Director of Public Health to leave role – Helen Carter Takes His Place

27th July 2021
The Director of Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti, will be departing from his role this Friday after his work contract has not been renewed.

Dr Bhatti has led Gibraltar through the pandemic as Director of Public Health, but despite his last day of work being this week he will stay in Gibraltar for some months.

“The politicians of Gibraltar have protected the people of Gibraltar by listening to the appropriate, qualified, professional advice given to them throughout the Pandemic,” Dr Bhatti told the Chronicle.

“In other territories, where this hasn't happened, there has been almost unmitigated disasters unfolding. I will remain here for a little while longer (though my last day in work is Friday), enjoying the last of the summer. I am honoured to have served the people of Gibraltar. I often choke up when ordinary members of the public come up to me to thank me; all I can say is it has been my privilege.”

“I do not know who is to cover for me, so have not been able to arrange a handover in my remaining three days. I understand the need to localise jobs to Gibraltarians, so wish my successor well. This Pandemic will not be over for another two years - the wily SARS-CoV-2 has a number of new tricks up its sleeve. This autumn will be particularly traumatic, sadly.”

Dr Bhatti has held the role of Director of Public Health for some three years, since November 2018 with his contract formally ending in November 2021.

Due to accumulated leave, he will not be working after this Friday.

Early this morning Dr Bhatti announced his departure on twitter, leaving a goodbye note to all his 1,500 followers.

“My time in Gibraltar has come to an end; my contract is not being renewed. I'm very sorry to have to leave,” he tweeted.

“I worked hard to protect the community during a very difficult period: the Pandemic is still not over.”

“Thank you everyone who helped and supported me! God bless Gibraltar!”

The Chronicle has asked the Gibraltar Government this morning why Dr Bhatti's contract was not renewed and is awaiting response.


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Yet to see a public, Lawful execution of a politician.

The Chief Minister will move a motion to bestow the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour on the outgoing Director of Public Health.

Fabian Picardo said this was for Dr Sohail Bhatti's extraordinary contribution to the health and well being of the people of Gibraltar during the pandemic.

The Government confirmed Tuesday that it has not renewed Dr Bhatti's contract is due to a medium-term plan to localise the post.

5th August 2021
Together Gibraltar has said it understands the person taking over the post of Director of Public Health for next 11 months is not a local individual.

Last week the Gibraltar Government announced its medium-term plan was to localise the post after not renewing Dr Sohail Bhatti’s contract.

The Government presented a motion last week conferring Dr Bhatti the Medallion of Honour, with the Chief Minister describing him as a close personal friend and praising his performance throughout the pandemic.

But TG questioned “if the Government considers Dr Bhatti to be worthy of such praise and accolades, then why it did not extend the contract for 11 months?”

“Why did it try to justify his non-renewal by saying they wanted to localise the post while employing a non local? The Government’s explanation for the non renewal of Dr Bhatti’s contract is simply not credible and needs to be explained further.”

continued at the link.


Does that mean the person taking over is not a Gibraltarian, but from another country?

You're welcome.

That appears to be so. Time will tell.

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Wondering if that has ever occurred before. If not, that would be setting a precedent.


6th August 2021

Dr Autilia Newton, an expert on infectious diseases, will be standing in as Director of Public Health until the end of August following the departure of Dr Sohail Bhatti from the role.
Dr Bhatti’s contract expired last week and was not renewed, with the Gibraltar Government saying it hoped to the ‘localise’ the role in the medium term.
For now though, the position will be filled by Dr Newton, who has taken leave from her normal role as Director of Public Health England’s public health programme for the Overseas Territories including Gibraltar.

Continued at the link.

An expert on infectious diseases who has been running the Public Health England Team responsible for the Overseas Territories, has been standing in as Director of Public Health for the last month.

Dr Autilia Newton stepped in at the beginning of the month following the departure of Dr Bhatti. She is here at the request of the Gibraltar Government and not on behalf of Public Health England. She will leave in the next few days and hand over to the next Director of Pubic Health who has not yet been confirmed by Government.

Speaking to our reporter Kevin Ruiz, Dr Newton says that preliminary evidence suggests the virus does not stay very long in people who are vaccinated, which helps to break the chain of transmission.

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Dr Helen Carter has been announced as the GHA’s new Director of Public Health. Dr Carter commences her role today.

