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Russian Donbass Commander: "nuclear escalation inevitable"; Elite Belarusian Forces begin staging for sweep into Western Ukraine

"Russia is unable to 'defeat the NATO bloc' without using nuclear weapons, a Russian commander has admitted.

Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of Russian forces in Donetsk, stressed that Russia is fighting against the entire Western world, so the next escalation of the war in Ukraine 'can only be one: nuclear'.

The commander went on to say 'We know our capabilities. We realize the limits of our resources. If NATO countries exceed certain limits, e.g. dispatch of Leopard tanks. They are very close to crossing the red line."

Meanwhile, elite Belarusian forces with new tactical markings have been deployed on the border with Ukraine:

"At 8 km from the border with Ukraine, elite Belarusian forces have been deployed, bearing new distinctive tactical markings. This fact and the large transfer of forces to the Ukrainian border has caused alarm in Kyiv.

Belarusian elite forces have marked with red squares the equipment being driven to the border with Ukraine. Usually, tactical signs are drawn up before the start of hostilities.

Everything shows that the first target of the joint Russian-Belarusian attack will be Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, these four regions. An attack is also being prepared for Kyiv from a second axis with the aim of besieging it. Without power and with supply routes cut off, the remaining civilians and soldiers in the Ukrainian capital will not last.

According to information so far, the Belarusian military command has deployed the airborne forces of the 38th Brigade to the border with Ukraine."

video in link above:

The Red Line - Russian Donbass Commander- ‘nuclear escalation inevitable’

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“Footage released by state media shows the Yars rocket, which can be tipped with a nuclear warhead and range all of Europe and the mainland US, being loaded into the ground at the Kozelsky base, 160 miles south of Moscow,” the report said.

“It comes just a day after more footage showed another missile arriving at the same base and as a retired Russian general said Russia should prioritize striking London over Washington DC.,” the report added.

Any firing of a nuclear missile by Russia against a NATO member will trigger World War III, without a doubt, and likely invite a devastating nuclear response.

“You don’t have to [strike] Washington first – it’s too far away,” Lt. Gen. Andrey Gurulev told state TV. “London is next door…. London is the main hotbed of all nastiness.”

Russia loads second monster nuclear missile in silo, issues renewed threat to NATO

Chinese H-6 Bombers ‘Practice’ Sinking US Aircraft Carriers While Russia, China Begin Massive War Drills Near Japan: Analysis

Four Russian warships set off for the East China Sea (ECS) to join China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessels for week-long exercises, signifying increasing strategic convergence between the two countries.

To be held off the coast of Zhejiang under China’s Eastern Theatre Command (ETC), the four Russian warships have been identified as the missile cruiser Varyag, the destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov and two corvettes from Russia’s Pacific Fleet.

NATO, US & Japan – Russia & China’s Enemies

On November 30, the bomber aircraft of the two countries – China’s H-6K and Russia’s TU-95 – flew together in strategic air patrols over the East China Sea (ECS) near Japanese waters and later cross-landed in each other’s territory.

Both countries perceive US attempts to contain them and Japanese militarization since it rekindles memories from World War 2. Most importantly, China also perceives the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as destabilizing as it expands in East Asia by increasing cooperation with Japan.

“The active part of the exercise will include joint missile and artillery firing against air targets, artillery firing against sea targets, and practicing joint anti-submarine actions with the practical use of weapons,” the Russian statement said.

China’s Eastern Theatre Command (ETC) said the joint exercise “demonstrates the determination and capability of the two sides to jointly respond to maritime security threats and further deepen the China-Russia comprehensive new-era strategic partnership of coordination,” the notice said.

Even without a formal military alliance, the scale and consistency of the military exercises between the countries are staggering. They indicate the massive alignment in geopolitical views and assessments of American foreign policy.

With Russia-Japan relations tense over the Kuril islands, Far East Asia is expected to be the next tinderbox having three flashpoints alone, with China being a party in all three – the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea, and the Taiwan Straits.

