VAERS: Another corrupt government agency... Pulling the wool over yours eyes, in collusion with the CDC and FDA as well as BIG PHARMA

What is VAERS?

It's the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

VAERS is the primary source for reporting adverse reactions by immunizations, and vaccines, for the public, Doctors, or family of those injured. It is the only safety database that the public has access to, yet most are unaware of its existence or that they are able to make a report without a doctors permission. Adverse reactions are grossly under-reported to VAERS at
less than 1%. Some reasons for this include lack of public and physician aware-ness of possible vaccine-related adverse events.

For example, possible adverse events [AEs] are not mentioned in television advertisements for vaccines, while they are for drugs. Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS) do not include adequate information regarding possible AEs and are often not given to consumers until after the vaccine has been administered, if at all (both contra laws governing informed consent). In violation of Nuremberg Codes, and Federal Regulations.

There are also some extremely criminal reasons, as I became aware, in my own personal experience, whilst trying to post an adverse event to the covid jab (death) myself.

One of the main functions of the VAERS system is to identify early signals of safety concern, yet they dont even follow the Federal guidelines as to what constitutes a "serious adverse event."
Does eliminating these events affect the accuracy of these warning signals? From 1998-2020 the CDC failed to acknowledge persistent or significant disability/incapacity as a serious adverse event (SAE) in VAERS, even though it is federal code to do so.

Created by the CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, better known now as {Creating Diseases and Cases}. The CDC is a for profit private corporation and Vaccine Company, defrauding Americans, and the world along with Big Pharma. The CDC states their mission is to make vaccine recommendations for the public, and charged with overseeing vaccine safety.

“The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually.”

...These studies and others confirm that CDC considers VAERS an important post-marketing vaccine safety surveillance tool.

Why Did the CDC Silence the Million Dollar Harvard Project Charged With Upgrading Our Vaccine Safety Surveillance System?

By far, the most dire failure of the VAERS system is the vast underreporting of vaccine adverse effects which leads to a dangerous false security in vaccine safety and an erroneous assumption that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gave Harvard Medical School a $1 million dollar grant to track VAERS reporting at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare for 3 years and to create an automated reporting system which would revolutionize the VAERS reporting system- transforming it from “passive” to “active.”

Data was collected from June 2006 to October of 2009 on a total of 715,000 patients. Of those 715,000 patients, 376,452 were given 1.4 million doses of 45 different vaccines. A total of 35,570 possible adverse reactions were identified, so 2.6% of vaccinations were followed by a possible adverse reaction.

Let’s just take a minute to reflect on that last sentence. Out of only 376,452 individuals that received a vaccine at this Harvard practice, the new automated system identified 35,570 possible adverse reactions in a three year period. How does that stack up to the number of adverse effects reported to VAERS? According to the CDC, only 30,000 adverse events are reported every year for the entire US population. This finding alone should have had the CDC saying:


The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccination are exceedingly rare (and predominantly minor). According to the CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 deaths, 1,091 permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,274 emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total as this report asserts? Simple multiplication would yield vaccine adverse events reports numbering 5,911,700!


A Nurse's Story ~ "I have seen the cover up."
For all the cases I've seen, I have NEVER seen any medical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports. I also have NEVER met a doctor that filed a VAERS report.....The number one place parents bring their kids in the event of a vaccine reaction is the E.R., and as an E.R. staffer, I have NEVER met anyone who filed one, in spite of seeing hundreds of cases of obvious vaccine associated harm come through. What does that say about reported numbers? The CDC/HHS admits that VAERS is under-reported, and probably only representative of 1/10th the actual number of injuries. I contest that, and from personal experience, I would say the numbers in VAERS are more like 1/1,000th the actual numbers, not 1/10th.

The FDAs mission is "protecting public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs and biologics. (Proof of efficacy and no mislabeling or misbranding biologics).
Even the FDA has had to admit that ADEs (Adverse Drug Events) are one of the leading causes of morbidity.

These two entities, the CDC and FDA oversee the VAERS system. The corruption and stench emanating from these is well documented.
For example, an investigation last October found that several advisors on the FDAs Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee had direct ties with Covid-vaccine Companies, including direct payments for consulting fees in the hundreds of thousands, as they ignored the warnings from covid trials and "green lighted" the vaccines. Burying evidence of misconduct is an official pattern rather than a rarity. The Congressional Committee on Reform has found that the FDA and the CDCs Advisory committees on vaccines are totally compromised with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest. Yet still the government health officials would rather support the profits of Big Pharma, more so than the health and safety of the people. Seeing that half of their budget comes from private pharma "user fees" its clear whom they serve.

CDC and FDA ignore hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) manage VAERS and are well aware of the widespread injuries and deaths caused by these vaccines. VAERS is required to make these injuries public each and every week, even as the medical establishment continues to yawn and turn the other way. The VAERS database has published hundreds of thousands of vaccine injury reports in 2021, but the CDC and the FDA haven’t done anything significant to address the wide-scale medical malpractice and wrongful death perpetuated by this bioweapon experiment. The CDC and the FDA refuse to take the vaccines off the market, and only warn young adults that the vaccines “rarely” cause heart problems, anaphylactic shock, and blood clots.

The FDA and the CDC have failed in their duty to function as protectors of humanity, yet prevailed in protection of racketeering, profiteering, and even crimes against humanity. They have an allegiance to drug companies and shareholders, and have been found to bury evidence, and to turn a blind eye and cover up negligence, fraud and corruption throughout their entire system. This is only the tip o the iceberg. They are derelict in obligation of oath of office, and complicit in genocide. All this, amounts to the least of their problems, as they will soon have to answer to Almighty God for their crimes.

Moderna's covid vaccination is no exception to the fraud and deceit in reporting adverse events to warn of the dangers associated with their death jabs.

Leaked report reveals Moderna COVID vaccine caused 300,000 vaccine injuries in three-month time span, hidden from VAERS

Moderna is new to the vaccine industry, and they are part of a global effort to introduce new mRNA spike protein replication technology to the field of vaccination. A leaked report from Moderna’s data collection company reveals that the Moderna covid-19 vaccines have caused upwards of 300,000 vaccine injuries in a three-month time span – dwarfing the number of vaccine injuries Moderna actually reported to VAERS in that time frame.

Moderna is legally required to forward all vaccine injury reports directly to VAERS, but they apparently aren’t doing their part and are concealing massive amounts of vaccine injury data. If this data was shared in a timely and transparent manner, it would further corroborate the numerous, wide-scale injuries already being reported to VAERS.

Moderna concealing hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries

According to the most recent data from VAERS, Moderna has only reported 110,500 adverse events reports from January through March for their SpikeVax COVID-19 vaccine. Most of these injuries occurred in the United States. VAERS also reports another 78,000 reports of vaccine injury from SpikeVax from April through June, with 71,400 of those injuries coming from the United States. Of these 188,500 vaccine injuries reported to VAERS, Moderna themselves only reported a fraction of them. Most of the reports came from patients, physicians, and other health care providers, who documented the adverse events in a medical report filed with VAERS.

Most shocking yet, a data collection service that works for Moderna sent out an internal memo highlighting up to 300,000 adverse events that occurred in a three-month span in 2021. Moderna’s data collection company is called IQVIA. This company helps drug-makers manage clinical trials. IQVIA employs 74,000 people and grossed $ 11 billion in sales last year. The company’s President for Research and Development Solutions sent out a Quarter Two update that was labeled “Confidential – for internal distribution only.” The report includes upwards of 300,000 incidences of vaccine injury reported directly from injured consumers.

