Dr. Vernon Coleman - How Hospitals Have Become Death Camps; MDs And Nurses Are Murderers


Hello, it’s January 2023 and this is my 320th video since I started recording them early in 2020, and in this video I’m going to explain how hospitals have become death camps and how many doctors and nurses have abandoned their healing roles and have become murderers. No apologies for what sounds like hyperbole because I’ll show you that it isn’t. This video is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields: 21st century death camps.

I’m going to start by telling you about a woman in her early 70s whose story is significant, to say the least. She had been in good health when suddenly, unexpectedly, she collapsed and, after the now customary eight hour wait for an ambulance, eventually found herself in hospital. She was unconscious, and a junior doctor eventually diagnosed that she’d had a stroke. It wasn’t a difficult diagnosis. It was what her husband, her son and the paramedics had diagnosed.

Eventually, they found a bed for her and the doctors confessed that there wasn’t much they could do.

‘How long will it be before we know anything?’ asked the woman’s husband.

‘She could be like this for days, for weeks or for months,’ replied the doctor – the one who had made the diagnosis.

‘We don’t want a Do Not Resuscitate notice putting on her notes,’ said the son, who’d read about such things, and whose wife was a nurse in another hospital.

‘Of course not,’ said the doctor. He then went away and the husband and the son saw him talking to two nurses. By now it was late in the evening.

The doctor disappeared but one of the nurses arrived at the bedside. She was carrying a syringe. ‘She could be like this for months,’ said the nurse. ‘She could be suffering a great deal.’

‘But she’s unconscious,’ pointed out the son. His mother, who was breathing normally, seemed to be quite peaceful.

‘We’ve decided to give her something to help her,’ said the nurse.

‘What is it?’ asked the husband.

`It’s two medicines,’ said the nurse. ‘It’s a mixture of midazolam and morphine. It’ll help her rest. We don’t want her suffering. She could be like this for months.’

After giving the injection the nurse suggested that the husband and the son went home. When they returned to the hospital the following morning their wife and mother was dead.

`We were just about to call you,’ said another nurse, who seemed very sympathetic. The doctor came. He too was sympathetic.

It was only afterwards, when they were at home, that the man and his son realised that their wife and mother had been killed – deliberately, cold-bloodedly killed. There had been absolutely no reason to give her the now infamous and widely used kill-shot of midazolam and morphine.

‘People who’ve had strokes can make a full recovery,’ said the woman’s daughter-in-law, as they talked when they were back home.

‘I remember that film star Patricia Neal,’ said the husband. ‘Her husband was Roald Dahl. She made films again – despite having had a stroke.’

The three of them were numb. It didn’t occur to them that they’d just witnessed a murder. But that’s what it was.

It wasn’t euthanasia. It wasn’t mercy killing. It certainly wasn’t treatment.

The hospital staff killed that woman because stroke victims can take months to recover. They didn’t want a woman over 70 using a bed on one of their wards. Beds have been in short supply in British hospitals for years. There are fewer beds than bureaucrats.

And it wasn’t manslaughter either. By any definition, it was pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder. Murder, remember, is the unlawful, premeditated killing of one human being by another. What else would you call it when a patient in hospital is killed without their consent, without the consent of relatives and without the consent of a court of law?

Nor was this incident rare.

Pretty much the same thing is happening every day in hospitals all around the world. Staff put patients to sleep in the same way that a vet might put a dog or cat to sleep. They kill patients whom they think might need a good deal of nursing or medical care.

What is happening is exactly what I predicted almost three years ago – at the beginning of 2020 when I warned that one of the reasons for the covid fraud was to find an excuse to kill the elderly and to save billions on pension payments. The Government has boasted about the money saved.

In my book Coming Apocalypse – published in April 2020, right at the start of this fraud, I said: that life would never again be as good as it was in January 2020 and I stand by that, I’m afraid. Those who sneered might like to think again. I’ve been lied about and banned but everything I’ve said, written and predicted has been accurate. I wish it hadn’t been.

In many hospitals all around the world, the term ‘Palliative care ward’ is now a synonym for ‘death camp’ as the killing of the elderly, which started in 2020, gathers pace.

First there was the Liverpool Care Pathway – whereby elderly patients were deliberately starved to death or deprived of fluid until they died. Then the United Nations effectively allowed doctors around the world to kill people over the age of 70 without anyone caring.

And care home staff were allowed to dose the elderly with tranquillisers and sleeping tablets without telling the patients or their relatives what was happening. It was, and is, all perfectly legal. Now, of course, there aren’t as many care home staff as there were – thousands of them left their jobs when they were told they had to have a dangerous, ineffective covid jab; a so-called vaccine which they knew from observation was a killer.