China’s H-6 Bombers Prepare For Action

As for the East and South China Seas, Japan’s new national security strategy and increasing dalliance with Taiwan have raised the hackles in Beijing. China’s H-6K/J bombers flew through the Miyako Strait on Monday, the same day Japan released the document.

The aim could be to practice firing anti-ship missiles on US aircraft carrier battle groups and land-attack cruise missiles on Guam.

Moreover, entering the Pacific Ocean by crossing the Miyako Strait can also allow H-6 bombers to fire on the US Andersen Air Force at Guam. The 2000-kilometer range CJ-20 air-launched cruise missiles and the YJ-21 anti-ship missiles could be used for these purposes.

This is the third time H-6K/J bombers have passed through Miyako Strait this year, after May and June. In general, Chinese military passages through the Miyako Strait are not uncommon and have been happening for the last several years.

The Japanese military has been closely tracking them.

The Xian H-6 is a Chinese license-built variant of the Soviet-era Tupolev Tu-16 bomber, heavily modernized and used by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). It has three prime variants: the H-6K (conventional bomber), the H-6J (maritime strike role), and the H-6N (nuclear missile capable).

On Monday, Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced the detection of two Chinese H-6 bombers flying over the East China Sea (ECS). The statement said the bombers flew over the Miyako Strait between the main island of Okinawa and Miyakojima, entered the Pacific Ocean, and reached Okidatio Island.

The planes turned around the same way and entered the ECS through the Miyako Strait while being tracked by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF).

The Liaoning aircraft carrier group that entered the Western Pacific on December 16 with three Type 055 destroyers and a Type 052D and Type 52A destroyer each made it the most potent Liaoning formation to date.

It appears that the H-6 bombers simulated firing the air-launched anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM) against enemy naval flotillas, in this case, the United States Navy (USN).

The PLAN armada itself simulated an American target for the H-6 bombers, which were not seen carrying any ordnance in the photographs. The bombers only carried what appeared to be electronic warfare pods.

Moreover, the point at Okidatio island from which the H-6J/K bombers turned around is roughly 1600 kilometers from Guam island, which hosts the Andersen Air Force base. This can easily come under attack from the 2000-kilometer-range CJ-20 Air-Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) that the H-6 can carry.

H-6J/K bombers also carry the YJ-12 anti-ship missile, regarded as one of Beijing’s most lethal. The missile is nearly impossible to intercept, can be launched from land, air, or sea, has a range of more than 400 kilometers (248.5 miles), and its warhead can arrive at a target in less than 30 seconds.

These can be used to hit US aircraft carriers. Another missile the H-6 carries that can be used against US naval assets is the recently unveiled 1,500 kilometers range YJ-21 air-launched hypersonic missile.

Two Russian Tu-95MS Bombers Perform Aerial Patrol Over Sea Of Japan — MoD

Massive Troop and Armor Movements Begin in Belarus - New Combat Designation: "K"

In a rather unusual early-morning statement, the Russian Ambassador to the USA said early Friday morning "The risk of a clash between Russia and the USA is now high."

As of 7:12 AM EST here in the USA, troops in Belarus are now on the move toward Ukraine and their tanks and other vehicles bear a new combat group designation: "K"

Word coming out of the region suggests (but does not confirm) that a new invasion of Ukraine will commence on (western) Christmas Day, December 25-into-26.

It is worth noting -- in that part of the world, people do not celebrate Christmas on December 25, they celebrate Orthodox Christmas in early January. So what is a solemn and holy day for us in the west, is not yet that same holy day for them.

Whether or not a secondary invasion will take place, it seems clear from images and information coming out of Belarus, that at least something big seems to be taking place right now.

Convoys of military troops and armor are on the move. Whatever this is, could prove decisive in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine Special Military Operation.

It has been speculated for weeks that Russia had been massing troops in Belarus to launch a second offensive into Ukraine, in the areas near the Poland Border, so as to cut-off NATO supplies coming into Ukraine.

If these troops move southward from Belarus, they would enter northwestern Ukraine in perfect position to halt weapons shipments from Poland.