The memo states that IQVIA applied more than 12 automation’s to drive greater efficiencies and quality “to ensure regulatory compliance for the Moderna pharmacovigilance program.” The memo states that “this enabled the team to effectively manage approximately 300,000 adverse event report and 30,000 medical information queries in a three-month span to support the global launch of their covid-19 vaccine.” These injuries might coincide with whistleblower testimony and a subsequent [lawsuit alleging 45,000 deaths from covid-19 vaccines](America’s Frontline Doctors attorney files lawsuit against U.S. government for 45,000 covid vaccine deaths – have been covered up.

These COVID-19 vaccines are KILLING PEOPLE every day! In the words of Brian Shilhavy, “This is genocide: death by injection. It’s time to STOP sanitizing this. We need to start using the correct terms.


Across the globe, people are dropping dead like flies after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA’s evaluation of pharmaceuticals for safety and efficacy may be so flawed that only 4% of all trial results are identified as such.

With the covid vaccinations, even according to VAERS [which only represent 1%-10% of adverse events], its quite clear the risks outweigh the benefits. There are more vaccine related deaths from the covid vaccines than all vaccine related deaths recorded with VAERS during the last 21 years. No other vaccine on the CDCs vaccination schedule has such a poor record of safety.

The FACT is that during the first 4 months of 2021, the US government VAERS database has more reported deaths after receiving COVID-19 vaccines than deaths after all other vaccines COMBINED over the past two decades. Let that sink in!

The chart below shows a HUGE uptick in vaccine reported deaths to the VAERS database since the COVID-19 vaccines were released in December 2020.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data reveal unprecedented
levels of deaths and other adverse events since the FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations
(EUAs) for three COVID vaccines.
VAERS vaccine death graph

Nevertheless, despite the thousands of deaths and the clear explosion on the graph, the CDC states on their website: “Other than rare reports of severe allergic reactions, analysis of VAERS reports has not detected any patterns that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines.”
You’ve got to be kidding me! No patterns that indicate safety issues? Look at the freakin’ graph!

The VAERS system is very difficult to navigate, Mike Adams posted a helpful how to:

  1. Visit the CDC “Wonder” website and accept the disclaimer at bottom of page.
  2. Click on VAERS data search
  3. In Section 1, click on Group Results By “VAERS ID” and by “Vaccine Type” and by “Event Category”
  4. Under Optional Measures (still in Section 1) check the box for “Adverse Event Description
  5. Scroll down to Section 3 and under Vaccine Products select “COVID19 VACCINE” (Make sure it is the only option selected.
  6. Scroll down to Section 5 and under event category select “Death.” (Make sure it is the only option selected.)
  7. Scroll to the very bottom and click Send.

NOTE: Because there are so many adverse events reported, you may have to segregate between male and female in Section 4 because the system is only capable of producing reports with 10,000 or less rows. Below is the message I received when I tried to update the VAERS results as of April 30th.

VAERS error message
Wow! So the CDC’s own reporting system isn’t equipped to handle the number of adverse events being reported!

VAERS Watch: Just announced_ VAERS Caught Rolling Back DEATHS! 7_21_2021

Why did VAERS report 6,207 Covid vaccine deaths when it already passed 12,000 fatalities?!
Doctors are coming forward and accusing the CDC of scrubbing statistics of actual vaccine related deaths.

The CDC said VAERS, the passive reporting system that it runs together with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), received 12,313 reports of vaccine-related deaths, a sharp increase from the previous number of 6,079.

“The new figure means CDC has now received more reports of deaths following [COVID-19] vaccination than all other vaccines combined in the 30-year history of vaccines,” investigative journalist Alex Berenson, first to report the increased cases, said on Twitter.

“We don’t know at this point why the number of death reports in the system doubled in a week. Probably the answer is not a new surge in deaths, but older deaths being added to the system. But given VAERS’s importance as a monitoring mechanism, CDC must explain quickly,” he added.

...However, the numbers changed on July 21 with the CDC website now only reporting that 6,207 (0.0018 percent) of individuals who received the vaccine had died, instead of 12,313.

A federal lawsuit claimed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is undercounting the actual numbers of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine fatalities. The motion was filed July 19 by America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. It claimed that the number of vaccine fatalities is actually higher than what is reported in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and subsequently revealed to the public.

Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress

US Physicians will now lose their medical license for reporting vaccine injuries and providing informed consent to patients

Doctors will no longer be allowed to speak about the medical issues caused by the vaccines, and will inevitably file fewer vaccine injury reports with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). This government reporting system has been flooded with vaccine injury reports in 2021, with hundreds of thousands of serious injuries and tens of thousands of wrongful death reports coming from the experimental covid-19 vaccines.

What is VAERS?

I filled out an online report this week , for an adverse event the (death) of my sister, on the VAERS site.

Several times we filed this online, to no avail. We were not able to upload the report. And we had two others try to upload it as well, the results were the same. Unable to process.

A friend bought the report to work and more than 8 times tried to fax it to the number given.
Again to no avail, as the number was constantly busy, the report was unable to be faxed.

We finally called, and this was another treat, as we were mislead, lied to and hung up on several times.
Each time we spoke with someone new we learned a new "nugget" of information.

For example, the first woman we spoke with, told us that when we report the "adverse event", the manufacturer, and in this case it's Moderna, will investigate it, they will decide if it was an adverse event or not that was caused by their vaccine, and then, if they decide it was, they will report it to the CDC, (VAERS), to see if it will be placed on the system. I asked her three times to repeat this, to make sure I was hearing this right. (And I was).

After learning this bit, we were cut off, (Moderna probably didn't like that!)

The next girl decided she wasn't interested in reporting it, and to try online or fax it. We explained that we had tried this several times, and to please let us speak to a manager. She told us we couldn't, that there was no manager available. She sounded like she wanted nothing to do with her job, which was to take the information from the person at the other end of the line.

This nugget taught us that this reporting system is a joke, and that some people really dont give a rats behind what the outcome of the adverse event was as long as they dont have to do anything. She fit right in with the culture of the system.

RFK. Jr. once said when describing those who are taking the information reports at VAERS, (Are they just summer workers)? Where do they come from? The entire process was very unprofessional from start to finish.

Understandably now, I realize the frustration that a loved one may go through when trying to process a report. It seems as though they may just want you to give up. That is most likely what they are hoping for, as they make it very difficult to do.

The sheer insanity of Moderna "investigating" themselves is not only absurd, but criminal.
They (VAERS) (CDC, FDA) (MODERNA) et al, are masquerading as a system that identify problems, to protect and correct. But they are the problem. They truly are the Fox guarding the hen house!

Then finally, after several calls, we were able to give the information requested for the report, although we were laughed at when asked the race of my sister to which we replied white, and we were prompted two times for a different answer... she wanted to know the race (not color).
The online form even has a box to check for race and it states white... just sayin'

As an adult, my sisters choice was to take the vaccination (Moderna). Unfortunately the choice to be vaccinated ultimately led to her death. Her heart just stopped, although she never had any heart issues. We are waiting for the release of an autopsy report.

I knew that for those who do take the vaccination, their time is short, we have been warned.

If people understood that faith in God and his Royal Perfect Laws of Liberty are truly their salvation, they wouldn't want or need to be vaccinated. They wouldn't fear what man said or did, they wouldn't fear losing their jobs or homes, they wouldn't fear what would happen to their bodies, but they would fear what will happen on judgement day.