And there is the kill shot. The mixture of midazolam and morphine which takes medical care one step further than the Do Not Resuscitate notice casually scrawled on the medical notes of anyone who looks too sick to bother with. I described it as murder in the early summer of 2020.

At the moment, of course, it’s usually anyone over 70 or anyone disabled or chronically sick – whether physically or mentally ill – who gets murdered, though in some hospitals anyone over 65 is vulnerable. Soon it will be anyone over 60. And then it’ll be anyone over 50. And then the slippery slope gets ever steeper.

Doctors and nurses – who have the power of death over life – are murdering people every day in our hospitals. And no one gives a damn. I suspect that the doctors and nurses don’t even realise that what they are doing isn’t just ethically wrong it is also legally wrong.

It’s the reason anyone over 60, or anyone ill, should do everything they can to keep out of hospitals. And, if they have to go in to do everything they can to get out. Britain is the worst country in the developed world for health care.

Of course, the midazolam and morphine kill shot isn’t new. What’s new is the way that it has become part of hospital culture. It came in the slipstream of covid-19 – the fake pandemic of 2020 – and now it’s commonplace.

And the kill shot, a single jab of death, isn’t the only way doctors and nurses are guilty of mass murder.

Right from the start, ministers, journalists and doctors have lied, lied and lied again as they’ve fought against the facts to sell us a fake pandemic and a dangerous drug that never did what it was said to do.

In 2020, the medical profession became obsessed with covid-19, even though it was provably nothing more than the rebranded flu. It was the most over-promoted scare in history; a deliberately created fake pandemic. Doctors and nurses were either too stupid or too greedy to see the truth. And they became part of the biggest crime in history. They became professional killers – assassins working for the conspirators.

They created a fake pandemic out of the ordinary annual flu by claiming that everyone who tested positive for covid – and subsequently died was a covid victim. They used a test, the PCR test, which everyone knew didn’t work, and hospitals in many countries received a cash bonus for every covid diagnosis they made. They were bribed to lie. In America, hospitals were given $13,000 for every patient they diagnosed with covid-19. If a patient needed to be put on a ventilator the hospital received a bonus of $39.000. What a surprise that so many patients needed to be put on ventilators – which killed many. The bonus system was used all around the world – another coincidence – and in some countries the staff got part of the cash bonus – kickbacks I think they usually call them.

Anyone who believes there was a pandemic in 2020 is a fool or a liar. Or both. Anyone who says the covid jab was necessary, effective and safe is a fool or a liar. Or both. Any national TV host who thinks they can prove me wrong can fix up a live TV debate. They won’t, of course, because they’d lose. And the Government wouldn’t let them anyway. I’m banned from all TV and radio. And I’m banned from most of the internet too, simply for telling the truth. The last time an internet radio station interviewed me – months ago – nearly a quarter of the interview mysteriously disappeared. The time before that the station lost its ability to raise money because they’d interviewed me. I’m banned because they know damned well I’m right and it’s important to protect the lies in order to keep the conspiracy alive. There was a time, long ago, when information was powerful. Today, the truth is the world’s most dangerous commodity. There is no freedom of speech. The authorities even banned David Icke from travelling to mainland Europe – presumably worried that he might wake up some sleeping souls.

The patients who tested positive with the PCR test, a dangerous, useless test everyone knew didn’t work and might kill people (and it has killed people – as I have shown in earlier videos, such as the one titled `This needs to be stopped now’) were dumped on a covid ward and treated as though all that was wrong with them was that they’d got the rebranded flu – even if they didn’t have any flu symptoms at all. Some were given dangerous drugs that didn’t work. But thousands didn’t receive the treatment they DID need because they had been wrongly diagnosed as covid patients.

Patients who needed specialist surgery, dialysis or other treatment didn’t receive it because they’d been falsely branded as suffering from covid – the rebranded flu. They couldn’t be transferred to specialist units so they died and were put down as covid deaths. They died because they were mis-diagnosed and denied treatment. It was, and is, genocide. It was official health care policy. GPs had disappeared – they had abandoned their patients in case they got the annual flu – and hospitals became killing grounds. And while all this was happening, hospital departments shut. Cancer related surgery dropped by 26% in the UK in 2020. In contrast, there was a 0.6% fall in Denmark. Doctors and nurses betrayed their patients, their professions and themselves.

The medical establishment, collective victims of the world’s most egregious confidence trick, had decided that global warming was THE health care threat. And so they decided there should be less testing and treating of patients. I’ve dealt with this extraordinary nonsense many times.

