Viganò: Considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order

Only by turning to Christ can the wicked project of the New World Order be defeated and the Holy Church be purified of traitors and renegades.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

The world depopulation plan

Among the associates of this pactum sceleris there must also be counted some members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which recently had its organizational structure overturned by Bergoglio himself when he removed the members who were most faithful to the Magisterium, replacing them with supporters of depopulation, contraception, and abortion. There should be no surprise at the Holy See’s support for vaccines: in June 2011 the Sovereign Independent carried the headline on its front page: “Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution!” (here). Beside the headline, a photograph of Bill Gates was accompanied by a quote from him: “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services [abortion and contraception], we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent .” This is what Bill Gates said eleven years ago. Today he is one of the shareholders of the Black Rock group that finances the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines, one of the main sponsors of the World Health Organization (WHO), and also of a myriad of public and private entities connected to health. At his side we curiously find George Soros, the “philanthropist” of the Open Society , which together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently invested in a British company that produces swabs for Covid testing (here). And since we are talking about economic issues, I would like to recall that the Holy See has held shares worth about €20 million in two pharmaceutical companies that have produced a contraceptive drug (here), and more recently it invested in a fund that guaranteed very high profits in the event of a geopolitical or pandemic crisis thanks to speculation on international currencies, the “Geo-Risk” fund managed by the Merrill Lynch investment bank, which had to close it because of its skyrocketing yields after the first few months of the pandemic (here). Other capital, coming from the “Peter’s Pence” collection, had been used to finance various other initiatives, even collaborating with [Italian businessman] Lapo Elkann, whose endeavors include Rocketman , the autobiographical film of Elton John. To say nothing of the real estate speculations and the purchase of the London building at 60 Sloane Avenue that the news coverage has amply informed us on, a purchase that I know, from a reliable source, was decided on by Bergoglio himself. And then there’s China: always in the name of “coherence” and the “church of the poor for the poor” that is so dear to Bergoglio’s heart, there are those who believe that the secret Accord prepared by the Jesuits and former-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick may have obtained substantial funding from the communist regime in Beijing in exchange for the Vatican’s silence over the persecution of Catholics and the violation of human rights (here).

Deep state interference

There have been manifold examples of interference by the deep state in the life of the Church. We cannot forget the emails of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, which show the intention to oust Benedict XVI from the papacy and so to initiate a new “springtime of the Church ” that would be progressivist and globalist, which later came about with the resignation of Benedict and the election of the Argentine. Nor can we overlook the interference of entities and institutions that are anything but close to religion, such as the B’nai B’rith, in dictating the direction of the “renewal” of the Church after Vatican II and most of all under this Pontificate. Finally, we should remember on the one hand the disdainful refusals to grant audiences to conservative political and institutional personalities, and on the other hand the passionate smiling encounters with leaders of the Left and of progressivism, along with expressions of enthusiastic satisfaction on the occasion of their election. Many of them owe their success to having attended universities run by the Society of Jesus or circles of Catholicism that in Italy would be called Dossettian,1 where the network of social and political relations constitutes a sort of progressive Freemasonry and ensures dazzling careers for so-called “adult Catholics,” those who use the name “Christian” without behaving consistently with Christian faith and morality in their service of public affairs: Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi; Romano Prodi, Mario Monti, Giuseppe Conte, and Mario Draghi; to name only a few. As we can see, the cooperation between the deep state and deep church is long-standing and has now produced the results hoped for by its supporters, with very serious damage to both the State and religion.

The closure of churches in early 2020, even before the civil authorities imposed the lockdowns; the prohibition of the celebration of Masses and the administration of the Sacraments during the pandemic emergency; the grotesque ceremony performed on 27 March 2020 in Saint Peter’s Square (here); the insistence on vaccines and their promotion as morally legitimate despite having been produced with cell lines originating with aborted fetuses; Bergoglio’s declarations that the genetic serum represents a “moral duty ” for every Christian; the introduction of the “Green Pass ” health passport in the Vatican and more recently in Catholic schools and in some seminaries; the Holy See prohibiting Bishops from announcing that they are against the vaccination obligation, promptly endorsed by certain Bishops’ Conferences – these are all elements that demonstrate the subordination of the deep church to the orders of the deep state , and the way in which the Bergoglian church is an integral part of the globalist plan. If we combine all this with the idolatrous cult of the pachamama right under the arches of Saint Peter’s Basilica; the insistence on irenicist ecumenism, pacifism, and pauperism; the endorsement of situation ethics and the substantial legitimization of adultery and concubinage in Amoris Laetitia ; the declaration that the death penalty is morally illicit; the endorsement of left-wing politicians, revolutionary leaders, and abortion activists; the words of understanding for LGBT issues, homosexuals, and transsexuals; the silence over the legitimization of homosexual unions and the even more disconcerting silence over the blessing of sodomitical couples by German Bishops and priests; and the prohibition of the Tridentine Mass with the abolition of Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum , we realize that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is carrying out the task entrusted to him by the globalist elite, which wants him to be the liquidator of the Catholic Church and the founder of a philanthropic and ecumenical sect of Masonic inspiration that is meant to constitute the Universal Religion in support of the New Order. Whether this action is being carried out with full awareness, out of fear, or under blackmail, nothing detracts from the gravity of what is happening, nor from the moral responsibility of those who promote it.

