Deadly Remdesivir

Patients died from COVID-19 drug treatment at Redlands, Riverside hospitals, suits allege

'We are helping victims to raise public awareness and hold the physicians and hospitals accountable for this atrocity,' says the plaintiffs' attorney.

Two women have filed lawsuits alleging their husbands died from negligence at Inland Empire hospitals after doctors prescribed remdesivir to treat COVID-19 and then failed to tell them about dangerous side effects of the anti-viral drug.

The lawsuits, filed last month in state court against Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center and Redlands Community Hospital and several of their physicians, allege doctors engaged in fraud by prescribing each of the men remdesivir without their knowledge or consent. Doctors also allegedly failed to explain that the drug is ineffective in treating COVID-19, is toxic to kidneys and can cause death, the complaints say.

“In COVID-19 healthcare circles across the country, remdesivir has carried the nickname ‘Run, death is near,’ ” said the civil complaint, which seeks unspecifed damages. “Remdesivir is medically unnecessary for treatment of COVID-19.”

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