The Lord tells us to stay away from vaccines, (witches brews and potions), and thats what we have to do.


What is VAERS? its just part of the



The Vaers Scandal - The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree's interview with Deborah Conrad on VAERS reporting, and the culture of the hospital mob mentality is quite telling. Unfortunately for the patients and community that Deborah serves, September 27, 2021 will be her last day as Joe Biden s executive orders will go into effect.

Deborah, a physicians assistant, is one who is standing up for her rights as she chooses not to be vaccinated.

She worked for this hospital for many years and had never even heard of VAERS. (Although by "LAW"), she and her medical colleagues have to report adverse events by vaccinations to the VAERS system.

When she realized this, and saw the correlation between the (covid) vaccinated and those in the hospital suffering adverse events and deaths, that's exactly what she started to do.

She understood the hurdles, and how hard they make it to report, and decided to help out her Co workers by volunteering to do the work for them. ( NOBODY else was filling out these reports). And the copious amount of time and energy it takes to do so, most don't want to do it if they know about it at all. Deborah knew it was the right thing to do. How else can you understand the side effects and the number of deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines?
How else can we make a difference?These reports needed to be done.

Her higher ups didn't see it that way and told her to stop reporting on others patients, even if they (doctors or nurses) asked her. She was told they must push the vaccines, its what the company wants...

She wanted what was right, which is to help the patients and families.

At one point on her rounds, of 35 patients on her unit, 30 of them were vaccinated. Of these 9 were marked as UN vaccinated, even though they had received the covid vax.
She did update that in the computer, but it goes to show almost 1/3 had been counted as not vaxxed, good for Joe Biden s rhetoric about the un vaxxed taking up hospital rooms. Its just the opposite.

Her interview starts around the 1 hour 17 minute mark.

On a side note hospital corruption plays an enormous role in this and a short glimpse at the 1 hour 10 minute mark, an undercover video shows the corruption going on between hospital administrators fudging the numbers, and the marketing department...A gross display of lies takes place on this zoom call. Dr. Decides to tell the patients if they don't take the vax they will die.

As Del Bigtree said concerning this zoom call, "how disgusting,
can't we just steal the "numbers" from another wing? We can boost our covid numbers and be scarier." (That would be a lot more money for the hospital and administrators). A glimpse into humanity, as "Don Corleonious" just wants to make up numbers to scare people."

Isn't this what the whole cobaloney show is about? Fear?


10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell-fire.

A Lesson on Irrational fear by JAH


Project Veritas interviews a whistle blower from the federal HHS on the corruption plaguing her hospital.

Jodi O’Malley is seen in the video conversing with other nurses about the fact that these injuries and deaths following COVID-19 shots are not being reported to VAERS

One nurse, Deanna Paris, when discussing why doctors are not reporting these adverse events to VAERS states:

“I think they want people to die.”

O’Malley states:

“This is evil at the highest level.”

  • O’Malley: I’m not afraid of blowing the whistle “because my faith lies in God and not man … You know, like what kind of person would I be if I knew all of this — this is evil at the highest level. You have the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], you have the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] CDC, that are both supposed to be protecting us, but they are under the government, and everything that we’ve done so far is unscientific.”
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A Report by Dr. Mercola

Public VAERS Data May Be Woefully Out of Date

  • Brittany Galvin has created multiple social media videos documenting her journey after receiving the Moderna shot, including appearing on the Stew Peters show while hospitalized and recording conversations with VAERS staff
  • She demonstrates how her body became magnetized after getting the second Moderna shot, and she reports that her nurses and doctors have witnessed how metal objects can weirdly stay attached to her body
  • Although she reported her injuries, including Guillain-Barre, gastroparesis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and pericarditis, to VAERS in May 2021, it was only assigned to an investigator in September 2021 and would likely not be added to VAERS for another six to 12 months
  • There are several reasons VAERS may also have vastly underreported numbers of injuries, including physicians who are unwilling to report or take the time to report, physicians who are unaware of the system or that it is mandatory to report and no penalties if providers do not report
  • At a Senate hearing, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci masterfully sidestepped the question of the veracity of VAERS reporting and tried to neutralize the overwhelming numbers of deaths and injuries in VAERS, implying, but not stating, that even car accidents after vaccination are counted as deaths

In this short video posted on BitChute in December 2021, Brittany Galvin gives an overview of what she had to do in the previous six months to report her vaccine adverse events to VAERS. She begins by sharing that she has once again received an email asking for information on her VAERS report1 that was initially entered in May 2021.

VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System2 that was first established in 1990. It is coadministered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The system is supposed to be an early warning signal for vaccine manufacturers and health experts to identify vaccines that may be triggering a higher than expected number of adverse events. One of the primary objectives of the program is to:3

“Provide a national safety monitoring system that extends to the entire general population for response to public health emergencies, such as a large-scale pandemic influenza vaccination program.”

Anyone can make a report to VAERS — both patients and health professionals can use this system to report health concerns they suspect may be connected to a vaccine. Health professionals are required to use it for all adverse events that occur after the COVID-19 emergency use shots, but since the system is passive, whether the reports actually get filed depends entirely on each individual living up to that responsibility.

The reports must contain all hospital records and any other relevant medical information. Unfortunately, as Galvin succinctly notes in her video, the system is not efficient, and the data may be woefully out of date. This has a significant impact on monitoring the effects of the COVID inoculation program since it’s possible the currently published death and adverse event rates may be reprehensibly different from reality.

Magnetized Mom Tries to Report Injury to VAERS

Galvin has created many social media videos to document her journey. This four-minute synopsis begins with her vaccinations in May and ends in November 2021. In June 2021, in an interview with Stew Peters4 during her third hospitalization in two weeks, Galvin recalls that after her first injection, she immediately experienced chills, fever and many of the symptoms that others are reporting.

In addition to this, within four to five hours after the first shot, her legs felt heavy, which she described as feeling like she was walking through mud or cement. The experience left her nervous before the second dose. She put off getting the second shot for as long as she could. While she experienced no immediate symptoms after the second injection, on Day 13 her life changed.

Initially, she thought she had a seizure but later learned that her muscles had suddenly “seized up.” She passed out and reported severe pain in her head when she regained consciousness. Originally, the doctors believe she had had either a stroke or a seizure.

She was sent home from the first hospitalization with a diagnosis of pericarditis but when her symptoms didn’t get better, she was admitted two more times. On the third admission in two weeks, a neurologist told her that she had Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) because of the Moderna injection. In addition, she was also diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

Stew Peters comments that this was the first time he and others on his team had heard a doctor admit the adverse events were from a genetic therapy COVID-19 shot, yet Galvin reports that the physicians and nurses who treated her told her they had seen many patients with adverse events after the shots.5

Galvin reports the first question she was asked at each of the three ER visits was had she gotten a vaccine, when and which one? This suggests that health care officials and hospitals are aware of adverse events that are not reported in mainstream media.

She told Peters that she has never been against vaccines but didn’t want this one. She took it so she could go back to work. Instead of listening to her intuition, she listened to the shaming and the commercials that said if you didn’t have a vaccine you’d have to live differently. Now she wonders why all the people who have been concerned about people who died from the infection aren’t as concerned about dying from the vaccine.