The Luciferian matrix of the New World Order

At this point, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by the “New World Order,” or rather what its creators mean, regardless of what they say publicly. Because on the one hand, it is true that there is a project, that certain people conceived it and are charged with carrying it out; but on the other hand it is also true that the inspiring principles of the project are not always disclosed, or at least they cannot be openly admitted to be closely related to what is happening today, since such an admission would arouse opposition even from those who are the most peaceful and moderate. It is one thing to impose the “Green Pass” with the excuse of the pandemic; but it is quite another to recognize that the purpose of the passport is to accustom us to being tracked; and still another to say that this total control is the “mark of the Beast ” of which the Book of the Apocalypse speaks (Rev 13:16-18). The reader will forgive me if, in order to demonstrate my argument, I must resort to using quotations of such gravity and wickedness that they arouse bewilderment and horror – but this is necessary if we are to understand what the real intentions of the architects of this plot really are, and the true nature of the epochal battle they are waging against Christ and His Church.

In order to understand the esoteric roots of the thought that lies at the foundation of the United Nations, once longed for by [19th-century Italian political activist] Giuseppe Mazzini, we cannot fail to consider characters such as Albert Pike, Eliphas Levi, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey, or other disciples of Luciferian sects. Their writings, published since the late nineteenth century, are quite revealing.

Albert Pike, a friend of Mazzini and a fellow Freemason, gave an address in 1889 in France to the highest levels of Freemasonry, which was then reprinted on 19 January 1935 by the English journal The Freemason . Pike declared:

That which we must say to the crowd is, we worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition […]. The Masonic religion ought to be maintained in the purity of Luciferian doctrine by all of us who are initiates of the highest degrees. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay [sic] [the God of the Christians] whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion of science, would Adonay and his priest calumniate him?

“Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive… the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.

This profession of faith in the divinity of Satan is not only an admission of who the real Great Architect that Freemasonry adores is, but also a blasphemous political project that passe through the ecumenism of Vatican II, whose first theorist was Freemasonry:

The Christian, the Jew, the Moslem, the Buddhist, the follower of Confucius and Zoroaster can unite as brothers and join together in prayer to the only god who is above all the other gods (cf. Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, ed. Bastogi, Foggia 1984, vol. VI, p. 153).

And the identity of the “only god who is above all the other gods ” has been well explained in the preceding quotation.

In another letter, Pike wrote to Mazzini:

We will unleash the nihilists and atheists and provoke a formidable social cataclysm that will clearly demonstrate to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of barbarism and bloody subversion. Then citizens everywhere, forced to defend themselves against a world minority of revolutionaries, […] will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, finally revealed to the public’s view; a manifestation that will be followed by the destruction of Christianity and also of atheism, which will be conquered and crushed at the same time! (cf. Letter of 15 August 1871 to Giuseppe Mazzini, Library of the British Museum, London).

It will not escape notice that the “great heresy of separativeness ” sounds curiously in agreement with the ecumenism condemned by Pius XI in his Encyclical Mortalium Animos , an ecumenism that was adopted by the Declaration Dignitatis Humanae and recently merged into the doctrine of “inclusivity ” formulated by those who allowed idolatrous worship to the pachamama to be offered in Saint Peter’s Basilica. It is clear that the term “separativeness ” intends to designate in a negative key the necessary separation of good from evil, of true from false, of the right from wrong that constitutes the criterion of moral judgment of human behavior. “Inclusivity ” opposes this distinction, allowing oneself to be deliberately contaminated by evil to adulterate the good, equating the true and the false in order to corrupt the former and give legitimacy to the latter.

