Hydrogen for health? Simply, all we need is the Healing of the Holy Spirit. Not science.

3 John 1:1 The elder unto the well-beloved Gaius, whom I love in the Truth.
1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Proverbs 4:20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
4:21 Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.
4:22 For they [are] Life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.
4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it [are] the issues of life.

16:24 Pleasant words [are as] an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Wisdom 1:18. The fear of the Lord is a Crown of Wisdom, making peace and perfect health to flourish; both of which are the gifts of God: and it increaseth the rejoicing of them that love Him.

17:26. Turn again to The Most High, and turn away from iniquity: for He will lead thee out of darkness into the Light of health, and hate thou abomination vehemently.

18:19. Learn before thou speak, and have a care for thy health or ever thou shalt be sick.
18:20. Before judgment examine thyself, and in the day of visitation thou shalt find mercy.
18:21. Humble thyself before thou be sick, and in the time of sins show repentance.
18:22. Let nothing hinder thee to pay thy vow in due time, and defer not until death to be justified.
18:23. Before thou prayest, prepare thyself; and be not as one that tempteth the Lord (Matt. 6:6; Sura 7:55).

30:15. Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.

34:17. He raiseth up the soul, and lighteneth the eyes: He giveth health, life, and blessing.

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

Our Impressive Immune System



Thank you. :). I have learned that Father is all we need, and to learn to use The Force, putting on His Armour and being obedient to His Will. I need to become more keen in Scripture, so thank you for sharing all you did here.

In the video, the man is trying to put across that he believes hydrogen is the Spirit of God, when I know God/Father as a conscious Holy Spirit, and His creation includes hydrogen.

It seems that to believe what this man does, may just confuse the soul and keep it tied to the earth, when in contrast, to keep it simple, we understand that we're spirits and Father will uphold us, and there's no need to get too scientific with it.

Thanks again for the Scripture, it really did help me here.


@PeaceIsKey ,

You are most certainly welcome. Thank-you kindly for your gracious response.

Over time all these little efforts you're making will add up and that's why time wisely spent here on this truther's forum is important, as it builds both faith and JOY in ever increasing measure. While seeking to know the Scriptures better memory, faith and trust begin to appear in a trusting little child and transforming our outlook on life for the better. How could it NOT? This forum provides an opportunity to be a part of building His KINGDOM here on earth. What ever your human task may be in the KINGDOM you'll be prepared correctly. It is better to dig a ditch in the Kingdom than be in Satan's temporary fantasy world full of temporary worldly riches and fame that will one day crumble to nothingness.

Why would any one want to miss even one minute of being with Father for any reason?

The Way home or face The Fire

8:100 If you are not actually talking, you must still continue to listen, and acknowledge His presence,
and the contact; keeping the line open. The moment you break, or allow the contact to be broken, you
are allowing an opening for Satan to use, and he will “jump straight-in, with both feet.”

You are most certainly welcome. This truth forum is for learning and we are all doing it together as a F/family. Some are on a higher levels than others and have more responsibilities.

Mark 12:32 And the lawyer said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but He:
12:33 And to love Him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love [his] neighbour as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.
12:34 And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from The Kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him [any question].

Shared in Love,,

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Deuteronomy 6:1 Now these [are] the Commandments , the Statutes , and the Judgments , which the "I AM" your God commanded to teach you, that ye might do [them] in the land where ye go to possess it:
6:2 That thou mightest fear the "I AM" thy God, to keep all His Statutes and His Commandments, which I command thee, thou, and thy son, and thy son's son (in perpetuity), all the days of thy life; and that thy days may be prolonged.
6:3 Hear therefore, O Israel, and observe to do [it]; that it may be well with thee , and that ye may increase mightily, as the "I AM" God of thy fathers hath promised thee , in the land that floweth with milk and honey.

In verse 6:3, Father was not talking about the immune system; but, it is an interesting coincidence to note that, if tapped into, the body's lymphatic fluid (part of the immune system) is white like milk and the largest component of human blood without the red blood cells / hemoglobin is plasma which is the light color of honey.