What has been happening is all part of the killing. The genocide. The plan to reduce the global population and the plan to appease the few idiotic pseudoscientists and children who claim, quite wrongly, and without evidence, that man has made his planet unbearably hot. Or is it unbearably cold. They change their minds a lot. They’ve been wound up and misdirected by conspirators who have, since the 1940s, been concerned about the disappearing oil and convinced that the population needs culling.

And the killing is working well.

In 2020 – the year of the fake pandemic – the total number of deaths was normal. I proved that. But in 2021 and 2022 – when covid virtually disappeared and was replaced by the returning ordinary flu – the death totals suddenly soared and they’re still way above normal. That was no mystery. It was all predicted. In the USA, over 100,000 young people died or were seriously ill after being given the experimental jab that didn’t work and wasn’t safe. Today, previously healthy people all over the world are dropping like flies. Journalists and doctors struggle to find bizarre new explanations for what they call Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. But it was all predictable. I predicted it would happen in 2020. Check out my old videos on www.vernoncoleman.org.

Today, those who had the covid jab have altered immune systems and their hearts are in danger. The predictions I made throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022 are already true or all coming true. Those who have been jabbed need to avoid strenuous exercise and stress, eat carefully and boost their immune systems.

The ignorant, the susceptible and the half-awake think that covid is a dangerous bioweapon. The mainstream media want us to believe it’s a bioweapon so that the ignorant believe that covid (the rebranded flu) is a deadly disease. And they use it to cover up vaccine injuries. They blame the rebranded flu for all the deaths caused by the covid-jab – the most dangerous drug in history. The covid jab’s creators and promoters were praised to the skies but they produced something that, in my view, wasn’t tested properly, doesn’t do what they promised it would do and isn’t safe.

And because I’ve told you the truth about the genocide, about covid and about the dangerous covid jabs, I’m considered dangerous and must be silenced.

Please don’t forget to watch my friend Dr Colin Barron – who is back making wonderful videos. And please visit my websites – www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org where there are new articles most weekdays. Please remember that I am banned from all social media and I do not have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram or any other sites. I am banned from accessing YouTube – let alone putting videos there. Anything that appears in my name on social media is fake and should be labelled as such. The only sites I control are my own two websites. Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you’re not alone in being aware that the conspiracy is real and deadly.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. These are the most dangerous times in history. We must remain vigilant.

Please share this and my other videos on the internet – on social media and on other platforms. I can’t because I’m imprisoned here on my websites and banned worldwide for the modern sin of telling the truth.

Please remember, God is on our side, and thank you, again, for watching an old man in a chair.

Kristen took a COVID JAB Bioweapon and soon after had severe convulsions, facial numbness, inability to control her head. She goes to hospital and doctors ask her to leave because there’s nothing they can do

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1 Timothy 5:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

February 14, 2022 Dr. James D. Veltmeyer, MD, Author, Special to Lassen News

As a physician who spent many years working in one of California’s finest hospitals, this is a difficult article to write. It pains me to observe what has happened to our hospital system, to the general and accepted standards of patient care, and, yes, even to the judgment and integrity of medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, I have to say that I am happy that I no longer work in this environment which is forcing physicians, nurses and others to compromise their personal and professional ethics in order to comply with the authoritarian and dangerous edicts and “protocols” imposed by the federal government during this crisis.\

As I have written at other times, the so-called “protocols” imposed on physicians are a major reason why so many doctors are fleeing their profession. When government diktat forces a medical professional to provide a standard of care which is diametrically opposed to what he or she knows is best for the patients, we are in deep trouble. When maximizing profits for the hospital are deemed superior to the needs and desires of the patient and his family, we are in deep trouble. When government bribes medical providers to provide certain treatments that result in death or serious injury, we are in even deeper trouble.

It is not an understatement to say that many Americans now distrust the medical profession more than at any other time in history and many of those who distrust it are medical professionals themselves, frontline doctors and nurses who are quitting in record numbers. Many people now fear entering a hospital at all after hearing and reading of horror stories in which COVID patients are held as virtual medical prisoners in ICU wards, being forced to receive ineffective and dangerous treatments with no family members allowed to visit and advocate for them.

Unfortunately, the reports of hospitals turning into virtual “death camps” are becoming more and more widespread. Patients admitted for COVID symptoms (or even individuals admitted for something else but testing “positive” for COVID through the woefully inaccurate PCR test ) are being denied life-saving therapeutics requested by their families or private physicians, therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc because the federal government has not “approved” of them in their worthless “protocols.” Since almost all hospitals receive federal funding through Medicare and Medicaid, the staffs argue that their “hands are tied.” Instead, patients with breathing difficulties are forced on to ventilators where mortality rates are as high as 84 percent for older patients. CMS data showed that in Texas hospitals, 84.9 percent of all patients died after more than 96 hours on a ventilator. The hospitals, of course, receive a bonus of as much as $39,000 for putting a patient on a ventilator.

