Irish Savant - Have you had your jab yet?

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As applies with all bureaucracies, attack the messenger, not the problem. The Sunday Telegraph has seen many of the warning letters, including this message: “Gents — points from the CUB (Commander’s Update Brief): No one is to post to Pineapple Express — current investigation is ongoing.” The Pineapple Express believes the end goal is to identify all administrators and have the page shut down.

Well here’s the latest from them. I can’t verify it for the simple reason that, as at time of posting, there’s been a media blackout of the information. Based on TPE’s record to date it’s almost certain to be true.


Words of Wisdom - Beware of Government


When people fear their government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty


5G, Covid19, Vaccination plandemic - are the last stages of the Ashke-Nazi New World Order satanic plan to enslave and kill-off most of mankind