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Americans, We Have A Problem! It Is Time To Confront This Evil We Are Faced With!


How’s everybody feeling this morning now that the whole world realizes we are a Banana Republic?

There should be blood by now. Nothing….

These commies know just what levers to touch and which ones to leave alone (for the time being) to continue to lull is to our destruction.

Republicans say that if they win the Congress come November they promise the “toughest” investigation of the DOJ that will do absolutely squat except continue to keep the people complacent while they further destroy our Liberty!

How much longer are we going to continue falling for this garbage?

While I’m no fan of Trump, what happened last night is disturbing to say the least. To raid a former Presidents home using corrupt government agencies should wake this whole country up. It doesn’t surprise me at all, it was to be expected. These communist who have stolen our country will wield whatever power they have to bring their enemies to kneel.

Trump had his opportunity. His capitulating to the swamp rather than fighting them tooth and nail has returned to bite him in the ass. I wonder if he still thinks “take the guns first, due process later” was such a wise statement. I wonder how he feels about being the “father of the Vax”? Perhaps they are going to arrest him and hold him with the January 6thers that he left rot. Wonder how that’ll go?

Maybe Trump is just playing his part so the FBI can lure more “Patriots” out and arrest and disappear them. I so wanted to trust Trump in the early days, I just couldn’t and still don’t. Sure Trump did some good. He also allowed a lot of bad. Unacceptable.

Trump had his chance to lead. Who would come to his call for help now? After Jan 6th, and the way he blew his opportunity there, nope, not going to happen. Trump still has a death grip on our side and I just wish he would fade away. Trump keeps holding packed self-worship rallies where he makes excuses and grander promises. As long as people on Our Side keep answering his booty call, there is NO hope and only more certain destruction to come. It doesn’t matter who our side puts up for voting, VOTING IS USELESS!!!

Have you done your homework in your local AO? Perhaps it’s time. We can’t continue to wait for someone to come and save us.

I’ve suffered under this evil government about as long as I care to. Everyone needs to realize the future is all in our hands, not these evil people in our so called government. Evil must be confronted and held accountable. It’s time we do what needs doing. Quit looking for Trump to do it for you. Only We the People can save us from this evil.

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At this late hour, yes, it's past time to conquer this evil.

You're welcome and thank-you @Persistent.

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You're welcome.


Texas Judge upholds gun rights for those under 21

A Texas judge has ruled that the right to bear arms is not limited by age, in yet another victory for gun rights months after a landmark Supreme Court decision upheld the Second Amendment.

The judge struck down a state ban on carrying handguns for adults under 21, Fox News reported.

Another gun rights victory

The lawsuit was brought by the Firearms Policy Coalition in November on behalf of two plaintiffs below age 21.

While age restrictions are mentioned in various sections of the Constitution, they are absent in the Second Amendment, U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ruled.

“Based on the Second Amendment’s text, as informed by Founding-Era history and tradition, the Court concludes that the Second Amendment protects against this prohibition.” Pittman wrote. “Texas’s statutory scheme must therefore be enjoined to the extent that law-abiding 18-to-20-year-olds are prohibited from applying for a license to carry a handgun.”

Pittmann cited the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen decision in June, in which the Supreme Court struck down a New York law requiring people to have special reasons to carry firearms publicly.

The court ruled that the Second Amendment “presumptively protects” the right to bear arms and that the burden falls on the government to prove a firearm regulation is “consistent with the Second Amendment’s text and historical understanding.”

Liberals react

Following that line, Pittmann noted that “the undisputed historical evidence establishes that 18-to-20-year-olds were understood to be a part of the militia in the Founding Era.”

The Firearms Policy Coalition called the ruling “a significant victory for the rights of young adults in Texas” that “demonstrates for the rest of the nation that similar bans cannot withstand constitutional challenges grounded in history.”

Of course, liberal gun control groups are upset by the decision.

Shannon Watts, founder of the gun-control organization Moms Demand Action, called the decision “yet another example of a radical court operating wildly out of step with the American people and the Constitution.”

Meanwhile, liberal states such as New York have sought to skirt Bruen with new, draconian gun laws, setting up further legal challenges. On the other hand, Texas enacted a constitutional carry law last year allowing adults over 21 to carry handguns without a permit.

Gun saves the day: Texas teen fights off home intruders using SHOTGUN, kills 2

Three men wearing ski masks attempted to enter a house in Channelview, Texas at around 10:40 p.m. on Sept. 9. Four individuals – an adult female, two 17-year-old teenagers and a 12-year-old child – were inside the residence at the time. The three perpetrators “attempted to make force entry,” according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).

As the criminals attempted to break in, one of the teenagers grabbed a shotgun and fired at the intruders several times. Two of the suspects were killed, according to law enforcement who arrived at the scene. The third suspect, however, fled the scene in a dark-colored four-door sedan.

