5G Genocide: Hidden in Plain Sight

Mark Steele is interviewed by 2 BBC hosts and puts them in their place with facts.

They lure him into the usual "conspiracy theorist" trap and he gracefully turns it back on them.
A beautiful interview exposing the fake news propagandists for what they do. Feed and propagate ignorance and misinformation with bought and sold people who have been given "authority".

Length: 56:13

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It has been reported that he has been removed from multiple platforms including Twitter.
He has a new channel on a platform called Telegram Messenger (never heard of it before).

Here is a preview of his/that channel -

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Yes, he’s using telegram instead now. Falcon’s cafe on Bitchute follows him and has been mirroring his work and several other whistleblowers in this area.

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"When is enough going to be enough."

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God only knows: Mark 13:32


13:32 But of that day and [that] hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, only the Father.

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I don't find @MarkSteele's claims in his video titled "5G LED WEAPON SYSTEM DEPLOYED ON THE STREETS OF THE UK " very reliable. And if he is wrong about this (and in the manner, sureness of what he believes etc, behavior he is exhibiting), then what else is he wrong about?

Some problems pointed out here quite well:-





What could Duke Energy possibly want to hide?
Who are the Stakeholders?
What Government agencies share the same address as the telecom industries?
What weapons manufacturers share the same address as the telecom industries?
Is Duke industries tied to all the above?
Why not put diffusers in the lights?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny interviews Rinat Stahlhofer to discuss the lack of wireless radiation safety testing and much more.

5G Genocide. Could it be your cell phone???

The clip below is a Steven King movie and not something I would suggest to view in full; however, the movie trailer for the 2016 movie portrays an apocalypse that is triggered by people's cell phones.

Is there a correlation between the covid gene jabs and 5G EMF?
Will vaccinated bodies be able to download info, connect via WiFi?