Dr Carter was previously employed as the Deputy Regional Director for Public Health in the Midlands which has a population of 6 million. She was responsible for all 14 West Midlands Local Authority Chief Executives and their Directors of Public Health, the Mayor and 3 Strategic Coordinating Groups. In addition, she directly reported to the Chief Medical Officer and Secretary of State for Health. The Government says this is “a wealth of knowledge which will be most beneficial for the offices of Public Health Gibraltar.”

The Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento, says she wishes to thank Dr Autilia Newton for covering the post of Director of Public Health during the month of August. Her role as lead for the Public Health England PH Programme for the UK Overseas Territories and her “vast knowledge” on Gibraltar’s health situation has been most beneficial and assisted in lowering the recent upsurge of Covid cases on the Rock.

Continued at link.

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For what's its worth, Dr. Carter held a similar stance to Dr. Bhatti, back in March 2020:

Public Health England issue latest advice on COVID-19

Dr Helen Carter, Director of Healthcare Public Health for PHE West Midlands, said: “For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild infection and following this advice will help protect family, friends and communities who are more at risk of severe illness and slow the spread of the virus.

Most adults in good health who develop symptoms will fully recover, and the CMO has advised that it is not necessary for them to be tested. However, to protect the most vulnerable, people with symptoms should stay at home for the specified timescales to reduce the spread in the community.

Oh how the facts changed and the fear continues... October 2021-

Region at 'tipping point' over rising Covid cases, health chief says

The West Midlands has reached a "tipping point" in the coronavirus pandemic and must act now to prevent history repeating itself, a public health chief has warned.

Dr Helen Carter said infection rates across the region were rocketing towards levels last seen at the height of the crisis, with cases now rising rapidly amongst the elderly.

And she said the situation was likely to deteriorate further if people did not follow the rules, with harsher lockdown restrictions put in place and an increase in the number of Covid deaths.

This is an interesting story - and the author writes she's a technocrat – from July 2020 -

“We have had some incredibly upset people who have spoken of neighbours not speaking to them, of communities not being supportive,” Dr Carter told the reporter. “Having supported some incredibly distressed members of the public there is an element of wanting to protect them from quite nasty hate crimes,” she added.

Quite how Dr Carter’s remarks should be interpreted is unclear. The technocrat’s quotes at times appear to suggest simply that people known to be coronavirus-positive have in some cases been mistreated — but her references to “hate crimes” and also “community tensions” perhaps suggest outbreaks may have been concentrated in particular groups at times.

It may be there is a "disconnect" between why Britons can't protest, but why immigrants can continue arrive en masse.

Sajid Javid took over Matt Hancock's job - still promotes same.

Helen Carter takes over Sohail Bhatti's job - time will tell if she promotes the same.

She comes from PHE and has unfortunately been disseminating the same information Defending-Gibraltar counters.

She has also been featured in the Chronicle: How Britain Lost Track of The Coronavirus -

Secrecy was pervasive. Dr Helen Carter, Public Health England's deputy director in the Midlands, revealed in a May 15 memo to Birmingham councillors that the government had initially ordered the agency not to share with local councils its surveillance reports containing data about notified cases from local hospital emergency rooms and general practitioners.

"Until April 2020 PHE was not permitted to share the surveillance reports with local partners by the Cabinet Office," she wrote in the memo, which is reported here for the first time. After April, information was shared with public health directors, but the reports remained official secrets and were "marked as official sensitive and not in the public domain," said the memo, which was reviewed by Reuters.

Public Health England declined requests by Reuters to interview Carter or any member of its staff involved in contact tracing. A spokesman said some of its surveillance reports were classified as "official sensitive" which, the spokesman said, was standard practice for non-public information. The agency had a "constant dialogue" with local health directors, with "routine exchanges of information and data," the spokesman added.

Well, "secrecy" is right up Gibraltar's ally.


The new Public Health Director says she will be working very closely with the vaccine team in order to procure and roll out booster vaccines for Gibraltar.

Dr Helen Carter, who started in her new role yesterday, says she expects covid cases to rise over the coming weeks, although she does not foresee further lockdowns being needed.

She spoke to Jonathan Sacramento who asked her about the role of public health having changed in the last two years.

Agent Carter?

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