Saliva SPIT Test is the Next Global Step: Followed by the Health Passport

Recently, Public Health Director conveniently told Gibraltar that the easy-breezy spit test was coming to Gibraltar.


It's part of the [Global Plan].

Do an internet search for saliva test for covid and you'll find lots to read about how countries, companies, and universities are all involved in this next [Lockstep].

T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have been getting you prepared by with their propaganda machines (main-stream-media).

In the article, Dr Bhatti said GHA Consultant Medical Microbiologist Dr Nick Cortes is working on a trial, on behalf of the UK Government, to validate whether saliva can be used instead of the throat swab.

Trials in the UK started awhile back:

Of which Dr. Nick Cortes was involved:

​'No-Swab' saliva test developed by lab team including Gibraltarian Dr Nick Cortes goes on trial in Southern England

See also:

But they have been done worldwide:

Bhatti wasn't the only one to say the nasal swab tickled your brain, because everyone of these lackeys read from the same global play book. He's proven [time] and [time] again who's side he's on; and he needs to be held into [account].

Gibraltar is just going along with The Plan, same as Salford and elsewhere –

You Know Where This IS LEADING?

All you have to do is read their propaganda headlines:

There is a huge amount of money going into this.


To get to the next step:

Here's where Big Tech enters:

This evil is already being sold as good in Ireland:

Then, you will not be able to buy, sell, travel without a Health Passport, as tweeted by Ritchie Allen, "...preparations for routine checks on millions of people with no symptoms." Your health passport (phone) will be updated with the result & can be scanned by readers at shops, cinemas, bus/train stations etc. To keep your passport in the green will require regular vaccination.”

It's all happening on everyone's watch. And this enslavement will continue until you seek The Light and Do It God's Way.

For complete clarification on this, read The Way home or face The Fire.

Time is running out.

We can see where this is going.

Regular coronavirus checks on schoolchildren, shoppers and commuters will be piloted as part of a £500 million effort to use mass testing to get Britain back to normal.

Weekly testing of teachers will also be trialled as part of preparations for routine checks on millions of people with no symptoms.

Spit tests that avoid the need for uncomfortable swabs will be used after preliminary findings suggested that they were just as good as standard tests.

A 20-minute test technology that gives results on the spot will also be studied further as ministers plan for a world in which regular testing becomes part of everyday life.

Testing becomes part of everyday life.

Well, until the vaccine.

Kevin Boyle’s article was featured on [The Truthseeker]:

This is about the 500 million pound mass testing project through saliva tests. Note the phrase: IF THEY WORK

New corona virus testing site in Houston uses saliva, not a nasal swab; hopes to test 2K per day.

Blue Covid Testing Center just opened their doors last Sunday. They tested 1,000.00 on the first day.
So how does it work?

  1. No appointment is necessary.
2.  You need to make sure you don’t eat or drink 30 minutes before 
     you do the test.
  1. When you get to the drive-through testing center you provide them
    with a sample of 5 milliliters of saliva.

  2. And within 48-72 hours you get your results back.

  3. Oh, and it's NOT free. Cost of the test is not cheap either, only a $149.00.