None of the other occupants of the house were injured.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” says the Second Amendment. This right comes with a good reason, as it empowers even the most vulnerable to fight back instead of being victims. A firearm in hand evens out the odds for any potential victim of crime – be it man, woman or child.

TWHOFTF 12:99 Guns were originally invented for hunting food, and for protection, against wild-animals, and also for self-defence against evil aggression, because a small, or old person, could not defend himself/herself against a stronger aggressor. Guns are an equalizer.

12:100 NO-ONE has the right, to take away the rights that God gave to YOU; one of which is your right to self-defence, against evil, and aggression (real and NOT imaginary); unless they can replace it with something better.

12:101 The police, because of their own cowardice, have made it illegal to own a gun, and to defend yourself, and have given you nothing in return, because they can not possibly be with you, all of the time, and they are so busy chasing honest people, for money, that they do not have the time to protect the public from, and to catch, REAL criminals.

12:102 Prevention is always better than cure, and a young thug would think twice, about attacking an old lady, or gentleman, if that old person possibly had a gun, and could shoot them, LAWFULLY, in accordance with GOD’S Laws (Exodus 22:2).

12:103 Given a perfect situation, in a society, if you were to disarm anyone, you would disarm the criminals; wouldn’t you? So what does man do, with his stupid illogic? He decides to disarm The Law-abiding public, who are no danger to anyone, and leave violent and vicious criminals with weapons, and then, to make the situation even worse, he does away with the only other deterrent to criminals - “the DEATH-Penalty”.

12:104 The harmless, Law-abiding public, are then left, totally defenceless, against armed, vicious criminals, whilst the police are busy STEALING money from motorists, under unlawful human laws/legislation.

Do you think THAT makes SENSE? - Totally insane!! - The Way Home

‘You Loot, We Shoot,’ DeSantis Issues Stark Warning To Would Be Thieves

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a warning for would be thieves in the wake of Hurricane Ian, “You loot, we shoot.”

“They boarded up all the businesses, and there are people that wrote on their plywood, ‘you loot, we shoot,’” the governor said at a press conference on Friday, The Daily Mail reported. “At the end of the day, we are not going to allow lawlessness to take advantage of this situation. We are a law-and-order state, and this is a law-and-order community, so do not think that you’re going to go take advantage of people who’ve suffered misfortune.”

He went on to talk about law enforcement and the fact that Florida is a state that stands behind gun owners.

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Sheriff Grady Judd Polk County FL said to shoot looters make them look like grated cheese.

Florida Sheriff Says Turn LOOTERS Into GRATED CHEESE

46. Guns – Your God Given Right

September 8, 2014 · by . · in Social

Self Defence

The legislation that restricts or prevents your God given right to gun ownership is fraudulent. Easily defend yourself against their lies – “Challenge” (British countries) & (Rest of world – Jurisdiction Challenge).

The New World Order’s goal is to reduce the world population to 500 million (as per their Satanic Georgia Guide Stones) by killing everyone off, which is why they want to disarm everyone. But the author at the site has exposed who they are, and has found their Achilles’ heal. They are all bound by the 1953 Coronation Oath, which guarantees your right to guns etc. See the above two sites.

Guns are a GOD given right to own, possess in any amount, the only thing Gods laws say is to use them responsibly.


# Joe Biden Again Talks Nonsense About Gun Control

Red Voice Media

Published November 24, 2022

The Five Basic God-given Rights

Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Entering Home Through Window

A man was shot dead Thursday night around 11:20 after allegedly entering a second story window of a Vancouver, Washington, home.

KPTV reported that the man entered through the window after breaking it and was then confronted by the homeowner, who shot him.

Police arrived and found the suspect dead at the scene, KATU noted.

On December 14 Breitbart News pointed out that a man was shot dead in Port John, Florida, after allegedly attacking another man who was sitting in his car eating outside McDonald’s.

In that incident 36-year-old Brandon Turner allegedly walked up to the driver as he sat in his car eating and began attacking him, FOX News observed. The driver retrieved a firearm he kept in his car and fired one shot, killing Turner.

WESH2 reported the conversation on police radio as law enforcement described the incident: “We got a caller on the line. Advises that they had shot someone. That a male had come up and started punching him in the front seat of his truck so he shot him in the chest.”

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Florida politician understands the God Given Right to bear arms





With 'Govt' The All-Time Leader In Mass Murder, History Proves, 'Gun Control' Kills People! Americans Should Never Give Up Their Guns To A Radical Left That Has Blood On Their Hands

"There is no comparison whatever between an armed and disarmed man; it is not reasonable to suppose that one who is armed will obey willingly one who is unarmed; or that any unarmed man will remain safe." —Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince (1537)