The Way home or face The Fire

Link - The Way home or face The Fire


People are saying this is the MOST important book on the planet. Is it? Read it and decide for yourself.

Most people wonder at the purpose of life. Is there a mission or destiny for each of us? Reconciling the claims of science with those of religion often leaves the rational mind confused. The book is both unique and exhilarating. It offers an abundance of food for thought and is a tremendous challenge. It has a message too!

You can read it online or download the free PDF. It is available in English - print and audio, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, and Português.

This is the “little book” referred to in the Book of Revelation; and “Mother of the Book” in the Koran.

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Many thanks to everyone involved in helping spread the word around the world in many languages. Everyone needs this book and to follow The Way.

Please read it from beginning to end, you will not regret it.