Honey is therefore symbolically the milk of Spiritual Wisdom just as milk is symbolically the milk of human-kindness, in the "land flowing with milk and honey." Quatrain 1,44

Wishing you good (physical, mental, spiritual) health, prosperity and many joy-filled days.


Thank you for the kind well wishes, to you also.

God Bless



I didn know that about the immune system, and thank you for the Quatrain 1,44. This is all very interesting and eye opening. :).

I wish you well, and blessed days, as well. :slight_smile:

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You're very kind. :). Thank you for all you said.

"Why would any one want to miss even one minute of being with Father for any reason?" You're sure right about this. I feel it ultimately is the "self" that breaks the connection, so hence the importance of the "self"-crucifixion. This is an area I need to work on.

About being connected with Him, I have found great Peace in the "Secret Place of the Most High", and feel it's of the greatest of treasures any soul can have with Father. I must spend more time there. I believe Jesus experienced this each time He went to be alone with Father.

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@NancyDrewberry ,

Thank-you for sharing this truth.

2 Esdras 2:19. And as many fountains flowing with milk and honey, and seven mighty mountains, whereupon there grow roses and lilies, whereby I will fill thy children with joy.
2:20. Do right to the widow, judge for the fatherless, give to the poor, defend the orphan, clothe the naked,
2:21. Heal the broken and the weak, laugh not a lame man to scorn, defend the maimed, and let the blind man come into the sight of My clearness.

May your journey be filled with JOY


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Thank-you as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Luke 17:20 And when he was demanded of the politicians, when The Kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, The Kingdom of God is within you.


You're welcome


You are welcome.


Dear @PeaceIsKey ,

To discuss further what is taking place in the video.
Glad you recognize the twisted deception on words used to sell products we simply don't need that truthfully do more damage to our human+spirit-energy Being than good.

John 4:24 God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship [Him] with their spirit (Being) and in Truth. 4:25 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messiah cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things. 4:26 Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am [he].

Keep it simply. Our spiritual condition manifest it's self in the human body. So if the body becomes ill it's a sign to stop doing what ever is not pleasing God.

"and there's no need to get too scientific with it."

1 Timothy 5:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane [and] vain babblings, and OPPOSITIONS OF SCIENCE (knowledge) FALSELY SO CALLED:
5:21 Which some professing [to have] have erred concerning the faith. Grace [be] with thee. Amen.

Pharmacy Is Not Modern Science. It Is Ancient.

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

https://jahtruth.net › heal

Refuge. - July 16

Know My Divine Power. Trust in Me. Dwell in My Love. Laugh and trust. Laughter is a child's faith in God and good.

Seek safety in My Secret Place.

You cannot be touched or harmed there. That is sure.

Really feel as if you were in a strong Tower, strongly guarded, and against which nothing can prevail.

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This all reminds me of this Scripture from the Gospel of Thomas, that has stuck with me:

8:9 If they say to you: "Who are you?", say: "We are His sons and we are the Elect of the Living Father". If they ask you: "What is the sign of your Father in you?", say to them: "It is a movement and a rest".

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68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, and by this also its power consumes them.

In contrast, it's truly a beautiful thing for us to KNOW the security with Father in that Secret Place with Him. It is a mighty sacred treasure between a soul and Him. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Treasure indeed.

A resting place, a place to think, place of peace and serenity like no other.

God bless

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@PeaceIsKey ,

Stop All Work Until - - July 23

Our Lord, grant us that wonderful inward Peace.

My children that Peace does truly pass all understanding. That peace no man taketh from you. No man has the power to disturb that Peace, but you yourselves can let the world and its worries and distractions in.

You can give the entrance to fears and despondency. You can open the door to the robber who breaks in upon, and destroys, your peace.

Set yourselves this task to allow nothing to disturb your peace, your heart calm, with Me. Stop all work, stop all intercourse with others - until this is restored. Do not let those about you spoil your peace of heart and mind. Do not let any one without; any trouble; any irritation; any adversity, disturb it even for one moment. Control! Control! You must learn control.

Look on each difficulty as training to enable you to acquire this peace. Every work, every interruption - set yourself to see that none of it touches the harmony of the real you, that is hid with Me in the Secret Place of The Father.