Since ventilators rarely work as promised, some patients are subsequently forced to receive a tracheotomy to breathe. Of course, that surgery will be added and padded to the patient’s final bill if he or she is lucky enough to ever leave the facility.

Patients are also given Dr. Fauci’s infamous and fabulously-expensive drug remdesivir which studies show leads to adverse side effects – such as kidney and liver damage and general organ failure – in 71 percent to 75 percent of cases. In the 2018 remdesivir trials in West Africa, the drug was discontinued due to a death rate that exceeded 50 percent. Yet, this is the only therapeutic currently approved for use by the CDC. They are often also given midazolam which depresses a patient’s ability to breathe. Does this make any sense when the patient has been admitted for shortness of breath?? This is insane and borders on the criminal.

Of course, the hospitals are getting rich off these COVID protocols which are killing innocents every day:

  • The federal government pays the hospital for the “free” fake PCR test given upon admission.
    *** There is an additional “bonus” payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis**
    *** Another “bonus” for a COVID admission to the hospital**
    *** A 20 percent “boost” payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for using remdesivir instead of inexpensive therapeutics like HCQ or ivermectin.**
    *** $39,000 for every patient placed on a mechanical ventilator**
    *** More money for every death of a patient with COVID, regardless of whether COVID was the actual cause of death**

The federal government is shamelessly incentivizing hospitals to run up the COVID tallies and run up the death numbers. This is a brutal conclusion to make, but this is what the facts show. And, patients are being held as virtual prisoners in ICU, denied access to their family members, personal physicians, attorneys or anyone else who can act as their advocate. They are not free to simply leave the hospital unless they can be transferred to a location where they can receive an “identical form of care.” Comforting, isn’t it? Whatever happened to freedom of movement and bodily autonomy in this nation founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all? COVID patients are being denied basic liberty and certainly any sound measure of justice.

Why would any medical provider participate in a deadly scam like this? As authors Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD and Ali Shultz write: “Our formerly-trusted medical community of hospitals and hospital-employed medical staff have effectively become ‘bounty hunters’ for your life.”

I know from personal experience that physicians and nurses feel intimidated and threatened. They are afraid of being harassed, vilified, and blacklisted if they do the right thing. They are afraid of losing income and even their medical licenses. So, tragically, many just turn a blind eye and go along with what’s happening. However, many are not. Many medical professionals have had enough of the lies and disinformation from the Fauci fraudsters. Nurses and other health care workers are increasingly speaking out and many are walking away. Their consciences won’t allow them to continue. One 31-year old South Carolina nurse named Albert Spence actually said he felt like he was “the guy who was pushing the buttons, like the gas chambers at Auschwitz.”

The solution? Stay out of the hospital, if you possibly can. Connect with networks of good physicians who will prescribe HCQ and ivermectin. Consume supplements, improve your nutrition and exercise regimen, get plenty of sleep and sunlight. Until the “killing fields” of COVID-19 ( and, yes, that includes the experimental mRNA vaccines which are killing and maiming tens of thousands ) become completely exposed and the perpetrators like Fauci eventually prosecuted and punished for their crimes, we must establish “parallel” associations of private physicians, nurses, hospitals, and pharmacies not dependent on government bribes and so-called “protocols” but empowered to do what they are supposed to do: heal the sick and save lives with every tool at their disposal, even if those tools do not inflate the stock portfolios of Anthony Fauci.

About Dr. James Veltmeyer
Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician and author of “Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer’s RX to Save America.” Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at [email protected] and by visiting his website at drveltmeyer.com.

The ‘death camps’ of COVID-19

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EXCLUSIVE: 'It's a horror movie.' Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is 'murdering' COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs

  • A frontline nurse working in New York on coronavirus patients claims the city is killing sufferers by putting them on ventilators, advocating against them
  • The nurse persuaded a friend, a nurse practitioner who is not working on coronavirus patients, to make the video to get the word out
  • 'It's a horror movie. Not because of the disease, but the way it is being handled,' the frontline nurse said through the friend, who only was identified as Sara NP
  • Sara said COVID-19 patients are placed on ventilators rather than less invasive CPAP or BiPAP machines due to fears about the virus spreading
  • She explained: 'The ventilators have high pressure, which then causes barotrauma, it causes trauma to the lungs'
  • Others helping in the New York crisis say the claims are simply not true
  • More than 12,000 people have died from the virus in NYC, with another 4,300 dying in other parts of the Empire State
  • New York emergency room doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell stepped down this month because he didn't want to follow the hospital's ventilator protocol
  • Republican Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen told Fox News' Laura Ingraham that Medicare pays hospitals three times as much if patients are placed on ventilators
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

By Martin Gould For Dailymail.com

Published: 17:22 EST, 27 April 2020
A frontline nurse working in New York on coronavirus patients claims the city is killing sufferers by putting them on ventilators.

