Dr. Robert Malone – Something Evil is Going On Here


Dr. Robert Malone – mRNA Vaccine Co-Inventor: This Does Not Make Any Sense. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine speaks about what he and many of his colleagues are observing - there is something fundamentally evil about what's happening worldwide.

"I've become convinced that we do have a situation that is essentially the growth and expansion of global tryanny that is harmonized, that is managed, that is aligned across nation states; and it appears to be aligned with the economic interests of a small cluster of investment funds that represents the bulk of Global Western Capital. In the face of a dysfunctional governement and public health response what can you do? Build connections..."

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA inventor, stands with Viganò’s call for alliance against ‘fundamentally evil’ COVID tyranny

Inventor Of mRNA Technology Warned FDA That Shots Could Be Dangerous

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Release Shocking Study On COVID Vaccines And Demand Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations


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Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA) says he’s been “multi-dimensionally red-pilled” on covid, Great Reset, Big Tech censorship and more


Ever since getting banned from Twitter, Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., the inventor of mRNA (messenger RNA) technology, has been on a journey of truth discovery that he describes as being “multi-dimensionally red-pilled.”

Malone sat down for an interview with Kristi Leigh the other day to talk about how his eyes have been opened to so much so quickly. Things he had previously rejected as nonsense have suddenly become true – and much of it he is now experiencing first-hand.

“It’s been a series of epiphanies that have made me realize that there’s no upside to just being circumspect and trying to be a nice guy in this environment,” Malone said. “This is full-on media warfare, information warfare, political warfare, 21st century like we’ve never seen before, and coordinated globally.”

One big discovery that really blew Malone’s mind is the fact that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is not a benevolent entity, and neither is its “Great Reset” agenda.

Coming to terms with Klaus Schwab’s massive depopulation agenda was a tough pill to swallow at first, but now Malone recognizes that the plan is unfolding before our very eyes and Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are a big part of how it is being accomplished.

“This has been a personal journey of coming to terms with what the World Economic Forum really represents, and I really resisted that,” Malone says. “It’s all documented, and then you see it being deployed.”

Malone talks more about this on his blog.

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Here's an article about what was talked about and some time-stamps

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Dr. Robert Malone on Dr. Fauci: “Tony Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time – It’s Tony” (VIDEO)


Dr. Malone was asked about Tony Fauci and his lack of integrity.

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘It’s Tony. What can I say? Tony has no integrity. He lies all of the time. And me and my peers have been watching this for decades. We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say it’s Fauci.”

What about Picardo?

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Dr. Malone's ethics is being questioned.


Dr. Robert Malone opens up about FDA criminality, depopulation and more in interview with Adams

Dr. Robert Malone: COVID jabs were a CIA operation to depopulate the world

In a speech at the 2023 White Coat Summit, Dr. Robert Malone asked the crucial question about the so-called COVID vaccines:

“Why would a government wish to advance this technology?”

His reluctant conclusion is that the novel mRNA injections have been developed by the CIA to assist in a global depopulation program – which has existed in the United States since the 1970s.

Following the scientist

Dr. Malone was one of the pioneers of the technology which led to the development of the mRNA injections. His near-unique insight into their mechanism of action was derided as “misinformation” by the mainstream media, once he began to warn the world of the dangers of these novel interventions.

Who are the puppet masters? U.S. government, Nazi scientists

Dr. Malone says:

When we ask who are the puppet masters behind all this, we have to look the brutal truth in the face. That behind a lot of this is the U.S. government … in funding, policy and actions.