Israeli Booster Shot/Deaths Update 9/26

Two weeks ago, I spoke about the relationship between the increase in booster shot uptake in israel and the uptick in covid deaths.

I updated this a week ago and added what I believe to be a useful metric, the number of people currently in the 2 week “worry window” post vaccination where there has been well demonstrated immuno-suppression, enhanced covid susceptibility, and where we’ve seen many stories of very rapid illness, hospitalization, and death this (and many vaccine deaths called “covid deaths”)

See link for graphs and explanation.

State of Israel Proves Vaccinations Cause Covid

The Israeli People Committee’s Report on the lethal impact of vaccinations

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Talks To Israeli Politicians and Health Minister About C19 Vaccines

The Holocaust in Israel Exposed in Leaked Zoom Call with Pfizer Scientist Admitting that Israelis are Laboratory for Pfizer COVID Shot

The evil plan unfolds...

What happens if Israel fails the stress test?

by Geert Vanden Bossche

... it is reasonable to expect booster injections to only enable the virus to more rapidly evolve resistance to the vaccines. This evolution would be dramatically expedited by vaccinating and boosting more and more younger age groups.

Israel’s booster efforts are likely to generate a spectacular surge of morbidity and mortality rates in the population as a combined result of increased S-directed immune selection pressure in vaccinees (i.e., optimizing the breeding ground for the Delta variant) and enhanced infectivity rates in the unvaccinated.


Dr.Bossche WARNING – that mass vaccinations may create an “unstoppABLE monster” and that mass vaccinations during the pandemic could transform the relatively harmless coronavirus we first saw (SARS-cov-2) into a deadly “biological weapon".

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