In a rather unusual early-morning statement, the Russian Ambassador to the USA said early Friday morning "The risk of a clash between Russia and the USA is now high."

Why a statement like that would be issued so early in the morning is not yet clear. It is, however, unusual.

"When the herd loses its way, the shepherd must kill the bull that leads them astray."


Russia Activates Next RS24 Yars Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ICBM Into...


Russia has launched a new barrage of missiles against Ukraine. Upwards of 50 to 60 missiles have been fired so far.

Four Russian missiles targeted critical infrastructure objects in Kharkiv Oblast of Ukraine: the head of the regional administration.

Reports now saying eighty missiles inbound into Ukraine . . . .

Reports now claiming 100 missiles launched and more inbound.

FROM RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE: "The Russian Federation has fired more than 120 missiles at the territory of Ukraine."- Mikhaylo Podolyak

If Russia decides to declare Poland a "participant" in the Ukraine war, and attacks Poland, then YOU and I will find ourselves in a war, without our consent, by virtue of the NATO Treaty, as missiles from Russia begin raining down upon us all.

Citizens in Europe and in America must step-up to confront this illegal activity by Poland, taking place with a wink-and-a-nod, from NATO.

15,000 Active-Duty Troops from Poland on the front lines in Ukraine!

The country of Poland has, over the past months, inserted fifteen thousand (15,000) regular, active-duty, Polish Army troops into Ukraine and they are waging illegal war against Russia inside Ukraine.

This information comes from intel sources just back from the actual front lines inside Ukraine, and these sources are unimpeachable intel sources.

Many have known for months that NATO countries have been sending "advisors" into Ukraine, to "teach" Ukrainian troops how to use advanced weapons being supplied by NATO countries. But all along, NATO emphasized "we are not a party to the conflict." That is a lie.

NATO troops from Poland, and from the United States and United Kingdom are, in fact, participating in the war and this covert military participation is going to get a lot of us in America, and in Europe, killed, when the Russian declare us to be participants, and begin launching attacks against us, to stop what we're doing to them.

From the United States, the military has been routinely creating false identities for Active-Duty U.S. troops, and sending them into Ukraine. The false identities are coordinated with Ukraine so that if the troops are caught, or killed, there is no traceable tie to the USA.

It is not known if the UK is also doing this. But tonight, Thursday, December 29, 2022, around 8:00 PM eastern US Time, intel sources revealed to me personally that 15,000+ Polish troops are in Ukraine, on the payroll of the Poland Army, waging war against Russia.

As a matter of common sense, Russia now has the right to go after those troops - and they have been - but also has the right to attack the logistics locations INSIDE POLAND which are supplying those troops.

Poland and its NATO buddies think the Russians won't dare attack because if they do, Poland will scream they've been attacked by Russia and invoke Article 5, Collective Self-Defense, in the NATO Treaty.

Since NATO already knows that Poland ahs sent active duty troops into Ukraine, and NATO has done NOTHING to stop this illegal war, it is likely that NATO would then honor Poland's invocation of Article 5 and go to war against Russia overtly

This is how close we all are to actual World War 3, and what is taking place is not only a violation of the law, and of the NATO Treaty, it is a covert action that can have repercussions for civilians in Europe and America.

If Russia decides to declare Poland a "participant" in the Ukraine war, and attacks Poland, then YOU and I will find ourselves in a war, without our consent, by virtue of the NATO Treaty, as missiles from Russia begin raining down upon us all.

Citizens in Europe and in America must step-up to confront this illegal activity by Poland, taking place with a wink-and-a-nod, from NATO.

Citizens MUST call, write, FAX and Email their elected officials to tell them "the jig is up, we KNOW you're waging undeclared war against Russia in Ukraine, and we want this stopped immediately before YOU get US killed."

If citizens sit back and do nothing, this situation in Ukraine will escalate into World War 3 and it will go nuclear.


Russian Official: Put "Zircon Hypersonic Missiles . . . 100 Miles from Potomac River"

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (Senate) threatens to aim Russia's Zircon hypersonic missiles at Washington by placing the ship carrying them 100 miles from the Potomac River.

