Police charge at anti-lockdown protesters in Dublin after man launches FIREWORK at officer’s face (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered in Dublin to protest Ireland’s restrictive lockdown policies. But the Saturday gathering soon turned violent, as police were pelted with bottles, cans, and even fireworks.

Ireland’s first national lockdown in 2020 was the longest in Europe, and the nationwide restrictions currently in place have been ranked the fourth-toughest in the world – and the toughest in Europe – by researchers at Oxford University. With the highest level of restrictions set to remain in place until early April at the earliest, hundreds of protesters gathered in Dublin on Saturday to protest the measures.

After symbolically assembling at the General Post Office, where Irish revolutionaries declared independence from Britain more than a century ago, the hundreds-strong crowd marched to St. Stephen’s Green, a park that had been closed by police in anticipation of the protest.

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15 hours ago

Who trained the Gardai? Police are supposed to de-escalate. Baton on the shoulder is an aggressive stance. No surprise that people will start to attack. Seems like this is exactly what they want. Police should pick their sides carefully.

17 hours ago

and its going to get alot worse for the cops who choose the wrong side of history