ERS visits stopped again as 45 new Covid cases detected in four days, none hospitalised

12th July 2021

The number of Covid cases in Gibraltar has risen to 79 and, after positive cases found in ERS, no visitors will be allowed into Mount Alvernia and John Mackintosh Home.
The rise has seen 45 cases detected in four days, including a mix of residents, visitors and cross-frontier workers.
Over the weekend, the Gibraltar Government announced visits to Mount Alvernia and John Mackintosh Home have stopped immediately as a precautionary measure due to a resident and a member of staff respectively testing positive for Covid-19.
“This difficult decision has been carefully considered by clinical professionals following Public Health advice,” a statement from No.6 Convent Place said.
“The Elderly Residential Services management wish to thank all those whose advice and hard work has ensured that the right measures have been in place to catch this case at the earliest possible opportunity and would also like to take this opportunity to thank residents, their families and friends for their patience and understanding.”

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The number of Covid cases confirmed on the Rock has surpassed one hundred.

There are currently 115 active cases after 23 were reported on Wednesday.

One person is being treated in the Covid ward at St Bernard's Hospital, with three positive cases currently in the ERS.

Despite this, no further restrictions are yet being imposed by government which says we are looking at a very different scenario from last year because of the wide vaccination programme.

Minister for Public Health, John Cortes says the Government is cautious and constantly monitoring.

16th July 2021

The number of Covid-19 cases has more than doubled in five days, with the Gibraltar Government tightening restrictions on self-isolation.
On Monday, active cases stood at 79, but five days later on Friday cases reached 164.
The number of people in self-isolation has also more than doubled in this time from 236 to 574, seeing more than 338 asked to isolate in five days.
In response to the increased number of cases, a statement from No6 Convent Place announced all household contacts whether vaccinated or not will need to self-isolate.
“Given our successful vaccination programme, the practice until recently has been that a vaccinated close contact of a positive case no longer needed to self-isolate,” the Government said.
“That person could leave home as long as a mask was worn in all settings and could even continue to go to work depending on the circumstances of the workplace.”
“The public is advised that those rules have now changed.”
The Government warned the reason for the change in rules is because the Delta variant of the virus is more contagious and therefore spreads more quickly.
The more transmissible Delta variant, first found in India, is the dominant variant in Gibraltar, and has spread worldwide.
In Gibraltar, all active cases which have been tested in the Gibraltar Health Authority’s genome sequencing laboratory have the Delta variant, bar one case where the lab was unable to sequence the test.
This means in Gibraltar there are 79 people with the Delta variant and 84 test results still pending.
Genome sequencing typically takes the GHA labs around 48 hours to complete.
“This means that if someone in a household contracts the disease, the likelihood is that other members of that same household will follow,” the Government said.
“Household contacts of a positive case are now required to self-isolate whether they have been vaccinated or not.”
“The Contact Tracing Bureau will at first circulate a text message to all known contacts.”
“This will be followed by a telephone call to each of them where the details surrounding the nature of the contact will be discussed, looked at more closely and new instructions issued accordingly.”
On Friday 32 new positive cases were identified, 30 residents and two visitors, of which 29 were vaccinated and three were unvaccinated.
The age group with the highest number of positives was those 20 to 30 years, making up 12 of the 32 cases, this was followed by the 40 to 50 age range with seven cases.
Of the 30 new resident cases in Gibraltar on Friday, 12 were close contacts of existing active cases.
Overall including residents, visitors and cross frontier workers active cases in Gibraltar stood at 183 on Friday, with 151 residents, 19 cross frontier and 13, visitors active.
But even with cases rising the number of hospitalisations remains low with one person in the Covid-19 Ward and no cases in Elderly Residential Services.
The rise in cases has seen the Government remind to public to exercise caution.
“The Government urges the public to follow the advice that has been given throughout the pandemic.”
“This includes washing hands regularly with soap and water, or where not available, the use of hand sanitisers instead.”
“It remains important to keep your distance from others and to avoid large crowds or gatherings if you are elderly or otherwise vulnerable in any way.”
“It is still a legal requirement to wear a mask in certain settings, like shops and public transport. Gibraltar has a world class testing programme and a world class vaccination programme which means that an essential part of the framework to tackle this disease is already in place.”
“However, it is vital that everyone plays their part in the fights against the virus and that we all behave in a sensible and responsible manner as well.”

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Politician Picardo's 11 Jan 2021 Speech:



In the last few days we have received the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine...

