bill but to protect Microsoft.

A long and tangled web of deception, with named politicians, NGO's, wealthy individuals, industry, and countries.

Their blackmail operations and illegal surveillance with strong ties to the US and Isreal. Working with breakneck speed to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which would make artificial intelligence, automation, mass electronic surveillance, and transhumanism central to human society.

One such operation from this power structure is to produce human tissues and organs inside pigs for transplantation into humans, while genetically modifying pig organs for use in humans.

Another piece is Gates’s ties to Isabel Maxwell and the Israeli espionage–linked company CommTouch were to become public knowledge, the result could easily be a scandal on a par with the PROMIS software affair. Such a disclosure could be very damaging for Microsoft and its partner the World Economic Forum, as Microsoft has become a key player in the WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution initiatives.

The close relationships with the Clintons and the foundations as well as the State Department during Obamas term in office.

The deep ties to the telecom industry, which was the inspiration for Elon Musk's Starlink

Dr. Walker who has climbed the ladder of the Gates Epstein and Rockefeller train, as well as "close personal ties to Prince Andrew, discusses how wearable devices, brain-machine interfaces, and injectable/ swallowable robotic “medicines” will be the norm by 2030. In 2016 she stated “sounds crazy . . . most of these technologies are either almost ready for prime time, or in development.” Of course, a lot of those technologies took shape thanks to the patronage of her former bosses, Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.

The back door crimes against humanity, and the suffering of millions if not billions will end with the most sublime and enduring Victory of ALL time. As Henry Makow stated "Good News! God Wins (The War)


To really understand why communism has survived, we must understand It from a Biblical Perspective (Good vs Evil)

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August 28, 2021

When the World is Against You – God’s Power to Intervene for Those Who Resist

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I have previously written how the United States has become a very evil country, perhaps the most evil country in the world right now, and that God’s judgment seems to be imminent.

We saw further evidence of just how evil we have become earlier this week when Project Veritas published an interview with a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower who revealed that not only are we allowing known criminals and child sex traffickers to cross the border into this country, we are issuing Employment Authorization Cards so that they can stay in the country legally to work. See:

Homeland Security Whistleblower: U.S. Government Giving Permits to Gangs Coming Across the Border to Sexually Traffick Children

I have compared our modern times to another period of world history where a great nation was destroyed by God’s judgment, the nation of Israel/Judah in 586 BC, and how the prophet Jeremiah stood alone as a prophet in warning the people of imminent disaster, while being mocked by the religious class of his day, and even his own family. See:

What Happens When a Holy and Righteous God Gets Angry? Lessons from History and the Prophet Jeremiah