Galvin's social media page was originally filled with videos she had taken of herself, placing metal objects on her body that stuck because she was inexplicably “magnetized.” She reports that the doctors in the hospital have also placed metal objects on her skin and have seen with their own eyes that she is magnetized.

In addition, the MRI tech discovered that his body was also magnetized after seeing Galvin demonstrate how a spoon could attach to her body. As of January 2022, she is eight months into the reporting process to VAERS and has been advised by VAERS staff that it may be another six to 12 months before her case is posted.6

VAERS Has Only 50 People Processing Reports

Galvin has created several videos talking about the journey she's been on trying to report her adverse events to VAERS. In a video posted in January 2022 on Odysee,7 Galvin recorded her phone conversation with an investigator from VAERS to discuss why her report filed in late May 2021 had not yet been counted in the system.

In one conversation she learned that the process takes many steps through different departments. The first stop for the VAERS reports is in a department with only 50 employees.8 Once the package of information is completed by this department, it is sent to a team of nurses who read and review every page.

If the staff have any concerns or if they feel they need more information, the package will be sent back to the first department for further information gathering.9 According to the recorded conversation, one investigator suggested that since anyone can make a report to the system, it’s possible there could be multiple reports for an individual and that this may be a reason why Galvin received multiple requests for information to complete her VAERS report.

And, that’s what did happen: There were two VAERS reports in the system for Galvin, one submitted by Galvin, and another submitted by Moderna. The VAERS report was still missing hospital information, which had been requested several times through the medical records department of the hospital. The VAERS investigator acknowledged that the reporting is a long process and explained:10

“The hospitals, a lot of them are not sending the records. My last two reports where they said, "We didn't receive the requests." Well, I'm like, OK, is this your fax number. "Yes, this is our fax number" ... so, a lot of them are not sending the records when we ask for it."

Galvin expressed her concern that there were hundreds of thousands of people like her and just 50 VAERS employees trying to process these reports. It could be months before the CDC receives the report of her vaccine injuries that can be published.11

“Meanwhile the whole government is trying to force everyone to get this thing. Lying to the people telling them that "no one has gotten GBS from it" but here I sit barely able to walk and my case isn't going to be 'technically' reported because the CDC hasn't investigated yet because the hospitals are dragging their feet ... it's like a revolving crazy door and all of us humans on this planet and in this country are being lied to, and it's unfair."

More Reasons Why Adverse Events Are Underreported

At the end of the conversation with the investigator, Galvin learned that while her report was filed in May 2021, it wasn’t assigned to someone at VAERS until September or November 2021.12 In addition to short-staffing at VAERS and hospitals dragging their feet to produce the documentation needed to support claims, there are other reasons why there is a significant underreporting factor in the system.

In the latter months of 2021, Deborah Conrad, certified physician assistant who worked as a hospitalist at a local hospital, stepped forward to speak to Del Bigtree at “The Highwire” about the lack of reporting to VAERS within her hospital. She also provided a voice recording of a conversation with the chief medical officer who chastised her for spending her time off to make the reports to VAERS for other physicians.13

The chief medical officer said: “There is a risk to the organization from a perspective of both underreporting and overreporting.”14 In other words, the lives of the patients were not the issue. And, despite the diligence done by VAERS investigators to ensure the reports are complete and accurate, the hospital must not overreport any injury.

It’s shocking that many physicians are still not aware of VAERS. Before 2020, the system was used primarily by pediatricians to report adverse events from childhood vaccines. Doctors were not educated on how to identify potential injuries, how to report them, or that they have a legal requirement to report all emergency use vaccine injuries.

In fact, this was one of the reasons used by Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, for pausing administration of the Johnson & Johnson jab when it was first revealed that individuals who took it had a higher risk of blood clots. She told ABC News:15

"One of the reasons for the pause was to make sure clinicians knew how to diagnose and treat this, but also to report it. Because we don't know if we've missed some cases, whether the risk really is 1 in 1 million, or perhaps more than that."

In addition to the lack of education, another reason why so few physicians report suspected injuries is because there are no penalties for failing to fulfill this legal responsibility. In other words, this passive reporting system is not enforced. As Conrad described in her interview with Bigtree, the forms are also long and tedious to fill out.16

Additionally, not all of Conrad’s colleagues agreed that the injuries should be reported because they didn’t want to believe that the vaccines could cause injury. Historically, vaccine injuries have been routinely underreported, even among pediatricians. A report published in late 2010, which has become known as the Lazarus Report after the principal investigator Ross Lazarus, found:17

“Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

More recently, a group of scientists used an engineering algorithm to determine the underreporting factor and found it had improved to 41, not less than 1% as had been reported 11 years earlier.18,19 This may be due in part to the media attention on VAERS. Nonetheless, there continues to be a significant underreporting factor indicating the numbers in VAERS20 are likely 41 times higher than published.

CDC and NIAID Imply Car Crashes Are Reported in VAERS

In addition to the underreporting factor and overworked VAERS employees that have created a large gap between the number of reports being submitted and the number being published, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Rochelle Walensky appear bent on completely discrediting VAERS.21

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Walensky is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since the CDC co-manages VAERS you would expect that she would have at least a working knowledge of how the reports are accepted and verified before being published.

During testimony January 11, 2022, before the Senate, both Fauci and Walensky very clearly stated that any death after a vaccine could be reported to VAERS. Both used the example of an individual who gets vaccinated, hit by a car and dies.

They implied without outright stating that this death would also be recorded in VAERS and logged as a death related to the vaccine. In other words, they both skirted the issue without outright lying to the Senate. Walensky said:22

"The vaccine adverse event reporting system is a mandatory system of any event that happens after being vaccinated. So, if you get hit by a car tragically after being vaccinated, that gets reported in the vaccine adverse event reporting system, the VAERS system.

So, the vaccines are incredibly safe. They protect us against omicron. They protect us against delta. They protect us against COVID. They don't protect us against every other form of mortality out there."

However, it’s evident not all medical professionals are reporting adverse events. Yes, you can report a car accident death after a vaccine, but the verification process will weed out that death.

Overall, the shots have not protected people from getting Omicron, Delta or any other form of COVID, which Walensky made clear in a CNN interview the day before testifying before the Senate.23 And, it goes without saying, that there is no shot that protects anyone from all forms of mortality.

Immediately after her response, Walensky was asked if the CDC kept data on the number of people who have died as a result of the vaccine. And she answered: "Absolutely yes. I couldn't give you the number off the top of my head, but our staff could absolutely get back in touch with you."

So, while publicly denying that any deaths have occurred from the jabs, Walensky is basically admitting that the CDC is aware that there have been people who died from this “incredibly safe” vaccine. Fauci was then asked if he knew the number or “had any clue on that, and he said:”24

"I don't know the number, but I think part of the confusion is that when you do a reporting, when you get vaccinated, and you walk out and get hit by a car that is considered a death.

That's the thing that gets confusing, that everything that happens after the vaccination, even if you die of something completely obviously unrelated, it's considered a death. So, if I had metastatic cancer, got vaccinated and died two weeks later, that's a death that gets counted."

Fauci’s statement only implies that the death is counted as a vaccine death. That is, until his example of having metastatic cancer, when he says, “that gets counted.” Until that point, neither Fauci nor Walensky said it was anything more than a death. Meaning that they didn’t specifically say it would be recorded as caused by the vaccine.

