WEF's "Invest in Trees" EXPOSED: Global Surveillance Grid

The World Economic Forum's "Investing in Forests" program sounds great - who doesn't want to plant more trees? But behind its philanthropic appeal lies a global surveillance grid, monitoring all activity on the planet -- just as prescribed by Agenda 2030 and their 4th Industrial Revolution. Christian shares an unreleased document and reveals the truth in this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

And of course, many of these companies link back to Bill Gates.

On the surface - it's about planting trees and they invest a few million in that endeavor.

But what lies beneath is the 100s of million they are investing in "monitoring" with AI Tech, etc. like Satellites, drones, high-resolution images.

An example - IDH's Technology is investing in AI-enabled water management in agriculture, which goes back to tracking and tracing all resources on the planet. And investing in trees has a lot to do with food production.

Look at the AG1 Initiative which is basically replacing heirloom seeds with terminator GMO seeds.

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Instead of following the WEF Satanic Goals, Follow God's plan to create a green sustainable economy - GREEN, SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS A PHASE OF DIVINE LAW