MASSIVE CDC Cover-Up: Delta Variant Comes From Getting Vaccinated – Dr. Jane Ruby


You will NOT believe your ears or your eyes as you watch this BREAKING & DAMNING interview with Dr. Jane Ruby. She reveals a MASSIVE CDC COVER-UP, using date FROM THE CDC’s VERY OWN WEBSITE, no less! BOOM! And the Evil Elite Globalists, with the aid of the Complicit Cohorts, the Demonic Democrats, the Removed-From-God RINOs and the Fake News Mockingbird Media are hiding the TRUTHS from you, starting with the very REAL possibility that the Delta Variant is not really the ‘stronger version’ of the COVID-19 virus.** Rather, the ‘Delta Variant’ is actually just ‘what happens when you get vaccinated’..! SAY WHAAAAAT?!?! That’s right, it’s not the ‘variant virus’ that it’s being spun to be, but a SIDE EFFECT of getting the KILLER JAB! And if THAT wasn’t enough of a BOMBSHELL for you, just wait til you hear how many of OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING and NEARLY DYING all because of the EVIL KILLER CONCOCTION being SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS! Patriots, the facts are clear: DO NOT GET THE KILLER JAB and make DARN sure you keep your kids out of their harm’s way! You have been warned! PLEASE SHARE this video as far and as wide as you can! You will NOT want to miss this **EPIC EPISODE!


Magnetofection is Real – Stew Peters interviews Dr. Jane Ruby

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Dear @GibMessenger , Thank-You for this good video with irrefutable proof the vaccinated are being diagnosed with horrific side effects, serious fall out, when before vaccinated they were healthy. Governor Phil Murphy believes 99.9% of those now hospitalized with the delta variant are the unvaccinated, when in truth it is with out a doubt the opposite.

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You're welcome.

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