Russia's former president lashed out at the US in a statement calling for the country's warships, armed with hypersonic missiles, to be stationed close to Washington, DC.

Dmitry Medvedev, who serves as the deputy chair of Russia's security council, made the remarks in a vitriolic Telegram post in reaction to an appeal to ordinary Russians from the US Embassy.

On Wednesday, the embassy had tweeted a Russian-language video that said President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine is "not worthy" of Russians.

In response, Medvedev said: "The main gift of the New Year was the arsenal of Zircon missiles that went yesterday to the shores of NATO countries."

He then called for the missiles to be stationed "somewhere 100 miles from the coast [of the US], closer to the Potomac River"

Hypersonic missiles are exceptionally fast, and can travel on an unpredictable flight path, making them harder to intercept with traditional air defense systems. The Zircon has a range of between 310 and 620 miles, according to the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

The 405-mile-long Potomac River passes through Washington, D.C., the seat of the US federal government.

On Wednesday, Russia announced that it was sending its Admiral Gorshkov warship, armed with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, on a long-range voyage that would pass through the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea.

Medvedev has produced some of the most extreme and hawkish commentary since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, repeatedly touting his country's nuclear arsenal and often going beyond the rhetoric offered by Putin.

Calling the US "sons of bitches" and "freaks" in his post, he described the US Embassy's tweet as a cynical effort to use Nazi propaganda methods.

The US has been one of Ukraine's most important allies during the conflict, sending billions of dollars of aid and weaponry to the country.

Medvedev said that the sight of the Admiral Gorshkov off the coast of the US would "bring to their senses anyone who poses a direct threat to Russia and our allies."

Erdogans chief adviser says Turkey is ready to mediate peace in Ukraine

All war fare is based on deception.

Iran Is Developing Aircraft Carrier For Its Suicide Drones; IRGC Works To Convert A Container Ship Into UAV Launcher


Tanmay Kadam

January 5, 2023

Iran is converting a former merchant container ship into a drone aircraft carrier at a dry dock near the entrance to the Persian Gulf, as per satellite imagery and open-source images.

Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has its naval division, and it is well known for its fleet of small armed speed boats that it uses to harass the large US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf.

However, the IRGC could soon begin to operate a far larger class of warship, an ‘aircraft carrier’!

A former Iranian-flagged container ship is getting converted into a warship to carry helicopter and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles at the Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex Co (ISOICO) at Bandar Abbas near the Strait of Hormuz, according to the images published by Sutton on December 30, 2022.

Image of Iran’s under-development aircraft carrier circulating on Iranian social media

Based on the images, Sutton points out that the conversion process has added a large cantilever flight deck on the port (left) side, but it is unclear whether an overhang will be added to the starboard (right) side as well.

“The fact that the superstructure spans the original deck means that a traditional aircraft carrier layout is impossible. The angles on the added light deck are also not traditional. Possibly this hints at a flight deck running across from port to starboard ahead of the superstructure,” wrote Sutton.

Photos of the under-development aircraft carrier suggest the construction of an angled flight deck. (Illustration by H I Sutton)

Sutton reported that two vessels are expected to be built: the Shahid Mahdavi and Shahid Bagheri. Based on open sources, the first one is believed to be the Shahid Mahdavi (110-3). However, Iranian social media sources have also reported it to be the Shahid Bagheri.

Nevertheless, according to him, the two ships would probably be similar or identical, so that this detail may be less critical. The first of the two ships could be launched early this year.

Iran Takes A Page From The US’ Strategy

The merchant ship has been in dry dock since at least May 2022, undergoing the conversion to a warship, according to a previous report by The Maritime Executive.

The Maritime Executive reported that the ship is identical to the Iranian-flagged container ship Sarvin (ex-name Sarita, Dandle, Twelfth Ocean, Iran Isfahan), which is a 22-year-old vessel with a nominal capacity of 3,300 Twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU).