And these vaccines allow us to look past the pandemic this year.

They allow us to see a vision of our lives returning to normal during the course of this year.

And, by accepting appointments to be vaccinated, we will all be able to start to live with Covid in the background.

With that, 2021, and the new hope it brings, will allow us to start to move on.

Gotcha! Picardo gave false hope – so how long are you going to continue to believe the government official narrative?

Returning to normal and putting Covid in the background was never the plan. These were carrots to con Gibraltarians into taking a poisonous jab with the so-called promise of returning freedoms.

The fact that more and more vaccinated people are testing positive for Covid gives more credence to what Prof. Luc Montagnier said – the vaccines are causing the variants.

If Gibraltarians all have the same Delta variant, could it be related to them all getting the same jab?

In response to the increased number of cases, a statement from No6 Convent Place announced all household contacts whether vaccinated or not will need to self-isolate.

The vaccine does not offer the protection they promised.

Given our successful vaccination programme

How do you call it a success, please? That's double-speak.

The Government warned the reason for the change in rules is because the Delta variant of the virus is more contagious and therefore spreads more quickly.

Delta Scariant Variant – Deadly Variants or Political Scariants? – Cummins explains how they manipulate the data.

The Government of Gibraltar will not accept that the vaccine program was not a success (the propaganda might have been), but the government will continue to deny primary and secondary failures of the vaccine to the detriment of real public health.

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Sad to see some Gibraltarians want to PCR test themselves back into lockdown - soon.

The Working-Class Man .

“...Another day, another dollar...” he says to himself, as the worker makes his way from his humble abode to his place of “employment” . . .

No matter what time they tell him to be there, he obeys. No matter what they tell him to do while he’s there, he does it without question. No matter how long they tell him to do it for... He is at the mercy of their bidding and finds himself putting their wishes and demands before his and his family’s affairs and even, at times, risks his own and other people’s physical health and well-being and the environment too, for them and their demands.

“Why?” he says, “Because it pays his bills that’s why.” and they have led him to believe that if he doesn’t spend time serving them, he will not be able to keep himself and his family and he won’t have the “freedom” to do what he likes to do, in the small amount of time that they allow him to do as he pleases.

Has he ever stopped to wonder how this “tread-mill” came to be his lot in life? Does he ever question why it is them who reap the fruits and rewards of his labour and not him?

Most of us haven’t even thought to ask these questions. In these times, in this world, it seems so “normal” for us, the majority, to simply be servants of the materially rich.

It is commonly known that more than 95% of the world’s wealth and resources are in the hands of less than 5% of the world’s population and that every night, two-thirds of the world’s population goes to sleep hungry. How has this come to pass? and how did it come to be so “normal”?

Continued at link.

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Dr. David Martin: There is no “Delta” Variant – “Novel” Coronavirus Known as COVID-19 Was Patented 2 Decades Ago

This is the same video from your post @CloudcityNothing about the “novel” coronavirus is new: Dr. David Martin with Reiner, highlighting a different angle.

Dr. Martin is also one of Reiner Fuellmich's expert witnesses in the Crimes Against Humanity.

If these people are not hospitalised, are they asympomatic, i.e. healthy with a false positive PCR test?

Is this still a case of the casedemic?

They are using this variant-scariant to hide the Truth and to further their coming increased surveillance and restrictions - THE INDIAN VARIANT – PERPETUAL LOCKDOWN

Those Gibraltarian officials perpetuating these crimes against humanity need to be held accountable on The Rock.

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CDC Director Makes Case Vaccination Passports are Futile, Vaccines Do Not Prevent COVID Infection or Delta Variant Transmission

August 6, 2021

They are just making up narratives now, and the media are not calling them out on it….

The Director of the CDC made an important admission during an interview today on CNN. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated the vaccine does not prevent COVID-19 infection, nor does it stop the vaccinated person from transmitting the infection or the delta variant. According to Director Walensky, the only benefit from the vaccine now is presumably that it reduces the severity of symptoms.

If a vaccinated and non-vaccinated person have the same capacity to carry, shed and transmit the virus – with or without symptoms – then what difference does a vaccination passport or vaccination ID make?

According to the CDC TODAY, both the vaxxed and non-vaxxed person walking into a restaurant, store, group, venue or workplace present the exact same risk to other people there, so how does the presentation of proof of vaccine make any difference? WATCH:

(UPDATE – Google removed the video, I replaced with Rumble

)CDC’s Dr. Rochelle Walensky admits