You are Not Human

Thomas 6:1 Jesus said: If the flesh has come into existence because of the spirit, it is a marvel; but if the spirit has come into existence because of the body, it is a marvel of marvels (impossible). But I marvel at how this great wealth (the spirit) has made its home in this poverty (the body).
13:12 Jesus said: Whoever has known the world has found the body, and whoever has found the body, of him the world is not worthy.
14:1 Jesus said: Wretched is the body which depends upon a body, and wretched is the soul which depends upon these two.
15:9 Jesus said: Whoever does not hate his father and his mother in My Way will not be able to be a disciple to Me. And whoever does not love his Father and his Mother in My Way will not be able to be a disciple to me, for my mother gave this body life but My true Mother (The Truth) gave me THE Life.

Enoch 66:8 And when all this was effected, from the fluid mass of fire, and the distress which troubled them in that place, there arose a strong smell of brimstone (sulphur), which became mixed with the waters; and the valley of the angels, who had been guilty of seduction, burned underneath its soil.


The Divine in me

Put on "the whole armour of God " ("The Force ") and fight with the "Sword of the Spirit," which is The Word of God or TRUTH or CHRIST who has "the two-edged sword" ("Light-Sabre ") that comes out of His mouth and yours, when He lives in you because the "Self" is dead and then tell people about the wonderful Kingdom, here on Earth, that they can ALL share, IF they help you to convince everyone to turn away from politics and religions (which most people hate anyway already) to Theocracy and God's Kingdom, where there is no crime because there are NO POOR PEOPLE (no poverty) .

That is what YOU were ordered to do and if you are NOT doing it, then you are NOT Christ's but Paul's. You are not Christ's but Paulians and in MIS -understanding Paul you are satan's because you are doing something other than the "Will of God" (Islam in Arabic) and there is NO middle-ground. "Those who are not WITH Me, gathering together and building My Kingdom (not church or religion) are AGAINST Me and are scattering abroad (disuniting and creating hostility between the believers)" (Matthew 12:30 & Genesis 49:10).

Don't let your "Self" delude you. Crucify it DAILY and help to set up The Kingdom using God's Ways and God's NATION - (the 10-Tribed House of Israel - Britain and the Commonwealth; America; Scandinavia; the Netherlands; the Baltic States; Northern France and Celtic Spain) starting at His "place of defence" , His right hand, the Fortress of Rock - Isaiah 33:16 & Isaiah 42:11 - GIBRALTAR - "Gebal Tariq" - "Tariq's Rock" - Tariq means, in Arabic, the "Night Visitant" - "I shall come as a thief in the night" - Christ. Christ's Rock of defence to gather the people together to defend them and feed them, where their waters shall be sure - Isaiah 43:6 and 33:16.


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155. It’s Absent Bodied – Not Absent Minded

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Buddha taught Christ principles

YODA – Jedi Master

God Calling: Fruit of Joy. – March 10

You have to hush the heart and bid all your senses be still before you can be attuned to receive Heaven’s Music.

Your five senses are your means of communication with the material world, the links between your real Spirit-Life and the material manifestations around you, but you must sever all connection with them, when you wish to hold spirit-communication. They will hinder, not help.

See the good in everybody. Love the good in them. See your unworthiness compared with their worth. Love, laugh, make the world, your little world, joyful.

As the ripples caused by a flung stone stir the surface of a whole pond, so your joy-making shall spread in ever-widening circles, beyond all knowledge, all anticipation.

Joy in Me. Such Joy is eternal.

Centuries after, it is still bearing Joy’s precious fruit.

The Way home or face The fire

13:115 As soon as you start to control your human-animal-body, and DO God’s Will, Satan will try to confuse you and scare you, or tempt your animal body, to mislead you. When this happens, God is allowing Satan to tempt you, to test your faith and will-power, to see if you are sincere, and REALLY mean what you say. Don’t give-in! This is when you must cling to your faith, like a drowning man clings to a life-saver. You must EXPECT this to happen, and be READY for it, and when it does, ask God to help you to overcome, by controlling Satan for you.

13:116 When this happens, every time that it happens, and you are confused, DO nothing. Sit down and shut-off your human-senses, and tell God that you are confused, and that you don’t understand, and ask Him to tell you clearly, and exactly, what He wants you to do. Listen for His answer, and be SURE that it is His voice, and NOT Satan’s.

13:117 When you are SURE, that you have heard, and understood God’s Message, the confusion and anxiety will float away, and you will feel relieved, and as though a great weight has just been lifted off your chest, or shoulders. Then, and not before, go forward and follow God’s guidance, to victory, and, EVENTUALLY, home, to Heaven, which is not a silly abstract, superstitious dream, but a REAL place. It is a place where no-one steals; or kills; or tells lies; and everyone loves (spiritually) everyone.


Inspiring video to Live your LIFE to the fullest.

We are all driven by two forces, Love and fear.


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10:25 My soul, which is the REAL me, came down from heaven, just like the last time, 2000 years ago. God’s Son is Prince Michael (theARCH-ANGEL) - Christ; was Jesus (Christ) The Nazarite; isME,who was the spirit/soul locked-inside “the son of Mary”, which was99
a human-animal, created by Mary’s body, with a little help from my Father (the Immaculate Conception). I used the “son of Mary”, so that people could see and hear me, so I could give the demonstration of how YOU have to be, before you can go home, just as I am now using this body, for the same reason. I controlled “the son of Mary”and used him, from within, for the benefit of everyone, which is what you all HAVE TO DO, with the animal bodies that YOU are using.10:26 God said (in the Koran) that the MAN Jesus (human body NOT the soul) was not His Son (because God is not a human, and thereforecan not have a human-son), not the spirit/soul within the man. Godtold a great many people, on various occasions, in the New Testament,that Christ, the spirit within the hu-MAN-animal, was “His beloved Son, in whom He was, and still is, well pleased,” and God NEVER lies(Matt. 3:17 & 17:5 & Mark 1:11 & 9:7 & Luke 3:22 & 9:35)(Sura 4:171).10:27 Christ did not die on the cross, the human-animal-body being used, called Jesus the Nazarite, the “son of Mary”, died (Sura 4:157).YOUARENOTHUMAN