Dr Robert Malone Backs Andrew Bridgen MP

An extract of Dr Malone's blog:

The Honorable Andrew Bridgen MP

It is time to stand up and support the many heroes in this battle.

Last week, I was asked by John Mappin if I would fly into London to help support the honorable Andrew Bridgen, MP in his quest to clear his name and to help spread the word about the censorship and barriers to free speech which he has encountered while trying to help alert the public to the adverse events associated with the vaccine.

Jill and I immediately decided that this was a trip worth taking.

Brian Rose of “London Real” heard that I would be coming to town and asked for a sit-down interview. I consider him a friend and fellow truth warrior, and I had the time directly after landing, and so was glad to enthusiastically agree.

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I am humbled by the support of Dr Robert Malone.

Andrew Bridgen Destroys the Vaccine narrative in UK Parliament.


[All the MPs that walked out are showing they are not interested in protecting their constituents; they're only interested in harming them for financial gain. Gibraltar's MPs?]

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If you are ever in doubt about why the rats in parliament scuttled away during Bridgen's speech yesterday. From 2021............

"Drug companies are giving groups of MPs and peers that campaign on health issues hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in “hidden” funding that could hand them “undue influence”, research has found".

"The pharmaceutical industry has built up a “hidden web of policy influence” over dozens of all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) at Westminster by making hundreds of “non-transparent” payments to them, as part of the industry’s wider effort to lobby those in power, researchers claim".

"Fifty-eight APPGs focusing on different aspects of health received 468 payments totalling just under £2.2m in direct and indirect funding from pharmaceutical firms between 2012 and 2018, academics from the University of Bath found. APPGs receive no money from parliament to support their activities, which often involve ministers being questioned and being sent reports."

"In the context of health-related APPGs, payments from the pharmaceutical industry represent institutional conflicts of interest as they create circumstances where the primary interest, policymaking in the interests of public health, is at risk of being unduly influenced by the secondary interest, the pharmaceutical industry’s goal of maximising profits”, the authors conclude, in a paper published on Thursday evening in the medical journal PLOS One".


The man (UK MP Andrew Bridgen) who wouldn't stay silent

The Government Minister who instructed MPs to leave the Chamber when Andrew Bridgen began his vaccine efficacy/harms speech was Andrew Mitchell MP for Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Mitchell has been exposed as the MP who orchestrated the Parliament walkout at the start of Andrew Bridgen's Vaccine harms speech on Friday. Mitchell, the MP for Sutton Coldfield, can be seen informing members of opposition parties, including Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, before all of them rush from the chamber.

Mitchell is heavily involved in both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and GAVI the Vaccine Alliance, an organisation specifically set up to increase vaccinations in children.

Pandemic Prevention Preparedness and Response International Agreement 17 Apr...


Andrew Bridgen expelled from Conservative Party after comparing Covid vaccines to Holocaust


Andrew Bridgen MP Joins Reclaim Party and Announces He is Suing Matt Hancock for Defamation


These signs are still up all around Parliament. It's about time they were taken down.


Malone, McCullough, Kory, Cole, Martin, Kirsch, Yeadon, Dalgleish Join Bridgen In U.K. Parliament

Malone, McCullough, Kory, Cole, Martin, Kirsch, Yeadon, Dalgleish Join...

As of now, we are being told that filming/streaming of our testimony is not allowed but I will send out a link if this changes (see the below summary of highlights of our planned testimony by Oracle Films below).

Also, for UK citizens, please continue to lobby MPs to attend, the letter template can be found here.

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