When Fauci said “that gets counted,” Walensky immediately jumped in to save the explanation with, "And every one of those is adjudicated."25 In other words, each of the reports of death not in any way associated with the shot are removed from the record. But unless you are listening carefully, you will mistakenly be led to believe that VAERS is riddled with reports of injuries and deaths not caused by the shot.

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Informative discussion and presentation of CDC VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) data recording anomalies with long-term medical biller and data analyst Albert Benavides who describes how data is being delayed, withheld, and wrongly reported by health professionals and CDC, as evinced in the records themselves, giving rise to mass discrepancies in the number of deaths, severe injuries, women's reproductive-health issues and other damages being reported.

General under-reporting of vaccine injury as revealed by the Harvard Pilgrim Study of 2010 in addition means the numbers of deaths (over 26,000 so far in CDC VAERS) and severe events being reported errs very much on the conservative side.

Sharing his own "VAERS Dashboard"--an app converting figures to graphs for easier visualization and analysis--Albert Benavides reveals several astonishing outcomes of his close reading and data analysis: 1) Since only initial reports are made public, later reports on death or recovery are missing in each case, skewing the number of deaths being reported; 2) Data input entry errors and irregularities means the data on deaths or severe events is not being accurately tallied, the same with lot numbers and vaccine maker attribution. Many other aspects are pointed to by Albert in this detailed presentation, further information on which can be found at the links below.

Dr. Young questions the administering of the vaccine in face of such overwhelming evidence of harm and discusses the nature of radiation sickness--an actual translation of coronavirus being radiation poisoning--now being passed off as COVID, while vaccine damage is also being passed off as COVID.
He also discusses the actual nature of disease, what vaccines do to the human body, and what true health is.

Contrary to the propaganda issuing forth from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment, vaccines are not feel-good healthcare treatments, they are deadly toxins known and seen now to cause major injury and harm; in the case of the COVID vaccine, found by electron and optical microscopy and energy spectroscopy to be loaded with toxins, they are deadly dangerous and now causing embolisms, clots, aneurysms, palsy, paralysis, heart attacks, miscarriages, and sudden death.

Indeed the phenomenon of graphene-induced radiation sickness being passed off as COVID and a gene-modifying graphene-loaded substance being passed off as the COVID vaccine has now led to the complete exposure of all vaccines: none is harmless, benign, and "safe and effective" as virulently advertised, all cause damage to brain and body, while the COVID vaccine compounds and exceeds the harm caused by all other vaccines over 30 years of their administration, as verified by the figures--the astronomical numbers of deaths and injuries recorded post COVID-vaccine points to this catastrophe, which will not stop until people say Stop.

.Albert Benavides reveals several astonishing outcomes of his close reading and data analysis: 1) Since only initial reports are made public, later reports on death or recovery are missing in each case, skewing the number of deaths being reported; 2) Data input entry errors and irregularities means the data on deaths or severe events is not being accurately tallied, the same with lot numbers and vaccine maker attribution. Many other aspects are pointed to by Albert in this detailed presentation, further information on which can be found at the links below.

See also these links on VAERS


KILL SHOT LOT #'s = Extremely high DEATHS

My sister received not one, but two of the "kill shot lots"

[Mind you, the #s are much higher as this was posted in October 2021]

EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data

An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

But what’s perhaps more concerning is that the “deadly” lots were distributed widely across the United States whilst other “benign” lots were sent to just a few locations.

The VAERS data shows that 44% of the lots (219 / 494) were sent to just a single state within the USA, whilst a further 17% (86 / 494) were sent to 2 states, 10% (50 / 494) were sent to 3 states, 5% (24 / 494) were sent to 4 states, 3% (17 / 494) were sent to 5 states, 2% (11 / 494) were sent to 6 states, and just 0.4 (2 / 494) were sent to 12 states within the USA.

The VAERS database showed a total of 188,998 adverse event reports against the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine alongside 2,603 deaths and 10,225 hospitalisations. The total count of lot numbers returned was 5,510.

This data alone shows that there have been 118 times as many adverse reactions, 174 times as many deaths, and 140 times as many hospitalisations due to the Moderna Covid-19 jab than there have been due to all other influenza vaccines combined.

The above chart shows the number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine sorted by the lot number of vaccine that was administered prior to the adverse event, and it shows that the Moderna jab fared even worse than the Pfizer jab in this department with the highest number of adverse event reports against a single lot number of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine totalling a staggering 4,967.

Ninety-five-percent of the lots of Moderna vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,603 deaths were associated with just 5% of the lots of Moderna vaccine.

Thirteen lot numbers were associated with 41-60 deaths each, 2 lot numbers were associated with 61-80 deaths each and 1 lot number was associated with 81-100 deaths.

The investigation of VAERS data also found that specific batches of the pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines which were distributed to between 13 and 50 states across the USA had an unusually high number of adverse event reports and deaths compared to lots that were distributed to 12 states or less across the USA

The above chart on the left shows the number of adverse event reports against the Moderna vaccine by lot number sent to 13 or more states across the USA. This chart has identified the actual lot numbers of Moderna vaccine that have caused the most harm in the USA. The most harmful of which is lot number ‘039K20A’; causing over 4,000 adverse event reports.

The second most harmful batch of Moderna vaccine was assigned lot number ‘041L20A’, and media reports show that it was actually recalled by the Orange County Healthcare Orange County Healthcare Agency in January 2021 following reports of allergic reactions.


The above chart on the left shows the number of deaths reported as adverse reactions to the Moderna vaccine by lot number sent to 13+ states across the USA. This chart has identified the actual lot numbers of Moderna vaccine that have caused the most deaths in the USA. The deadliest of which is lot number ‘039K20A’ causing almost 100 deaths.


This investigation of VAERS data reveals several concerning findings which warrant further investigation, but it also leads to questions of why authorities within the USA which are supposed to monitor the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines have not discovered this themselves.

But the investigation of VAERS has also identified the specific batches of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine that have caused the most harm across the USA, which leads to other extremely serious questions requiring urgent answers.

Why is it that certain batches of the vaccine have proven to be more harmful than others?

Why is it that certain batches of Covid-19 vaccine have proven to be deadlier than others?

Why is it that the most harmful and deadly Covid-19 vaccines were distributed across the entire USA, whilst the least harmful and deadly were only ever distributed to a few states? Was this done on purpose?

Could this just be a quality control issue?

A Pfizer whistleblower from a Kansas manufacturing facility did after all reveal that “People are being made to sign off on things that normally they wouldn’t, and then they wonder why their own employees won’t take it”.

For the full article including Pfizer data:

How harmful is my COVID-19 Vaccine Batch? – FIND OUT NOW…

An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

Now, Craig-Paardekooper has created an online app that we have chosen to host at The Expose, allowing you to search for the batch code of Covid-19 vaccine that you received (or any batch code) and see how many deaths, adverse reactions, disabilities and hospitalisations are associated with that code.

Search the ‘How bad is my batch’ app now

Scientists compared the variability between Flu vaccine lots with the variability between Covid vaccine lots, and were shocked to find EXCESSIVE and HIGHLY UNUSUAL degrees of variation between different lots of the Covid vaccines.

When 22,000 flu vaccine lots were examined, almost all of them produced 5 or fewer severe adverse reactions per lot. Only 2 lots exceeded this (22 SAEs and 37 SAEs)

When the same number of Covid vaccines were compared, there was found to be huge variation – with many lots producing 5 or fewer severe adverse reactions, but many others producing 1000-5000 severe adverse reactions.