Sarvin (

Sarvin’s operator is covered by US sanctions on the Iranian maritime sector, preventing her use in most commercial trade lanes. Therefore, it might have been decided to be converted into a warship for the IRGC, reported the Maritime Executive.

However, Sutton’s report suggests the ship was originally Perarin, a large container ship built in 2000 and operated under an Iranian flag. It has a carrying capacity of 3,280 TEU, a length overall (LOA) of 240.2 meters, and a beam of 32.2 meters. Her reported draught was 7.8 meters.


Perarin (

Nevertheless, Iran seems to have taken a page from the US expeditionary sea base model when converting merchant ships into warships.

US special operator forces are known to use base ships for covert action. US SOFs reportedly use one such ‘civilian’ base vessel in the Western Pacific and another commercial conversion with special-operations features, Ocean Trader, formerly known as Cragside, has been off Automatic identification systems (AIS) since 2017.

One of the prominent examples of Iran’s adoption of the base ship idea is the Iranian Navy’s IRINS Makran, a former petrochemical tanker turned into a warship in 2021. The Makran ranks among the largest naval vessels in the world, though she is considerably shorter than a carrier.


IRINS Makran (Wikipedia)

Last year, Makran and the Iranian Navy frigate IRINS Sahand were deployed to the Atlantic for four months. They traveled to the Baltic Sea to represent Tehran in a Russian Navy fleet review.

Makran appears to be transiting across the Pacific, going by the recent sighting of the ship reported by the French Navy.

Reports suggest the IRGC does not want to be outdone by the Iranian Navy in terms of capabilities, and therefore it appears to have created a base ship of its own.

Also, according to Sutton, the IRGC does have another covert base ship, the freighter Behshad, which operates in the Red Sea. A previous IRGC base ship, the Saviz, was struck in an attack widely attributed to Israel in 2021.

New Aircraft Carrier Could Increase Iranian Drone Threat

The new drone aircraft carrier will provide the IRGC with a long-range strike capability, leveraging the wide variety of aerial combat drones developed by Iran.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, an Iran expert at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told USNI News that the open-source photos of the under-development drone carrier are in line with Iran’s expressed use for the ship in the local media.

“Iranian media had talked about it being used to store drones to grow the long-range strike capabilities of the country. The world should look at how Iran plans to use merchant vessels and tankers to grow its long-range strike capabilities,” Behnam Ben Taleblu said.

As discussed earlier by EurAsian Times, Iran has been a revolutionary in the UAV industry for many years. The country assumes a more prominent role as an emerging drone superpower in the Middle East.

Iranian armed forces are known to operate more armed drones than many other nations that have twice their defense budget, and that too under crippling Western sanctions.

Iran has many UAVs ranging from small, light short-range systems to medium to heavy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

Shahed-136 kamikaze drones deserve special mention in particular, as they have been wreaking havoc on Ukraine’s air defenses and critical infrastructure in recent weeks at the hands of the Russian military.

Iranian Shahed 136 drone

Iranian Shahed 136 drone

Apart from that, Iran has also allegedly employed Shahed-136 for an attack on an oil ship belonging to an Israeli billionaire off the coast of Oman in November last year, according to an investigation by the US Navy.

The attack was carried out on an oil tanker, ‘Pacific Zircon,’ operated by Eastern Pacific Shipping of Singapore, owned by Israeli tycoon Idan Ofer. The incident damaged the ship but left no one hurt. According to Western and Israeli officials, the attack was reportedly carried out from an IRGC base in the city of Chabahar in southeast Iran.

Graphic identifying specific debris fragments collected byUS.S. Navy explosive ordnance disposal team aboard M/T Pacific Zircon, November 16. The illustration shows how the collected pieces indicate the unmanned aerial vehicle that attacked the commercial tanker was an Iranian-made Shahed-13US US Navy graphic

Iranian drone threat could increase multi-fold in terms of scale when coupled with an aircraft carrier, enabling the IRGC to strike any place at any time. As the ongoing Ukraine war has demonstrated, Iran could fill the skies of the adversarial nations with swarms of UAVs to overwhelm their air defense systems.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned of this possibility in his speech to the UN General Assembly in New York on September 27, 2021.

