GBC NewsWatch: Arrival of COVID Vaccines on The Rock – Watch Out

The Government of Gibraltar is in full swing in its propaganda of promoting the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Of course, its arrival coincides with the announcement that four seniors have died. They are still trying to scare people into taking the jab and presenting it as a RAY OF HOPE. The vaccines will be falsely marketed as the solution to end the never-ending lockdowns.

Do not let them give you false hope. They don’t intend to end their quest for Global totalitarianism, disguised as a Great Reset, nor their efforts to get everyone vaccinated.

Fabian Picardo said, “Like every Gibraltarian, I am pleased to see the arrival of the vaccine." He admitted Covid has been a nightmare, but vaccines were only the beginning of the end.”

First, Picardo is out of touch if he thinks EVERY Gibraltarian wants the vaccine, especially since many informed Gibraltarians shunned this year’s flu vaccine. Second, when he says it’s the beginning of the end; he really means the end of the old way of life, or how human bodies perform. These vaccines are experimental and DNA altering. Don’t fall for everything the authorities propagate, like Public Health Gibraltar telling you they aren’t DNA-altering.


Do your research on this and obtain information from multiple sources, verifying they do not have any conflicts of interests.

Again, Picardo reveals the real goal – they hoped everyone in Gibraltar would be inoculated by Spring. Note, that he added, “those that want to take the vaccine.” Their plan is for everyone to get it; and it would be prudent to know mandates will be introduced in the future, even if persuasion and coercion are used first.

Sohail Bhatti said their first priority was to cover the maximum number of people. They keep saying it will protect people, but they cannot guarantee that claim. People can still get Covid. And most people who have tested positive with a flawed PCR test in Gibraltar, are asymptomatic – and news is out that asymptomatic people are asymptomatic because they are healthy and not really contagious.

The research changes rapidly. Well, it changes to be inline, or in lockstep, with the worldwide vaccination depopulation goals of the Globalists.

Case in point, Bhatti mentioned the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) revised its stance on pregnant and breast-feeding moms.

Before you blindly believe the JCVI was set up to protect you, know their sole purpose was to protect the national vaccination program (Source: secret government documents that reveal vaccines to be a total hoax.)


“[T]he JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for ‘herd immunity,’ a concept which … does not rest on solid scientific evidence,” explains Dr. Tomljenovic in the introduction to her paper.

“Official documents obtained from the U.K. Department of Health (DH) and the JCVI reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.”

The Covid vacccine now being deemed safe for pregnant and breast-feeding moms needs to be examined for a few reasons. The JCVI just changed their stance as published in the MSM:

Before blindly following their advice, ask yourself why would you want to take ANY unnecessary risks, just because they change their minds. At first Bhatti and Picardo said healthy people didn’t need to wear facemasks – now it is mandatory. Can you trust these people who take orders from eugenic globalists?

Are you really willing to throw the original warning away? Would you put your baby’s life in danger for an experimental vaccine, supposedly for a virus that has an over 99 percent survival rate, when experts say the vaccines will sterilize women. Why did the UK suddenly get on the same page, or in step, with the US?

The original advice:

See more:

And note that NHS website as of 10 January 2021 advice remains that pregnant, nursing, and those that want to get pregnant should not get the vaccine.

Just because the globalists get them to so quickly change their minds, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to throw caution to the wind, nor believe Blind Bhatti's lies as he purposely misleads you.

He also downplays ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK. Allergies should be taken seriously. Are you willing to put your health and fertility at risk for an experimental vaccine for a so-called virus that has a survival rate of over 99 percent? Do you really want to be a guinea pig in this worldwide trial? Do your own research about those having adverse reactions, including death.

Also, their target of older individuals isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

Don’t fall for all the deception. Vaccines are witchcraft and against God’s Law. Everyone has a Life or Death free will choice. But make no mistake, the RAY of LIGHT to the world is The Lord. And He is the Hope of the World, not satanic vaccines.

Learn about real HOPE from Psalms -

Psalm 31:24 - Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the "I AM".