So the coefficient of variation for Covid vaccines is 1000% – compared to the coefficient of variation for flu vaccines (which is 99%)

In other words, Covid vaccines vary 10 times more than flu vaccines.

Under FDA regulations, such high variation between different lots and between different manufacturers means the drugs are ADULTERATED, and carry significant legal penalties.

Such variation may also negate EUA authorisation – which is only granted based on the consistency of the product.

Dr Mike Yeadon – “The findings that 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths have been caused by just 5% of the batches produced are unprecedented”

Investigation finds Medicine Regulators are knowingly continuing to administer the most dangerous batches of Covid-19 Vaccine to Children causing countless Disabilities and Deaths

How harmful is my COVID-19 Vaccine Batch? – FIND OUT NOW… – The Expose


Some Moderna batches have produced 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches

5% of the batches produce 90% of the adverse reactions. If your batch produces over 100 adverse reactions (ADRs) then it may seriously damage your health – leading to severe illness, disability or death.

Check out your Moderna batch code

Check out your Moderna batch code
Enter Moderna Batch Code


039k20a 5010 60 55 47
026L20A 4274 36 39 43
011J20A 3817 32 37 40
013L20A 3272 32 34 52
025L20A 3214 29 18 30
012L20A 3162 40 20 20
unknown 2873 29 42 36
029L20A 2870 32 30 32
011L20A 2787 22 15 28
041L20A 2764 33 28 27
037K20A 2706 27 17 17
028L20A 2694 31 28 25
030L20A 2682 27 20 34
007M20A 2485 28 27 32
012M20A 2430 20 30 20
013M20A 2421 32 30 28
042L20A 2383 31 18 26
010m20a 2276 25 24 31
031L20A 2250 23 22 25
032L20A 2018 23 19 14
025J20-2A 2016 18 12 18
027L20A 1968 23 14 19
024M20A 1914 30 20 24
016M20A 1838 21 26 16
004M20A 1813 25 19 18
030M20A 1804 26 16 21
044a21a 1797 24 28 27
015M20A 1761 22 22 20
027A21A 1758 26 39 22
023M20A 1727 18 19 23
011A21A 1707 23 28 26
036A21A 1673 27 24 22
010A21A 1672 23 17 24
031M20A 1672 29 15 16
011M20A 1669 9 16 13
040A21A 1666 17 30 36
025J20A 1665 8 11 18
018B21A 1650 19 37 26
030A21A 1589 24 18 18
013a21a 1572 24 21 22
046a21a 1549 16 31 22
014m20a 1539 18 14 17
022M20A 1525 13 17 19
026a21a 1515 22 17 31
007b21a 1450 11 29 27
031a21a 1442 15 25 20
002A21A 1431 25 13 16
012A21A 1422 27 19 21
006b21a 1417 19 26 23
025A21A 1389 24 18 14
038A21A 1387 9 20 17
003B21A 1347 17 33 15
001A21A 1336 19 16 15
001B21A 1307 14 12 13
017B21A 1304 19 25 24
029A21A 1247 19 14 12
028A21A 1244 16 20 15
047A21A 1240 16 26 17
045A21A 1233 18 17 19
016B21A 1197 14 23 27
006M20A 1163 13 8 14
032M20A 1162 12 13 13
048a21a 1146 17 22 16
027B21A 1126 13 22 22
021B21A 1120 13 14 26
003A21A 1117 18 24 15
002B21A 1113 21 22 16
037A21B 1082 18 18 24
038B21A 1082 9 25 18
031B21A 1079 10 24 15
020B21A 1057 12 17 15
019B21A 1055 18 25 17
026B21A 1050 10 17 15
025B21A 1048 6 18 16
040B21A 1042 10 17 25
007C21A 1036 10 14 13
002c21a 1028 15 15 20
037B21A 1026 14 18 17
047B21A 992 12 29 18
043L20A 990 17 12 12
046B21A 971 13 15 13
046C21A 969 4 3 3
043B21A 958 14 16 20
036B21A 951 15 20 12
030B21A 938 11 23 11
006c21a 924 11 32 17
038K20A 921 13 11 7
032B21A 911 12 12 13
039B21A 875 7 20 13
039A21A 868 13 12 18
037C21A 867 10 16 8
001C21A 856 9 13 16
041B21A 833 15 9 17
035C21A 809 8 16 10
044B21A 809 7 18 13
003C21A 805 10 24 12
009C21A 794 5 16 17
017c21a 788 18 22 14
047C21A 769 4 11 9
008C21A 766 15 17 13
048B21A 757 8 10 11
050E21A 749 19 17 15
004c21a 730 16 15 10
029k20a 729 10 2 3
045B21A 729 13 12 15
008B21A 727 9 10 10
016C21A 679 5 10 8
076C21A 671 6 8 6
021C21A 653 10 11 14
005C21A 650 3 14 17
023C21A 637 4 17 9
027c21a 637 9 9 16
042B21A 635 9 19 11
022C21A 630 9 12 6
052E21A 609 3 13 5
014C21A 597 7 12 11
041C21A 594 6 14 6
025C21A 592 9 11 12
025J20-2A / 025 590 3 2 7
033C21A 582 11 7 9
034C21A 572 6 11 6
033B21A 557 6 14 9
040c21A 523 7 10 6
036C21A 520 6 10 8
050C21A 517 6 8 5
048C21A 503 6 8 9
026c21a 495 8 10
054C21A 484 4 10 6
024C21A 481 9 9 13
038C21A 467 10 10 13
022B21A 461 3 13 13
014F21A 448 6 6 1
088D21A 448 6 7 4
020F21A 438 10 9 7
939902 436 6 8 8
037F21A 426 5 13 7
039k20-2a 425 2 4 3
049C21A 413 2 11 9
053E21A 407 6 11 12
048f21a 403 5 7 8
017F21A 402 4 2 3
002F21A 396 1 7 4
011F21A 390 3 3 5
011D21A 387 5 10 8
025J202A 378 5 1 1
006d21a 375 6 9 7
091d21a 347 4 7 5
049E21A 342 1 8 8
051C21A 330 5 5 2
009D21A 322 16 10
062e21a 322 7 7 3
026d21a 315 3 11 6
017e21a 307 3 4 6
008B21-2A 281 2 6 7
012F21A 278 2 5 3
071F21a 261 2 2
053C21A 256 4 7 5
939901 251 2 3 1
078c21a 246 2 1 5
032F21A 240 2 1 2
058E21A 239 2 4 4
034F21A 237 1
039D21A 236 2 2 3
004f21a 230 4 4
065f21a 230
045C21A 215 5 2 3
032h20a 214 5 1 6
039f21a 213 1 1
939906 211 2 1
051F21A 211 1
033F21A 202 3 1 1
019f21A 194 3 2
UNK 194 1 1 2
N/A 193 3 2
059E21A 186 1 2 1
939905 178 2 1
039C21A 178 4 3 1
Moderna 177 3 2
013F21A 166
031H21A 166
058f21a 166 2 1
061e21a 155 5 5 4
057G20A 150 4 1
077C21B 140 1
939904 132 1 1 1
012120A 127 3
042B21-2A 124 1 4 2