“If you think Iranian terror is confined to Israel — you’re wrong. Just this year, Iran made operational a new deadly terror unit, a startup: swarms of killer UAVs armed with lethal weapons that can attack any place at any time. They plan to blanket the skies of the Middle East with this lethal force,” said Bennett.

“Iran has already used these deadly UAVs — called Shahed 136 — to attack Saudi Arabia, US targets in Iraq, and civilian ships at sea, killing a Brit and a Romanian,” Bennet noted in the speech.


Blasts Rock Ukraine’s Cities as Russia Launches Two Waves of Missile Attacks

Ukrainian officials say Moscow used ballistic missiles, which Ukraine’s current air defenses can’t intercept

In Kyiv, air-raid sirens didn’t sound before Saturday’s attacks as they usually would.

Russia launched two waves of missile attacks on Saturday against critical infrastructure in Ukraine’s capital and other cities across the country, seeking to deprive residents of power as it steps up its military campaign in the east.

Kyiv and other cities were struck in an early-morning barrage that officials said included ballistic missiles, and a second volley in the afternoon targeted the western part of the country. Across Ukraine, air-defense units scrambled to try to intercept the projectiles.

In Dnipro, a major city in eastern Ukraine, an entire section of a large residential building was decimated by a Russian missile. “It’s a tragedy,” the city’s mayor Borys Filatov said in a post on Telegram. “We’ll spend all night sifting through the ruins.

Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the surrounding Dnipropetrovsk region, said five deaths had been confirmed—a figure likely to grow as emergency services continued to work at the site—with 27 people wounded.

Saturday’s strikes ended a lull of nearly two weeks without major Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

During the morning strikes, no air-raid sirens sounded in Kyiv, as they usually do before attacks, and residents had little advance notice of the incoming projectiles. Ukrainian officials and Telegram channels that track the trajectory of Russian projectiles said they believed Russia had used ballistic missiles, some of which can soar beyond the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds, making them harder to shoot down.

Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, said the missiles were likely fired from the north. “Ballistic [rockets] are not accessible for us to spot them and shoot them down,” he said.

A Ukrainian law-enforcement official said Russia’s morning strike on Kyiv was likely carried out with operational-tactical ballistic missiles, such as Iskander, a mobile short-range ballistic missile used by Russia’s military. “They obviously saw that almost all the slow cruise missiles are being shot down,” he said.

Ukraine did get some good news on Saturday as the U.K. said it would send some of its Challenger 2 heavy battle tanks to the war-hit country. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the transfer to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. While the numbers of tanks involved in the transaction are likely to be small, the move is seen as significant by analysts as it could spur on other countries, including Germany, to begin sending their own advanced tanks.

Russia’s Embassy in the U.K. said Saturday that the tanks are “unlikely to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine turn the tide on the battlefield, and they will become a legitimate large target for Russian guns,” in comments carried by Russian state news agency TASS.

Russia has used ballistic missiles since the start of its invasion of Ukraine in February, but its stocks of such high-precision arms have dwindled. The bulk of strikes since Moscow launched its campaign to destroy energy infrastructure across Ukraine in early October has been carried out with cruise missiles such as Kalibr, which Ukraine has claimed a high success rate in intercepting.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said emergency services were working at the sites of two blasts in different parts of the city on Saturday morning, one of which damaged a nonresidential area after debris fell from a missile downed by air-defense teams. Authorities said 18 buildings had been damaged, though no casualties were reported.

The second wave of missiles, after 2 p.m. local time, was preceded by air-raid sirens across the country. Officials said air defenses were working in western regions of the country.

Ukraine’s limited air defenses aren’t equipped to deal with ballistic missiles, and the country is currently awaiting the shipment from the U.S. of a Patriot air-defense battery that can knock out such projectiles. Some 100 Ukrainian troops will be trained to use the system at a military base in Oklahoma, the Pentagon said this week.

