Sieg Heil Bhatti and the WHO's Hippocratic Hypocrisy

This must watch video by Dr. Kaufman M.D. explains the origins of the WHO, and the pharmaceutical industry, founded by snake-oil salesman J.D. Rockefeller and promoted by Sieg Heil Bhatti, and how the Health Industry should really be called the Sickness Industry, as it is designed only to hide symptoms and keep poisoning people making them ever sicker, rather than curing them, because they don’t make any money out of healthy people. It’s ALL about profits - $$$$/££££.

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While Gibraltar suffers from Dr Bhatti, Picardo looks the other way."

“Every time the public health director Dr Bhatti opens his mouth, the chief minister Fabian Picardo loses votes.”

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Thank-you for the share. The documentary sure did raise and reveal some alarming facts and would have been even better if the ‘New Age’ talk was not included. . Have a great rest of your week everyone.

@CJCC Thank-you for your message. Agreed about “new age”. Very dangerous. Subtle, tricky.
Likewise a good rest of the week.

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