008B212A 122 3 3 5
939903 113 1
067f21a 113
EUA 113 3 4 1
051E21A 111 3 3 2
062G20A 111 1 1 2
052c21a 106 2 2
003F21A 104 1 2
939909 101
039K202A 98
007d21a 97 2 2
027h21b 97
? 87 1 1
066f21a 87
939676 86 3 4
026D 86 8 3 3
012H21B 84
80777-0273-99 80 1 2 3
066D21A 79 1
069F21A 77
004D21A 70 1 4 2
042120A 69 1 1
032120A 68 2
80777-0273-10 65 2
939893 63 2 1
025D21A 61
NA 61 1
021B21A-1 59 2 2 1
Moderna Covid-1 59 1 2
042B212A 58 2
03M20A 53 1
006821A 52 1 1
013120A 52 2
026120A 52 1
011J2OA 51 1
027620A 51 3 2
03L20A 51
041620A 51 1 3
013620A 50
040D21A 48 1
Not provided 48 2
011520A 47
018821A 46 1 1
042620A 45 1
8.36E+09 44
058H21A 44
09L20A 44 1
025520A 43 1 1
37K20A 43 1
003821A 42 1 1
012620A 42 1
007mz0a 41
025620A 41
026L2OA 41
002821A 40 1
011620A 39
025120-2A 39
039k2oa 39
O11l20a 39 1 1 1
012L2OA 38
018F21A 38
01M20A 38 1 1
03B21A 38 1
0 37 1
025120A 37
088021A 37 1
12M20A 37 1 1
010MZ0A 36
025520-2A 35 2 1
029620A 35 1
001821A 34 1
031120A 34
037K2OA 34 1
03A21A 34 2
O11J20A 34
007821A 33
011120A 33
019821A 32 1
025j20 32
029120A 32 1
02SL20A 32
031620a 32
039K20 32 1
007M2oA 31 1
012M2OA 31 2
011AZ1A 30 2
011LZ0A 30 1 2
013L2OA 30
02l20a 30 1
037A21A 30 1 1 2
040821a 30 2
041120A 30 1
006021A 29
017821a 29 1 1
026620A 29 1
027d21a 29
030mz0a 29
040AZ1A 29 1 2 1
046821a 29
1 28 1 1
001AZ1A 28 1 2 2
011220A 28
011320A 28 1
02B21A 28
030LZ0A 28
037kz0A 28 1
048f 28
091021A 28 1
Vaccine EUA 28 1 1
008821-2A 27
026220A 27
032620a 27 1 1
04L20A 27
020821A 26 1
021L20A 26
025821A 26 2 1
026LZOA 26
030AZ1A 26
00b21a 25 2
025-j20-2a 25 2
030120A 25 1
030620A 25 1 1
11J20A 25
004MZ0A 24
007MZOA 24
021A21A 24 1
028620A 24 1
037KZOA 24 1 1
021821A 23 1 1
032L2OA 23
037821A 23
03IL20A 23 1
042L2OA 23
04A21A 23
04B21A 23 1 2
025az1a 22
030AZIA 22 1
25J20A 22 1
011J204 21
011mz0a 21 2
012M204 21
013MZOA 21 1
016821A 21 1
028120A 21
037A218 21 1 1
039KZ0A 21
009021A 20 1
012220A 20
012MZ0A 20
013Az1A 20 1
025L204 20
027120A 20
02A21A 20 1 1
02SJ20-2A 20 1
041220a 20 1
041821A 20
041LZ0A 20
045AZ1A 20 1 1
04iL20A 20 1
12L20A 20
O13L20A 20
001BZ1A 19
001M20A 19 2 1
010AZ1A 19 1
011JZ0A 19
013LZ0A 19
013M2OA 19
025LZ0A 19 1
026LZ0A 19
027L2OA 19
032220A 19
037K20 19 1 1
038821a 19 1
039kzoa 19
041L2OA 19 1
047AZ1A 19 1 1
25L20A 19
001J20A 18
007M204 18
011021A 18 1
011M2OA 18 1
013L204 18 2
013LZOA 18 1
0161321A 18 1
01A21A 18 1 1
0255202A 18
026021A 18
027821A 18
028AZ1A 18 1
029C20a 18
031MZ0A 18 1
39K20A 18 1
500E21A 18 1 1
Unkown 18
007cz1a 17
011L2Oa 17
012LZ0A 17 1
020l20a 17 1 1
023m2oA 17 1
029LZ0A 17 1 1 1
031M2OA 17
031MZOA 17 1
036821A 17
039821A 17 1
045J21A 17
062620a 17 1
41L20A 17
01120A 16 1 1
011J02a 16 1
015M2OA 16
01L20a 16
027LZ0A 16
027LZOA 16 1
028L2OA 16 1
02aL20A 16 1
030821A 16
030H21B 16
031821A 16
031AZ1A 16 1 2
031L2OA 16
032MZ0A 16
036AZ1A 16
042821A 16
043620A 16 1
044AZ1A 16
048821a 16
13L20A 16
80777-273-10 16
not available 16
002m20A 15 1 1
011jzoa 15 1
013220A 15 1
013C20A 15 1 1
015mzoa 15 1
023MZ0A 15 1 1
024MZOA 15
025L2OA 15
026C20A 15
028LZ0A 15 1
03621A 15
037K204 15 1 1 1
037K208 15
039L20A 15
040AZIA 15
042220A 15 1
04C21A 15
088D 15 1 1
13M20A 15
307K20A 15
Doesn’t have lo 15 1
001CZ1A 14 1 1
0031321A 14 1
004mzoa 14
006mz0a 14 1 1
010M2OA 14
012AZ1A 14 1
016BZ1A 14
0181321A 14
01B21A 14 1
023D21A 14 1
023l20a 14
0251202A 14
025J2OA 14
026AZ1A 14
02M20A 14 1
02SJ20A 14
030B21A 14
030L2OA 14 1
030M2OA 14
030MZOA 14 1
031220a 14
031LZ0A 14
033821A 14
037L20A 14
045821A 14 1
07B21A 14 1
11L20A 14
14M20A 14 1
Not known 14 1 1
O13A21A 14
001B212A 13
003AZ1A 13 1
007021A 13
010m21a 13
013L20 13
013MZ0A 13 1
014MZ0A 13
015MZ0A 13
016mzoa 13 1
0211321A 13
021m20a 13
025J20-24 13
026821A 13 1
026L02A 13 1
026L204 13
038AZ1A 13 1
038AZIA 13
03K20A 13
04021A 13
042L204 13
--- --- --- --- ---
043120A 13
0431321A 13 1 1
047821a 13 2
048AZ1A 13
06B21A 13
071F 13
16B21A 13
80777-0273-15 13
Don?t know 13
1822811 12
8.08E+09 12
8.08E+10 12



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Impurities in MRNA shots

INCLUDING ETHANOL :syringe::drop_of_blood:

which Moderna admitted

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The Defender Show’ Episode 62: Moderna Clinical Trials Terribly Flawed — and FDA Knew It, Sasha Latypova Tells RFK, Jr.

In this video RFK Jr. Interviews Sasha Latpova, a 25 yr., research and development executive in the pharmaceutical industry who understands creating and reviewing data to submit to the FDA, as this was part of her job.

She uncovers evidence through a FOIA request, of criminal findings against the FDA, the NIH, Moderna, and others. Which pre meditated murder and genocide, are charges that can NO LONGER be overlooked.

As Sasha put it, "It was a perfect cartel arrangement."

Sasha charges the FDA & NIH, of knowing of the terrible terrible flaws in the Moderna trials, yet still - licensed to sell the Moderna MRNA vaccine.

The trials do not prove safety, far from it. It's a very dangerous vaccine product, and they used very deceptive means to conceal the warning signals in the studies.