“The speed of ballistic projectiles is the most critical thing that makes it difficult to intercept them,” said Mykola Bielieskov, a military analyst at the Kyiv-based National Institute for Strategic Studies, a government-backed think tank. “Since there was no warning it means very short flight time combined with big speed,” he added of Saturday’s strikes.

The U.S. government believes that Iran, which has supplied drones that Russia has used to target Ukrainian infrastructure in recent months, is considering the sale of hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told the U.N. Security Council on Friday.

“We urge Iran to reverse course and not to take these steps. And we urge everyone who supports peace to ask Iran to do the same,” she said.

Saturday’s attacks come as Russia presses its military campaign in Ukraine’s east. Russia’s Defense Ministry said that its troops were continuing offensive operations around the eastern cities of Kupyansk and Lyman, both of which were retaken by Ukraine in recent months. Russian troops were fighting across the eastern Donetsk region, the ministry said Saturday, an area that Mr. Putin has claimed as part of Russia’s territory and whose defense is a priority for Moscow.

In Avdiivka, a town in eastern Ukraine, Russian artillery killed three civilians and left three more wounded, Vitalii Barabash, the head of the town, wrote on Facebook.

On Friday, Russia claimed it had completed the capture of the town of Soledar, which could give it a foothold for a further assault on the nearby city of Bakhmut, which Ukraine has defended fiercely in recent months.

Ukraine hasn’t confirmed that Soledar has been captured and says its troops continue to contest the town, which had a prewar population of 10,000 and now lies largely in ruins.

The seizure of Soledar would be of limited strategic significance but would be a psychological boost for Russia’s military after months on the defensive, following its withdrawal in November from Kherson in the south and a successful Ukrainian offensive that pushed Russia almost entirely out of the northeastern Kharkiv region in the fall.

Russian claims about the capture of Soledar have also exposed rifts among the various forces prosecuting Russia’s offensive in Ukraine’s east, which is being spearheaded by the Wagner Group, a paramilitary group that has substantially expanded its ranks after recruiting thousands of inmates from Russian jails for the fight in Ukraine.

When Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that Soledar was under Russian control, it didn’t mention the role played in its capture by the Wagner Group, whose founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, claimed this week that its forces were instrumental in the fight for the town.

After public complaints from a Wagner commander who accused the Defense Ministry of “stealing the achievements of others,” the ministry issued a new statement praising Wagner as the pivotal force responsible for Soledar’s conquest.

On Saturday, a Telegram channel associated with Mr. Prigozhin released a video in which he says he is in Soledar, where he said he had arrived to award his fighters medals.

His army, he said, is the most experienced in the world, working independently with its own military equipment and fighters “who aren’t afraid to die” as the forces continue attempting to seize eastern Ukraine.

“The elephant can’t be eaten whole,” Mr. Prigozhin, clad in military fatigues, said in front of a partially destroyed house. “It needs to be eaten in parts.”

Happening Now: Large Barrage of Russian Missiles Hitting Ukraine

As of 9:11 AM eastern US time on Saturday, 14 January, reports are coming in that Russia has launched another large barrage of missiles against Ukraine. Reports claim at least eighty (80) Russian missiles are in the air right now, with explosions being reported in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Termopil, and many more cities.

Power has reportedly failed in most of those cities, and more explosion reports are now coming in.

Air Raid Sirens are blaring in all the areas shown in red on the map above.

This story is being LIVE UPDATED. Check back for more.


In addition to the cities listed above, reports of missile impacts are also coming in from the following Ukraine cities: Vinnista, Chernovtsi, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Khmelnitsky, Nikolaev, Kramatorsk, and Odessa.


More missiles are hitting even more sites in Ukraine. At this time it has become clear that Russia is targeting:

Energy facilities

Storage facilities of weapons and ammunition


Anti-Aircraft systems

Transportation infrastructure


BREAKING : Expert Warns Humanity to Prepare for World War - EXCLUSIVE REPORT.

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***** BULLETIN ***** Ambassador Says U.S. WILL ALLOW Allies to Give F-16's to Ukraine

The USA will support the transfer of F-16 fighter jets by allies to Ukraine - the American ambassador to the OSCE. Michael Carpenter, confirmed today.

