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Trump Proposes Building 10 New US Freedom Cities, Offering 'Baby Bonus, Flying Cars

JUST IN: Trump Proposes Building Ten New US 'Freedom Cities,' Offering 'Baby..

Mar 3, 2023

In a video released to social media, former President Trump pitches a plan to build ten new cities in the United States called "freedom cities," "baby bonuses" to incentive more childbirths, a beautification campaign, and more in a quality of life improvement effort.

WATCH: Donald Trump Calls For The End Of The War In Ukraine In Impressive New Interview

This Monday, 45th President Donald Trump detailed to Fox News ‘s Sean Hannity how he would handle the gruesome war between the Russians and Ukrainians, which has carried on since February of 2022.

“But if this thing isn’t solved by the time we have the election – which it’s possible it won’t be, and it’s also possible we’ll be in World War III with these idiots that are doing what they’re doing. You could end up in a nuclear world war which will make World War I and World War II look like patty cakes okay? This is unbelievable because we have people who do not know what they are doing,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Hannity’s Fox News program.

“But if it’s not solved, I will have it solved in 24 hours with Zelensky and with Putin, and there’s a very easy negotiation to take place, but I don’t want to tell you what it is because then I can’t use that negotiation,” he said. “It will never work. But there is a very easy negotiation to take place. I will have it solved in one day — a peace between them.”

Donald Trump added that since it would be nearly one-and-a-half years before he would take office in January of 2025, Russia and Ukraine ultimately need to make peace now.

“The key is the war has to stop now because Ukraine is being obliterated,” Trump added.

This is not the first time Donald Trump has called for the end of the destructive war in Ukraine. In February, Trump told Right Side Broadcasting Network, “it can be negotiated within 24 hours. It has to be done from the office of the president, and you have to get them both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them — which I won’t reveal now — which will guarantee this war will end immediately. They have to do it.”


Donald Trump is calling for action, and time after time, he has delivered on that which he sets out to do.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claims a new review of financial documents has linked family members around Hunter Biden to a network of sex-trafficked women.
The Biden crime family participated in human trafficking by soliciting prostitutes from the United States and abroad in countries like Russia and Ukraine. There is an entire crime enterprise wrapped around Joe Biden and his family.

MTG Says Biden Family Is Involved In Human Trafficking Scheme

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claims a new review of financial documents has linked family members around Hunter Biden to a network of sex-trafficked women.


President Biden is preparing for the eventuality that Ukraine’s “spring counteroffensive” is not the victory they’ve sold to the American people. This was the plan to re-take land that is now part of Russia, namely Crimea and the Donbass region. The President has been telling the American people that continued financial support in Ukraine is necessary for Ukraine to “win” but recently leaked documents show that the administration knows that this is all smoke.

When I hear Donald Trump speak-out as he has (in article below), it seems it is time to (further) question his abilities to lead. He sounds "off the mark". There is ample evidence that he won the 2020 election. When (if ever) will the supreme court overturn the 2020 election and expose it for the fraud it was? Will MAGA fans begin to see that he is not the same Trump they knew before?

Donald Trump Misspells ‘Milktoast’ in Post Trashing Kayleigh McEnany Because She Misspoke Poll Number by 9 Points

‘Milquetoast’ is an insult for a timid person, whereas ‘milktoast’ is not even technically a word.

Google (YouTube) Changes Position and Will Now Permit Content that Challenges 2020 Election Results

First, Google via YouTube is reversing its position and allowing content that challenges the results of the 2020 election.

[Per Axios] “In a reversal of its election integrity policy, YouTube will leave up content that says fraud, errors or glitches occurred in the 2020 presidential election and other U.S. elections, the company confirmed to Axios Friday.”

After removing “tens of thousands of videos” (their admission) previously containing content that challenged the 2020 election results, suddenly that conversation is permitted.

Two years, tens of thousands of video removals, and one election cycle later, we recognized it was time to reevaluate the effects of this policy in today’s changed landscape,” YouTube said in a statement.

For what it is worth. Here is a Q post from Oct. 2020. Is Biden (and others) being blackmailed?

A top Senate Republican revealed Monday that an FBI informant said the Ukrainian oligarch involved in an alleged “criminal bribery scheme” with Joe and Hunter Biden also claimed to have 17 recordings of his conversations with the president and his son.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed on the Senate floor that a largely unredacted version of the bureau’s FD-1023 confidential human source form said that “the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly has audio recordings of his conversations with them — 17 such recordings.”

BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz Explodes On Top FBI Official Over Biden 'Bribery...


Kash Patel reacts to the Bombshell news that the Judge in the Hunter Biden case has REJECTED his sweetheart plea deal.

Things are heating up in America. Talk about impeachment of Joe Biden and Donald Trump going on more forcefully about the 2020 stolen, fraudulent election. Will Donald Trump return to the WH before 2024?

Senator says Biden 'never should have been elected'





Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, a Republican Commentator and former VP of Republicans Overseas, sits at a DOD Taskforce. She talks of the US being a bankrupt corporation, how Trump reinstated the Republic, his trip to visit the Queen, the gold and the Vatican. Aired August 3, 2023.

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Source: Jim Crenshaw: "Now do I believe everything Alexa says? No. Do I think they will try to not hold the fake election? Very likely. We don't elect anyone anyway. They proved that in 2020. Trump is not going to save anything but his own ass. He is in on it and has been from the start. Alexa says there will be no 2024 election, because the War Powers Act of 1973 will be invoked. The question is will the people put up with no elections. The answer to that question I believe is yes. After all we don't care how many of our children that they kill. Why would we give a damn about electing who gets to kill us?"

Donald Trump Says He is Willing to Serve as Speaker – “We’ll Do Whatever’s Best for the Country”

Who is writng this script? :popcorn:
Donald J. Trump as Speaker of the House would be second in the US presidential line after the vice president. In that position, he could incite an investigation of Biden/Harris that could lead to their removal from office and voilà he becomes the US president once again.

Trump shares a picture with a 'gavel' on Truth Social.