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Darth Vader The Vatican

The Vigano Tapes 13-18 - Freemasonry brought in "Freemasonry is the mystical body of Satan," said Vigano, "because Satan is the identity that it adores at its highest level of initiation."

Archbishop Vigano claims that the Pope is a “zealous cooperator” in the “Great Reset,” who pursues the “demolition of the Church” in order to replace it with an organization of “Masonic inspiration.” – New message from Archbishop Vigano – The Radio Patriot

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Catholic Nun Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Globalist Plot For Population Control, Pope Francis Their ‘Spiritual Leader’

A video going viral shows a nun named Mother Miriam discussing the COVID-19 vaccine as part of a depopulation agenda by globalist elites like Bill Gates and George Soros. In the video, she explains how the globalists are working to kill a large swath of the global population through mass vaccination in order to usher in a “one world order.”

Vax Victims are a sacrifice to moloch

Archbishop Vigano: “Vaccine Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch”

The Vigano Tapes: The Complete Interview -

Vigano goes on to declare, “The Vaccine and Abortion Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch.”

He Warns of the Coming Evil of Climate Change Tyranny.

Archbishop Vigano is a Rare Religious Leader Who Dares to Speak the Truth. Even more Rare, He Actually Understands What is Really Happening.

He Calls Out The Pope, The Greate Reset, The Jesuits, Vax Criminals, Election Thieves, The Free Masons and their War Against Humanity. And Warns of The Mark Of The Beast Given Through the mRNA Vax.

The Deep Church and those who accept 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption have Made A Deal with the Devil. They Have Sold Out their Congregation to the Deep State and Must Agree to Betray Them.

Continued at the link.

INTRODUCTION - Dr. Robert Moynihan gives an introduction to the interview with Archbishop Viganò, The Viganò Tapes, which consist of 18 tapes each one containing a question that we asked Archbishop Viganò at the end of August 2021. This exclusive interview covers the current situation in the Church and in the world.


Bishop Vigano Denounces an “Infernal Elite”

“Let us have no illusions: these servants of the New World Order who have managed to occupy the highest positions of national governments and international organizations are our enemies: enemies of the good and enemies of God. They do not care how many of us will have to die from the effects of the vaccine, from hunger or from bombs: they are only interested in power, personal advantage and the advantage of their masters, whom so far no one has dared to incriminate and condemn.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò addressed participants of the Reawaken America Rally, which took place on the 2nd of April in Salem, Oregon.

Makow Comment Vigano’s Voice is The Voice of Truth .

Vigano captures the essential fact that Western society has been totally subverted by Satanists. Confronted with loss of freedom, dignity and health, most Americans are trying to profit from the upheaval by buying stocks, as if more digits will provide insurance from what may be coming. The economic sanctions, the theft of reserves and even art, all point to one thing: The Satanist (Masonic) Jewish bankers who control everyone and everything through their money, want Russia to provoke a nuclear holocaust. Covidscam wasn’t working; nuclear war is Plan B, depopulation wise.[ It’s called “Creative Destruction.”]>(Makow- The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization - We are in the fight of our lives.

Salem, Oregon, April 2nd, 2022

Praised be Jesus Christ. Dear friends, General Michael Flynn asked me to speak with a message for your rally. I gladly accepted his proposal, because I wish to greet you and encourage you in this re-awakening of consciences. If you are re-awakening, it is because until now someone has forced you to sleep, drugged you, and distracted you from what he was plotting, in order to continue undisturbed in his criminal action. But the slumber of Americans and all peoples has lasted far too long: it is now the moment to open our eyes, to wake up, and to understand what has happened and what is happening. It is the moment to act.

The threat of a third world war is weighing on all of us. They have told us that President Putin invaded Ukraine to support his expansionist ambitions, but in reality the main purpose of Russia’s military operation is to prevent the aggression of the deep state and NATO. Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that holds us all hostage

Continues …



Henry Makow refers to Archbishop Vignano as the "real Pope" in saying:

"The real Pope. Francis is an imposter"

There is a lot of that going on. Real news vs. fake new, real President vs. fake President ... loads of imposters posing as legitmate leaders under rigged elections and a lying media corporation.

In America, it is being reported (not on fake news) that fake-President Biden is not running anything as he is clearly mentally incompetent, but that President Obama is running the NWO show in the backround.