Washington will agree with the idea of partners to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

Answering the question whether the administration of US President Joe Biden is ready to allow the Netherlands to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, the ambassador said: “We have long been of the opinion that what our allies supply is their business. And we support the countless contributions (to defense) that our allies have made for Ukraine.

This has been true from the very beginning of the war, when we discussed legacy Soviet systems, to the present period, when we discuss main battle tanks and more sophisticated air and missile defense capabilities and systems. And so I expect there will be broad support in the United States for our allies to continue to increase their contributions,” Carpenter said.

Earlier it became known that the Netherlands is ready to consider the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, if a request comes from the Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time, during an address to the participants of Ramstein meeting, Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the partners to discuss the possibility of sending the F-16 at the next meeting.

GAME CHANGER: Putin’s allies are now calling for Berlin to be nuked after Germany’s decision to send tanks to aid Ukraine

Fuming Kremlin propagandists threatened nuclear strikes on the West today after Germany agreed to send tanks to Ukraine. One high-profile Putin mouthpiece demanded Berlin’s Bundestag parliament should be reduced to radioactive ash in retaliation.

It comes after dithering German chancellor Olaf Scholz folded to international pressure and direct pleas from president Volodymyr Zelensky. He will now send a squadron of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, and allow Nato allies to re-export dozens more.

The Kremlin today hit back saying any tanks supplied by Germany and the US will “burn like all the rest”. And raging Moscow TV pundit Yevgeny Satanovsky said warheads should be launched on the center of German democracy.

He said: “German tanks with crosses on their armor will again march across Ukraine attacking Russian soldiers. “I have a natural reaction to this – the Soviet Union bombed Berlin in 1941.

“And to me, this is a signal that the Reichstag, or Bundestag, which now replaces the Reichstag, simply should not remain standing any longer. “Flat, slightly radioactive, melted-down ground [will remain in its place].”

Another of Putin’s favorite propagandists, TV host Vladimir Solovyov, claimed it meant Germany had joined the war. He ranted “It’s time to send a clear, resolute message that we now consider Germany a direct party to the conflict, rekindling memories of WW2.

“German tanks appearing [in Ukraine] will definitely mean we consider German territory, military bases, and other sites as legitimate targets.”

The UK is already sending 14 Challenger 2s, answering Zelenksy’s plea for more modern weaponry. PM Rishi Sunak welcomed Germany’s decision, saying the new heavy armor “will strengthen Ukraine’s defensive firepower”.

Mr. Scholz had held back from supplying Leopards, fearing it could trigger World War Three. But he finally relented today amid huge international pressure.

He will now send 14 Leopard 2s, plus spare parts and ammo, and lift a ban on other countries sending theirs. Poland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Spain were waiting for Berlin’s permission to send some of their fleets to Ukraine.

Reports said furious allies were ramping up the pressure and threatened to defy Berlin by sending tanks without permission. “This decision follows our well-known line of supporting Ukraine to the best of our ability,” said Mr. Scholz today.

“We are acting in a closely coordinated manner internationally.”

Germany’s Leopards, fielded by armies across Europe, are widely seen as the best option as they are available in large numbers and easy to deploy and maintain. Around 2,000 Leopard 2 tanks are in use by Ukraine’s allies. Other countries that use Leopards include Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands, which have all sent weapons to Ukraine. Putin allies call for Berlin to be NUKED after decision to send tanks to Ukraine

Seven (7) B-52's Recorded Flying over Long Island out to the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe

A young guy on Long Island who video records aircraft and does Astronomy hobby work, went out of his house of Long Island today to video a 747 taking off. As he turned his camera west, he caught SEVEN (7) US Air Force B-52's flying eastward out into the Atlantic toward Europe . . . . Video Below:

US Air Force B-52's flying eastward out into the Atlantic toward Europe

We know that at least four (4) B-52's will be participating with an Israeli military drill wherein they "simulate" bombing Iran nuclear facilities, so if any of these planes are heading there, then where are the others going? Ukraine?