Psalm 78:7 - That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His Commandments:

Psalm 119:115 - Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep The Commandments of my God.
Psalm 119:116 - Uphold me according unto Thy Word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope.

Psalm 130:5 - I wait for the "I AM", my soul doth wait, and in His word do I hope.


There’s a connection between the CCP and the introduction of vaccines -

The Globalists are using the CCP; and the CCP are playing the Globalists.

The Gibraltar Messenger has been telling Gibraltar to watch out for not only these evil Globalists (Elizabeth 2 included), but also has warned everyone of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

When arrogant government officials meet with CCP officials through their company proxies, then don’t think Gibraltarians need to know details of deals, you need to ask why. The CCP is known for their bribes and debt traps around the world.

Recently, the Daily Mail ran an article about the CCP’s infiltration into Britain and the West.

123 CCP individuals have successfully infiltrated the vaccine industry, attaining employment at vaccine giants Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline — corporations that are manufacturing coronavirus vaccines for U.S. civilian and military use.

The CCP created the coronavirus bioweapon, and we believe that the CCP used its spies to infiltrate and compromise vaccine manufacturers in order to turn coronavirus vaccines into “second wave” bioweapons that will injure or kill very large numbers of people who take the vaccines.

This also means that individuals - like the ones on the GBC’s NewsWatch – who are pushing vaccine mandates are playing right into the hands of communist China

Please Read:

We hear of dirty deals about entities paying billions for PPE equipment made in China (here and here); we hear about the W.H.O. being controlled by China. This corruption trickles down to Gibraltar.

So why do things change so rapidly? There’s a depopulation agenda and covert war going on - as the Gibraltar Messenger warned everyone about.

Just a reminder - The CCP planned to take over The West without firing a shot.

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The propaganda continues… Fabian Picarodo’s New Hope speech.

Politician Picardo is Marketing The Pfizer Vaccine.

60 days after the mockingbird media announced that Pfizer offers New Hope, which stemmed from Pfizer's press releases, it becomes Picardo's talking point – "A NEW HOPE - In the last few days we have received the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine."

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine: New hope for the world
Pfizer Offers New Hope
Pfizer’s vaccine offers new hope
Pfizer Offers New Hope

Politician Picardo is promoting Pfizer's Marketing Slogan on The Rock.

Proverbs 8:13 So [are] the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite's hope shall perish:
Proverbs 8:14 Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust [shall be] a spider's web.
Proverbs 8:15 He shall lean upon his house, but it shall not stand: he shall hold it fast, but it shall not endure.

Case in point, Bhatti mentioned the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) revised its stance on pregnant and breast-feeding moms.

Bascially, it was revised that is was generally safe for them.

There was at least one death recorded of an unborn baby dying just after the mother received an experimental mRNA Pfizer shot while pregnant:

I was 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant when I received the first dose of the COVID19 vaccine. Two days later (12/25/2020 in the afternoon), I noticed decreased motion of the baby.

The baby was found to not have a heartbeat in the early am on 12/26/2020 and I delivered a 2lb 7oz nonviable female fetus at 29 weeks gestation. (Source.)

No coincidence. It is murder by injection.

“… failing to recognise that these deaths demand, at the very least, immediate investigation, requires a criminal failure of judgement.

WHO - Moderna COVID-19 vaccine should not be used on pregnant women

The World Health Organization is putting a halt on the coronavirus vaccine by Moderna for pregnant women due to a lack of data.

“There is no reason to think there could be a problem in pregnancy, we are just acknowledging the data is not there at the moment,” O’Brien said, according to a Reuters report.

There’s a whole lot of data NOT THERE.

Still Trust Bhatti on his advice (mimicked from JCVI) about pregnant women getting the vaccine?

UK Government Changes Recommendations on Pregnant Women Getting Experimental COVID Injections Causing at Least 20 Miscarriages So Far

Number of Women who have lost baby as a result of Covid jab doubles in just 7 days, MHRA data shows

UK forces deliver more Coronavirus vaccines to Gibraltar