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Abp. Viganò: ‘Pride’ movement is satanic, must be conquered by ‘reparation,’ charity

The 'pride' movement will lead only to 'pain, illness, and death – eternal death,' said the archbishop.

Editor’s note: The following is a message delivered by Archbishop Viganò to the march of reparation held by the Blessed Giovanna Scopelli Association of Reggio Emilia on July 2, 2022.

Abp. Viganò urges US bishops to excommunicate Joe Biden and other abortion supporters

Archbishop Viganò said that all those who ‘act in politics and institutions to make this slaughter of the innocent possible’ should be excommunicated.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former papal nuncio to the U.S.A., has urged the American bishops to excommunicate “all those” involved in “politics and institutions” who promote abortion.

In an audio message delivered via The American Report, Archbishop Viganò cited the findings by Judicial Watch that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) purchased organs of babies killed in abortion.

“I learned with horror the news released by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton that the Obama-era FDA had purchased ‘fresh and never frozen’ aborted baby heads and other body parts,” said the archbishop.

Fitton recently posted a short video to social media highlighting the group’s 2021 findings via a Freedom of Information Act against the FDA, regarding the “provision of human fetal tissue to be used in humanized mice research.”

The FOIA revealed that the “federal government demanded the purchased fetal organs be ‘fresh and never frozen’,” and also that the body parts be “shipped on wet ice” to preserve their freshness.

The records included a list of prices for baby body parts, with an intact skull (8-24 weeks) valued at $515, according to a 2013 service fee.

In response, Archbishop Viganò called for the U.S. episcopate to take firm action to prevent the “crime of abortion” by widely excommunicating those involved.

Faced with the horror of crimes that cry out for vengeance in the sight of God, the time has come that the Bishops of the United States should condemn the crime of the abortion [in] the most solemn and unequivocal way, imposing excommunication on all those who, betraying the natural law and the Commandments of God, act in politics and institutions to make this slaughter of the innocent possible.

He singled out the staunchly pro-abortion Joe Biden for excommunication, highlighting Biden’s recent executive order pushing abortion on demand, up to the point of birth:

Among these, undoubtedly, Joe Biden, who despite bearing the Catholic name, just signed an executive order to recognize the “right” to kill babies in the mother’s womb.

The former papal nuncio to the U.S. described the overturning of Roe v. Wade as a comfort to Americans, adding that the abortion industry is linked to the “deep state”:

The American people, comforted by the historical ruling of the Supreme Court, must regain the pride of their dignity and their Faith, and put an end to this massacre, behind which the foul profits of the organ-trade and the unspeakable interests of the deep state, are hidden.

Responding to Biden’s recent executive order, Archbishop of Baltimore William E. Lori – Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities – penned an official letter condemning the order. Biden was using his power to seek “every possible avenue to deny unborn children their most basic human and civil right, the right to life,” said Archbishop Lori.

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Bullet Points: Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars Prediction



Archbishop Vigano: Yes, thank you for giving me this opportunity to address you on this occasion.

And I share with you some matters regarding the present situation in the world and in the church.

For the past four years, we have been witnessing the implementation of a criminal plan of world depopulation, achieved through the creation of a false pandemic and imposition of her false vaccine, which you now know to be a biological weapon of mass destruction, designed with the aim of destroying the immune system of the entire population, causing sterility and the onset of deadly diseases.

Many of our friends and acquaintances have died or been severely damaged by the adverse effects of these experimental gene serums.

Many have discovered too late that they have been the victims of a global plan with a single script and a single direction.

What is even more serious is that this new Malthusian project of mass extermination, to which is added the will to control each of us through graphene oxide nano structures, has been announced to us for some time by those in the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum who conceived and implemented it.

The rulers of the western states, hostage to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, have become accomplices to this crime, demonstrating their malice and premeditation by their behaviour of falsifying data on alleged infection, doctoring statistical data to attribute death and adverse effects to covid-19 but not to the gene serums, prohibiting effective treatments and imposing harmful protocols that have no scientific basis, banning autopsies and preventing accurate reports to authorities.

In this attack, unprecedented in the history of the human race, we have witnessed the complicity of all national and International institutions, the entire medical profession, and the media.
A social engineering operation has been carried out to manipulate consensus through terror threats, blackmail, and the violation of citizens’ most sacrosanct fundamental rights.
The Judiciary has been silent.

The armed forces have looked the other way.

The teachers and priests have zealously cooperated.