Sasha meticulously analyzes 699 pages of the test results.

Her first point - Moderna's non clinical summaries contain irrelevant, unrelated material. [OVER 400 PAGES], and as she put it, they seemed to be trying to achieve a minimum word count.

These 400 pages contained a vaccine that was completely unrelated to SARS COV 2. An unrelated vaccine took up over 400 pages! And yet they subbmitted it as though it was the vaccine needing approval.

This particular entity contained 6 different MNRA constructs, had nothing to do with covid, and it WAS NEVER APPROVED, meaning It FAILED. THIS WAS A FAILED PRODUCT THEY SUBMITTED TO FDA FOR APPROVAL.

They took the studies of other MNRA vaccines and gave it to the FDA. THESE FAILED - its against the law! The FDA shows evidence of colusion with the manufacturer / Moderna.

This package also contained 3 different modules, and 3 different versions. Thats unheard of. Why were there 3 different modules and versions?

Which one did the FDA use - it's a matter of law.

One had a 5 mg. Spike protein, the other had 20 mg. Spike protein and completely different formulas. You can't study something this way. It needs to be exactly the same. You must prove the same result- not with multiple versions. Even summary documents are different versions.

They took the studies of other MNRA vaccines and gave it to the FDA.

Sasha then points out that the MRNA is the carrier for the "payload" (which is the Spike protein/ active ingredient) which would be reactive to the immune system.

They didnt study the active ingredient, the Spike protein. There were NO TOXICITY STUDIES IN SPIKE PROTEINS, which is what is harming people.
They want you to believe if you have a truck filled with food or a truck filled with explosives, they would do the same amount of damage. Obviously that is preposterous. As a new molecular entity you are required to study a new molecular entity, both the truck and whats inside the truck. The vehicle and payload. Both separately and together. This is required by law.

FDA needs to do toxicity studies when approving any new product.

Does it kill, maim, cause cancer, what are the short term effects, what are the long term effects, is it mutinogenic, does it cause fetal damage, what impacts are there on a control group vs. a non control group? Etc.!!

They did 1 study which wasn't finished on rats / which you can't draw any conclusions from.


Only 1 looked at toxicity, but it was never completed.

They used these studies for approval, and when they give horrendous safety signals, they say they are illegitimate


They are dismissing their own findings

They say in one sentence they have no mouse adapted virus, yet in the next sentence they say Ralph Baric gave us a mouse adapted virus.

RFK says lets talk about conflicts of interest.

Sasha said the whole time-line doesnt make any sense.

Non clinical vs. pre - clinical/

What was done after clinical trials in humans is a major safety violation.

She was also looking at the Summary Basis For Regulatory Action Documents

Moderna 1st section had a pre I N D (Investigational New
Drug) meeting with the FDA on Feb. 19 2020 and the NEXT day had an IND OPEN.

March 11 the pandemic was declared. These visionaries could forsee the future and have a vaccine in the making prior to outbreak.

So a genomic sequence they had by Jan. 9

There were also 2 applications.
There is only ever one.
The one application (owenership) was the NIH, under Fauci, which was used on Feb. 20th to open IND. And another for Moderna as a commercial and legal (ownership). So the relationship between the NIH, (WHICH TAKES TAX PAYER MONEY FOR FUNDING), and the manufacturer goes way beyond a patent deal.

Collecting royalties and lying to the public about safety and conflicts of interests are serious violations.

Moderna was always a well funded failure.

They used Zika vaccine for approval financed by Fauci, which showed it created ADE. It proved those who got vaccinated were more likely to get the vaccine then those who didn't.

THE ANIMALS ALL DIED WHICH GOT VAXXED, and when restructured the best outcome was 20% died.


These same people that force everyone to take these vaccines; universities, military, mothers, and now children are the ones profiting from, and lying to you to do so.


The papers also show fertility and reproductive issues. The pre clinical trials showed vaxxed related injuries and toxicity through Modernas own studies. They even state that these are vax related, weight loss, hair loss, skeletal malformations, nodules during development, abnormalities in baby.

The coercion to vaccinate pregnant woman was something I'd never seen. There were commercials, they were told it's safe, and you NEVER give an experimental drugs to pregnant women, let alone children.

The FDA sees this and still tells the public there are no abnormalities, no defects related to the vaccine, when its in the study approved by them and given to them by Moderna.

Then Moderna lies like a rug and says there are no related abnormalities, or alarming findings.

Now what they are doing to the children.

The FDA sat on this information for over a year, and I only got it through a court order.

Lets pray this death cartel ends soon.

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Uninformed Consent - Official Full Documentary Release - Watch Now!

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A ‘Cover-Up of Evidence of Mass Murder’: The CDC Appears to Be Removing VAERS Records

“It’s not an accident they would do this.”

Something strange is going on with the VAERS system. Reports that were present three months ago are now inexplicably missing. And fewer than 4% of adverse events recorded in V-Safe have made their way to VAERS. This is the CDC’s database; Dr. Rochelle Walensky is in charge of it. And the agency’s failure to properly manage VAERS is suppressing the already-alarming safety signal of the Covid-19 shots.

Here’s the COVID Vaccine Injury Report CDC Was Forced to Release

Finally! Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times managed to get the CDC to release the results of its VAERS safety signal monitoring for COVID-19 vaccines, and they paint a very alarming picture.

35,702 Vaccine Deaths in VAERS Since 1990 – 32,052 of those Deaths Followed COVID Shots in Last 2 Years

A search of all recorded deaths following vaccines in the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) for the past 32 years, starting in 1990 when the VAERS database was setup, shows 35,702 deaths for those 32 years, with 90 % of those deaths, 32,052, occurring in the past 2 years following the emergency use authorized (EUA) COVID-19 “vaccines.” (Source.)

This is a human tragedy of unprecedented magnitude.

How has the FDA responded to these statistics which clearly show how deadly the EUA COVID shots have been?

Today, they recommended that all Americans be injected with COVID shots every year.

The U.S. Government’s own funded study from 2011 determined that less than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are ever reported to VAERS. (Source.)

It is probably far less than even 1% for the COVID shots, as medical personnel were pressured to NOT report adverse reactions from COVID shots to VAERS.

And yet, if you try to share these Government statistics from VAERS on any of the Big Tech social media sites, and the post gets too much traffic, “fact checkers” will be hired to label this as a “conspiracy theory,” even though these numbers come directly from the U.S. Government’s own database, which the corporate media never publishes.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.”

These are facts derived from Government statistics that should be used as evidence to not only stop injecting people with deadly COVID “vaccines,” but to start prosecuting the criminals responsible for murdering people, from the drug companies, to the FDA, to the CDC, to every single doctor, nurse, or other medical personnel who participated in these murders.

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Shanghai & Moderna Sign Medical Research Agreement

Moderna’s founders were among the 44 new billionaires (totally accidentally) created by Covid.

…and now they get a brand new research centre in Shanghai, along with investment and co-operation from the local government and permission to run human trials using Chinese citizens, according to China Daily

... over the course of the “pandemic” their stock value increased over 2000%, from $19 per share to $450.

Yes, it seems all the ahem “medicine” Moderna produces in China will only be for domestic use. That is to say, for use on Chinese citizens (perhaps at gunpoint or merely under threat of being nailed inside their homes and losing their job. Who knows.)

Wait, what?! CDC also runs SECRET vaxx adverse effect report database, not available to the public

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Thank you