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Irish Villagers Attacked and Pepper Sprayed by Police. Conflict Over Hundreds of ‘Unvetted Migrant’ Centres Being Planted Throughout Ireland and the UK

by tts-admin | May 4, 2024 | 40 comments

Mark Keenan – Global Research May 1, 2024

The Irish government is now at war with its own people as clashes grow between police and Irish citizens who are protesting against over thousands of unchecked/unvetted migrants literally being ‘forced’ into their small communities. Government statistics show that 87% of the migrants are intentionally destroying their passports upon entry to avail of ‘asylum seeker’ status, therefore nobody know who these people are and whether, or not, they have a criminal record. Furthermore, most of the migrants seeking ‘asylum status’ are from countries that have no war. The migrants are eligible for free accommodation, free social welfare, free medical care, food, clothes, and various other perks. Whilst at the same time that the Irish government is facilitating mass immigration there are 14,000 Irish homeless people on the streets, and the Irish face a very serious accommodation crisis as the cost of renting has sky-rocketed. Make no mistake about it this could turn very nasty.

The following shocking video of Irish villagers being attacked and pepper-sprayed by government police is an example of what is happening throughout Ireland (and the UK) as the Irish government, which for years has been little more than a puppet of the EU, turns, yet again, on the Irish people. Irish people, renowned for their friendly nature of ‘100,000 welcomes’ have in general been very welcoming to migrants. However, now after years of blatant ‘unvetted’ migration, increased crime, and a serious accommodation crisis for Irish people, it appears many Irish have simply had enough.

Ireland is being planted - villagers clash with police over new centre of 200 unvetted migrants

Ireland is

Ireland is being planted - villagers clash with police over new centre of 200...


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Shocking news has emerged that Illegal migrants are being recruited into the Irish Police and being allowed to stand as political candidates in a truly alarming expose of a globalist underhanded move to supplant and subjugate the Irish people. Ireland is the new battleground. What we are witnessing in Ireland is going to be replicated across every country and nation that is being targeted by globalist infiltrators in our respective governments.