We are well aware of the perpetrators of this crime against God and Humanity,

Of course, the multinational pharmaceutical corporations have profited disproportionately from mass vaccination and they are now prepared to accumulate still more billions of dollars from the need for treatments against the turbo cancers that their serums have caused.

Those who peddle the vaccine and profited from administering this poison to pregnant women children and elderly, have funded the self-styled experts, paying them to propagandize false efficacy and safety through the mainstream media.

Multinationals have profited and due to the lockdowns they have taken the place of small businesses, restaurants and local shops.

Energy suppliers have profited and are still profiting out of the crisis created by the system.
They have made huge profits by the costs of electricity and gas that are forcing businesses to increase prices and close.

Those who took advantage of the restrictions to work from home, those who sold mask that were not only useless but actually harmful, those who provided plexiglass barriers and hand sanitizers, and those who manage the measurement of fever in public places also took their cut of profit.

Many of them who understood perfectly well what was happening preferred to remain silent so as not to miss the opportunity to make money off the lives and health of the rest of us.
But it's not just money that is the motive for this crime.

Behind the motivation of many is the will to power of the subversive Davos elite, which aims to establish the New World Order.

The psycho pandemic has been a dress-rehearsal for the attack they are now making against the economy, the social fabric and indeed the very life of humanity.

15-minute cities, digital identity, returning money and the destruction of agriculture and ranching all serve the same purpose stated in the agenda 2030 and the Rockefeller foundation's great reset project.

The wars in Ukraine and Palestine have also the same purpose, to destabilise the international order, create permanent crisis, and fuel conflict that will impoverish individual Nations and feed the globalist Leviathan.

Gaza’s oil fields are tempting targets for those who want to appropriate them in order to keep Europe and United States under blackmail, especially when the same people are imposing insane energy policies in the name of a fake climate emergency.

Today the perpetrators of these crimes have a name and a face, their accomplices in governmental institutions are guilty of high treason and very serious crimes.
All come from the World Economic Forum and were students of his program called Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow.

Others like George Soros supported them by means of philanthropic foundations that fuel social strife, Civil War and colour revolutions around the world.

This Global coup d’état must be denounced and those responsible must be tried and judged by an international Court.

But above all it is necessary for all of us to understand that this all-out war against humanity is not motivated only by their lust for wealth and power but mainly by a religious motive, a theological reason.

This reason is Satan's hatred: hatred of God, hatred of God's creation and hatred of man who is created in the image and likeness of God.

Bill Gates Klaus Schwab, George Soros and their hundreds of servants whom they blackmail in government all hate God, and they hate life, which only God can give.

They hate love which comes only from God.

They hate peace, which can reign only where Christ reigns.

As Tucker Carson said a few days ago, we are facing people who serve Satan and the Demons of hell.

Just as the normal people worship and serve God.

This is a battle in which body and soul, matter and spirit, are made the objects of mortal attack by men and spiritual powers.

But let us not forget that if our enemy avails himself of the help of infernal Spirits we have on our side the Lord God of all armies arrayed, Dominus Deus about and all the hosts of angels and Saints infinitely more powerful.

God is Almighty.

Let us never forget that.

He is father. He does not abandon his children in time of crime.

And therefore, I exhort you dear friends to fight this battle with the spiritual weapons that God places at your disposal: prayer, trust in the Lord and the awareness that this enemy will not be defeated where it is most organized and fearsome but by striking it where it is weak.

This weakness comes from his corruption, from his being subservient to evil from the (toll) of all sins that it has committed and still commits: sins against God’s little children.

Because the men and women who in these four years have submitted to enduring lockdowns, violation of their rights, job deprivation. and social segregation are not willing to tolerate the crimes that this cursed network of perverts and paedophiles commits against children.

Therefore, bring to light and courageously denounce the network of complicity and crimes of politicians, bankers, actors, journalists, prelates and famous people who are united by their blood pact.

And the whole castle of lies and deceptions that they have hatched will collapse, dragging with it the entire Globalist plan, woke ideology, gender theory, the fake climate emergency and fraud and digital currency.

“Simul staben, simul caden” says the Latin maxim: “just as they stand together, so also they will collapse together”.

Stay strong therefore under the banner of Christ and in the army of God, who is Almighty and who won the cross, has already won the world that is now entering in his final stages.

Gather around the Lord, call His holy name and this will give impetus to your battle.

Remember the words of Saint Paul: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.

May God bless you all.

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