Hydrogen for health? Simply, all we need is the Healing of the Holy Spirit. Not science.

I Love this message. Read it after waking up today.

Thank you for posting it here. :).

I'm going to write it down in my journal, to keep it close.

Enjoy your Sabbath. :slight_smile:


Since I read this the other day, I've wanted to add it here. :).

GE July 31 – All in Order

He ordered my goings.

Guidance first, but more than that, Divine order in your life, your home, all your affairs.

Order in all. Attain spiritual order first. The perfect calm which can be realized only by a soul that abides in My Secret Place.

Then the mental order of a mind which is stayed on Me and has the sanity and poise of a mind so stayed.

Then truly must order manifest itself in your surroundings.

Each task will be entered upon with prayer, as a Divine Commission, and carried through without haste, in the utter contentment.

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