'It's a horror movie,' she said through a friend. 'Not because of the disease, but the way it is being handled.'

And she said relatives of the sick need to make it clear as soon as a person is taken to the hospital that they do not want them hooked up to the breathing machines.
YouTube has now taken down the video as ‘violating its community standards,’ which has been hotly rebutted by others working in New York during the crisis.

The nurse, who has relocated to New York temporarily to help with the city's COVID-19 crisis, persuaded a friend — a nurse practitioner who is not working on coronavirus patients — to make the video for her in order to tell the world what she says is happening inside hospitals.

'I am her voice here. I'm going to tell you what she has told me,' said the nurse practitioner, who was identified only as Sara NP. 'She wants this to get out.'

'She has never seen so much neglect. No one cares. They are cold and they don't care anymore. It's the blind leading the blind.'

Please see the revealing [email protected] https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2020/04/27/6328584897887843201/640x360_MP4_6328584897887843201.mp4

A frontline nurse working in New York on coronavirus patients claims the city is killing sufferers by putting them on ventilators, advocating against them The nurse persuaded a friend, nurse practitioner Sara NP who is not working on coronavirus patients, to make the video to get the word out.
Ventilator tubes are attached to a patient suffering from COVID-19 on the Medical Intensive Care Unit floor in New York City
'People are sick, but they don't have to stay sick. They are killing them, they are not helping them,' added the friend in the video posted on YouTube.

'She used the word murder, that coming from a nurse who went to New York City expecting to help.

'Patients are left to rot and die — her words. People are being murdered and no one cares.'

Sara would not reveal which hospital the nurse is working in 'for the safety of those involved.'

More than 12,000 people have died from the virus in New York City, with another 4,300 dying in other parts of the Empire State, which is a far larger number than any other state in the country.

Republican Minnesota state Senator Scott Jensen told Fox News' Laura Ingraham that Medicare pays hospitals three times as much if patients are placed on ventilators.

'How can anyone not believe that increasing the number of COVID-19 deaths may create an avenue for states to receive a larger portion of federal dollars,' Jensen later posted on his Facebook page.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that around 80 percent of people who go on the machines die, although he's referencing patients who were already in dire conditions before being put on the machines.
imageRepublican Minnesota state Senator Scott Jensen (pictured) told Fox News' Laura Ingraham that Medicare pays hospitals three times as much if patients are placed on ventilators
This is not the first time the use of ventilators have been questioned for its efficacy.

In a YouTube video posted earlier this month New York emergency room doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell said: 'I've talked to doctors all around the country and it is becoming increasingly clear that the pressure we're providing may be hurting their lungs.

'It is highly likely that the high pressures we're using are damaging the lungs of the patients we are putting the breathing tubes in.

'It's not our fault. We didn't know,' added Kyle-Sidell, saying that is the way other acute respiratory syndromes have been treated.

'We are running the ventilators the wrong way,' he said, calling for the protocols to be changed.

'COVID positive patients need oxygen, they do not need pressure. They will need ventilators, but they must be programmed differently.'

Kyle-Siddell did not return calls from DailyMail.com. He told Medscape on April 6 he stepped down from working in the intensive care unit at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn because he didn't want to follow the hospital's ventilator protocol.

'I could not morally, in a patient-doctor relationship, continue the current protocols which, again, are the protocols of the top hospitals in the country.

'I could not continue those,' he said. 'You can't have one doctor just doing their own protocol.'

Maimonides also did not answer a request for comment.

But Christian Castaneda a pulmonary and critical-care fellow at New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital posted his own video. ‘What this lady is saying is absolutely not true,’ he said.

And an emergency nurse practitioner called Rebecca said in a video: ‘I don’t know what happened in one particular hospital, but I can assure you that that is not happening where I work and it’s also not happening in the facilities of many, many of my friends and colleagues at other hospitals."

Sara said COVID-19 patients are placed on ventilators rather than less invasive CPAP or BiPAP machines due to fears about the virus spreading.

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's a horror movie.' Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is 'murdering' COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs